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Light up Your Night! Keep Your Home Secure With Motion Lights

Would motion lights make you feel safer at home? Hearing movement outside your home at night can make even the bravest person’s heart start to beat faster – but a motion light can calm your nerves and send unwanted visitors fleeing. 

Night time makes us feel vulnerable as the security of being able to see clearly has been taken away. Motion lights are the perfect way to illuminate the exterior of your home at night, but without the expense of keeping a light on all night. They can be wired into your existing electrical layout and linked to other security devices light cameras and alarms.  They can also be wireless and some are powered by solar panels so they are perfect for areas that don’t have access to electricity – like your RV or shed. 

The advantages of solar panels are that they are not subject to power outages and they won’t cost you a cent to run as they use free, renewable energy.

There are a huge range of motion lights on the market, so you’re likely to find one that suits your needs and your budget. If you want to keep burglars away or just provide some safety and visibility for yourself when you come home late at night, motion lights are a simple and effective tool that can increase your level of security.

Motion lights can help you detect activity outside your home after dark. Movement around your home at night can be unsettling to say the least, but a motion sensor can be an effective tool in sending potential thieves scurrying away.

Motion lights are the perfect way to deter potential intruders and with the added advantage of linking the light with your other security systems you can have peace of mind knowing that just because it’s dark, it doesn’t mean you are vulnerable.

Of course, they’re also a handy way to ensure you get up the steps and find your door key safely when you come home from a late night out. Motion lights can keep you safe from intruders and accidental injury.

Put Thieves in the Spotlight with Security Lights

Thieves prefer the cover of darkness but you can highlight their unlawful activities by installing security lights. Security lights often have motion detectors as part of the device so they will switch on as soon as any movement is detected. If someone is trying to gain access to your house they will be drenched in light. The fear of being seen and recognised will quickly see most intruders turn on their heels and run. 

There are many different security lights on the market at affordable prices so there is bound to be one that fits your budget. Add security lights to your shopping list and you’ll be able to shed light on your next intruder.

If you already have a security system installed, or are thinking of taking some security measures, security lights should be one item that is on your shopping list. Thieves are opportunistic – if they see an easy target that is where they will hit. Because most thieves like to work unseen, under the cover of darkness, a security light that comes on when it detects motion will have them scuttling away before they even get started. 

The Motion Activated Outdoor Light is a well priced security light that is perfect for your porch, shed or steps. The light is fitted with a photo sensor so it will automatically begin working at night. When it detects a heat source, such as a person, car or animal, it will turn on and stay on while it can detect any motion.

Whilst the light provides you with an added layer of home security, it is also useful to help you negotiate your front steps and find the door key when you come home late at night.  Security lights are a useful tool in your security system because nothing deters potential thieves more than the possibility of being seen, recognized and caught. Put security lights at the top of your home security list.

Wireless Driveway Alarms Deter Intruders

Driveway alarms are an easy and effective way to alert you to unwanted intruders as soon as they enter your property. Wireless driveway alarm systems can be installed quickly and easily and you can usually do it yourself in just a few minutes. 

If you have an existing home security alarm fitted to your home, buying a compatible driveway alarm will add an extra layer of security to your home. The Dakota Wireless Motion Drive Alert is a well priced wireless alarm that has had rave reviews. The alarm sounds if the infra-red beam is broken by a vehicle or a person. It can detect movement up to 80 feet away and is great for any area of your house that you think is vulnerable to trespassing. It can be used for protecting your back fence which is out of the public eye and therefore more attractive to any intruder who wants privacy and time to break-in. 

The other advantage of a wireless driveway alarm is that it gives you a little extra warning before your guests arrive at your door. The wireless driveway alarm comes with a range of alarm sounds to notify you that someone is on your premises – from chimes to a whistle – so you don’t have to upset your neighbours with a piercing alarm every time someone comes to visit.

Wireless driveway alarms can let you know when you have wanted or unwanted visitors.

If you have a large domestic or business property driveway alarms will provide you with immediate notification when someone arrives. This is a useful from a security point of view, but is also useful to be alerted to deliveries, customers or visitors to your property. 

