Burglar Accidentally Cuffed and Tased Himself

Lake County authorities in Florida say they have a serial car burglar in custody, but not one that is too smart.  Apparently Shane Thomas Williams-Allen of Orlando shocked himself with a Taser and put himself in handcuffs.

Here’s what happened.  After a police car was broken into, police got a tip that Williams-Allen might be involved.  That’s when they went looking for him, but found some of his friends instead.  According to arrest reports, the friends told investigators that Williams-Allen accidentally locked himself up last week with handcuffs that he had stolen and had to call the police to set him free.

Fast forward to when authorities finally caught up with Williams-Allen.  The suspect cooperated, but in return asked to be taken through a McDonald’s drive-thru because he was hungry.  That’s when Williams-Allen fessed up to breaking into at least one unmarked cop car.  He told investigators that he went to Clermont after getting into a fight with his parents and was supposed to meet someone he knew about work.  He then saw a light on in a car and entered the vehicle.  Inside, he found a police gun belt and he removed the Taser, according to the report.  “The suspect stated he removed the Taser and it discharged, hitting the floor and causing his foot to get shocked.” 

Williams-Allen was arrested on multiple burglary and grand-theft counts and may be responsible for as many as nine car burglaries. 

Source – Orlando Sentinel

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