Now you can continue to work at the back of your property and be confident that you will not miss that important delivery or customer. You will also be able to immediately respond to any unauthorised intrusion from anywhere on your property. The receiver has the capacity to receive signals from up to four zones so you can keep your whole property monitored. 

Driveway alarms are certainly a very useful tool for your security but can also increase your efficiency by alerting you to the arrival of deliveries or customers.

Home Security Store Press Coverage

interview-annieWe at are always more than happy to do interviews for TV, print, and online magazines.  Not only is it great exposure for us, but it’s something that we love to do.  That is – get the word out on anything home security related.  That’s why we were more than pleased when the good folks at contacted us for an interview.  Reporter Shane McCormick interviewed me and we talked about a variety of topics, including GPS tracking, biometrics, and home automation.  You can read the complete interview here

While we are on the subject of interviews, we’d like to extend an open invitation to our cyber buddies.  Because we are knowledgeable on a variety of security related subjects, we invite you to call upon us for help and answers to your security related questions.  We can talk about how to build a surveillance system for under $500, or the latest spy gadget, or even how to combat cyber-bullying.  Here are some other stories which would make sense to interview us for –

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Plus, there are current event news story tie-ins that we would love to talk about as well.  Again, our door is always open!

Full body scanners to be used in Dutch airports

xrayConcern over airport security since the Christmas Day terrorist scare on Flight 253 has led the Dutch government—whose Amsterdam airport failed to detect the explosives carried by terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab—to announce that they will now use full body scanners on all passengers boarding flights headed to  the U.S.

The use of body scanners has created some controversy in many countries, as the units not only carry a $200,000 dollar price-tag each, but their ability to ‘peer underneath clothing’ has raised issues regarding child pornography laws were a child to be subjected to pass through the unit. 

For this reason British officials have so far only allowed body scanners to be used on persons over the age of 18. There is, however, new software that projects stylized images rather than actual pictures onto a computer screen highlighting areas of the body where weapons or objects are being concealed.

There are currently 40 body scanning machines operating in 19 airports in the U.S., although passengers not wanting to pass through the machines can opt for a pat-down by a security officer instead.

There are some, however, who view the Dutch decision to implement full body scanner use on all U.S. Flights as a little extreme.

In an open letter to the Dutch Justice Ministry, the digital rights group Bits of Freedom reminds us of the overall safety of flying.

“The chance of someone being a victim of a terrorist attack in the air is a lot smaller than the chance of being struck by lightning.”

Apparently there is, then, still a chance.



Safe Computing: Monitoring group names the world’s worst e-mail abusers



We may be entering the second decade of the 21st century, but Spammers are still as rampant and dangerous  today as they were in the early days of home internet use.

The Spamhaus Project is a British and Swiss-based organization that frequently updates their list of the world’s most frequent Spammers.

Below are numbers 1 through 5. 

 1. Canadian Pharmacy (Ukraine/Russia)
Advertises counterfeit Tamiflu using emails infected by Trojan viruses.

2. Leo Kuvayev a.k.a. BadCow (Russia)
The first to hide messages in graphic files to circumvent filters and use viruses to create zombie networks.

3. HerbalKing (India/New Zealand)
Sent 1/3 of all Spam in U.S. 2008. Operations currently suspended

4. Vincent Chan a.k.a. (Hong Kong)
Specialize in medical messages.  Worked through Yahoo Geocities, automating creation of pages that forward visitors to advertised Web sites.

5. Aleksei Polyakov a.k.a. Alex Blood (Ukraine)
Specialist in child pornography and one of the biggest distributors of Trojan viruses.

View entire top-ten list at

Who Can You Trust? Former police chief sentenced for his role in high-profile burglary

ultrasoundFormer police chief Barry Carpenter is a prime example that policemen are human, too, and can be led very much astray by petty greed.

Carpenter came to national attention last November when he and another former police chief were accused of breaking into the Martin’s Ferry, Ohio home of Michelle Ross—who was the surrogate mother to twin girls of entertainers Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick—and stealing various items that included ultra-sound photographs of the twins in their attempt to sell them to tabloids willing to pay big money.

Carpenter testified that he entered the home when he noticed a door open, but didn’t steal more than a few ultra sound photographs and a plaster cast of a pregnant stomach.

Today, reports the ex-chief was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison on charges of receiving stolen property and theft of office, but was acquitted of counts of burglary. 

His lawyer has vowed to appeal the sentence, while co-conspirator and ex-chief Chad Dojack will go on trial in January.

Smoke alarm saves mother from 11-year-old daughter’s arson attempt

Smoke alarm in a smoky room

Murder doesn’t typically come to mind when it comes to fire safety in your home, but 47-year-old Nancy Broadhead of Clearwater, FL is alive today thanks to her smoke alarm.

USA Today reports that Broadhead was sleeping soundly Tuesday night when the fire alarm in her home sounded and she awoke to find her bedroom in flames.

 The shocking part?

It was 11-year-old daughter Samantha and her 15-year-old boyfriend Jack Ault who snuck into Nancy’s bedroom that night and poured gasoline on her bed and bedroom floors before setting fire to them. The couple then took flight in the family’s Ford Focus.

Nancy Broadhead managed to escape the fire, but did suffer multiple severe burns and smoke inhalation in the process. She is being treated at Tampa General where she was admitted to the burn unit.

Both juveniles are being charged with Attempted Murder and Arson Resulting in Serious Injury, with Ault facing an additional grand theft charge for stealing the victim’s vehicle.

As for a motive?

“Apparently,” Police spokeswoman Beth Watts says, “it’s [just] your typical teenaged angst.”

eBay helps man track down home burglar

bidThe next item you buy off eBay could be stolen property!

Tristan Brooks, a man who saved for ten years to buy his Edwardian style dream home in his native Wales, U.K. found a surprise waiting for him when he came home from a long weekend getaway:

£8,000—or roughly $11,000 American—worth of property missing from his house.

Among the stolen property was a refrigerator, an electric oven, a series of cordless phones, curtains, hooks, a tool case, a toaster, a Barbantia bin and a shower head.

Brooks’ builder called the police when he discovered the stolen property in Brooks’ absence, but after door-to-door inquiries led to little or no information, Brooks’ girlfriend suggested he do a search for his property on eBay.

“I logged on and all of a sudden I was staring at the screen and looking at my fridge freezer. It was being sold by somebody in Bridgend,” he said.

With Bridgend being only 30 miles from Brooks’ Cardiff home, Brooks set up a meeting with the burglar-seller while posing as a buyer to view the property. 

On getting there Brooks recognized his items instantly and stepped outside to call the police, who arrived soon after to raid the home and arrest the man in possession of the property.  Matching serial numbers to his items allowed Brooks to take them home almost immediately.

The man was later released on bail, but now has a warrant out for his arrest after failing to appear before magistrates. 



Birthing Center’s alarm system so effective, it even keeps birthing mothers out!

outsidebabyWhen Katherine Clayton learned she was pregnant she and husband Scott decided they wanted their baby to have a natural birth, so they consulted the services of Dallas-based Allen Birthing Center to carry them through the process, as they were known to specialize in chemical-free home and water births while providing mothers with experienced midwives.

The Birthing Center boasts of being located within just 10 minutes of two major hospitals, but the couple soon learned the Center’s office hours—especially during Christmas—had more in common with a retail business’ than a healthcare facility. 

The family had finished Christmas dinner and had moved on to dessert when Katherine’s contractions started, and they knew they had to move fast.

Katherine’s midwife and doula met the couple at the birthing center that evening, but soon realized the center was dark and the doors were locked, which meant no one was inside.  After pounding on the door continuously, someone someone finally managed to get the door open, but it only added to the couple’s ordeal.

“Someone opened the door and the burglar alarm went off, and […] we couldn’t turn it off,” Scott says. With his wife screaming and the alarm blaring, he says, “finally, we just closed the door so the alarm wasn’t so loud.”

Out of time and unable to bypass the center’s security system, Harmony Clayton, who weighed in at 8 lbs, 8.5 oz, was born right there on the outside porch just minutes later at 8.08 PM!

“We were expecting a natural birth, but not an outside natural birth,” Scott commented.

The center’s employees arrived soon after and took mother and daughter inside for testing and further attention.