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Newark Airport Cameras to be fitted with Alarms

According to the Associated Press, cameras at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey are being fitted with alarms to alert security personnel when there is a malfunction.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says it is installing the alarms in the wake of a security breach last month that closed a terminal for several hours, causing flight delays that rippled around the world.

Authorities say a man slipped under a rope barrier and walked past a security checkpoint to say goodbye to his girlfriend.

Police say Naked Man Steals Children’s Books then Flees Library

In Ypsilanti, Michigan, police say a library patron took off his clothes and exposed himself to an employee before fleeing with children’s books in hand.

According to, the 58-year-old local library employee was assisting a man in making book selections.  When she returned to her desk she looked up and saw the man step out from behind a bookcase.  He was completely naked, a police press release indicated.  Apparently, the man “thrust his hips in the direction” of the woman, but didn’t make any other movements toward her.

The employee went upstairs and called police.  By the time officers got there, the man had fled through an emergency exit, taking his clothes and the children’s books with him.

School Shooter showed erratic behavior – mad at his Mac & Cheese

The father of the man accused of wounding two middle school students in Littleton, Colorado, said his son had become increasing erratic recently.

He said his son had begun yelling at imaginary friends and had complained that eating macaroni and cheese was too noisy.  Those weren’t the only instances of odd behavior.

Bruco Strong Eagle Eastwood, 32, is accused of using a rifle to shoot two students at the middle school parking lot, not far from Columbine High School where the infamous school massacre occurred 11 years ago.

Eastwood’s assault was stopped when he was tackled by a heroic math teacher on duty in the parking lot.  To read more about that click here.

‘Strip Tease’ Robbery

A Denver man got more than he bargained for after a strip tease.

Police in Denver have arrested two people and are looking for a third in the kidnapping, beating and robbery of Andrew “Ted” Yosses after one of them performed a ‘strip tease’ for him.

Hector Cruz, 37, and Bernadette Hamby, 39, were arrested, but the 19-year-old ‘dancer’  Audrey Aguilar remains at large.   Cruz faces charges of felony kidnapping, burglary, robbery and assault while Aguilar and Hamby face charges of felony kidnapping, burglary, robbery and theft, said Larimer County District Attorney spokeswoman Linda Jensen.

The suspects apparently entered Yosses’ home and took him to the back room so Aguilar could perform a ‘strip tease,’ with Cruz entering soon after to tie him up and punch him in the face.  The suspects made off with a handgun, jewelry, cash and other items totaling $2,000.  Yosses was hospitalized for broken bones in his face.

Anyone with information about Aguilar’s whereabouts is asked to contact Fort Collins police at 970-416-2125.

Source: The Denver Channel

80-Year-Old Woman Gets 3 Years

An 80-year-old woman who has a criminal record dating back to 1955 was sentenced to 3 years in state prison for breaking into a Southern California  medical office and stealing money from drawers.

Doris Thompson agreed that she deserved a long sentence thanked the judge for not sending her to the Los Angeles County Jail, which she says she doesn’t like.  She said “God Bless You” to the judge as the hearing came to a close.

She will have to pay $1,400 in restitution and is eligible for parole in 18 months.

Source: New York Times

Stolen Descartes Letter Found in American University

A letter written by revolutionary French philosopher René Descartes (who coined the phrase “I think, therefore I am”) and which had been stolen by Italian nobleman/mathematician Guglielmo Libri in 1840 has turned up in a small private college in Pennsylvania, the New York Times reports.

The theft of 72 of Descarte’s letters, which Libri took with him to London after learning he might be arrested in France, has long been considered a tragedy in the world of Philosophy, as those letters are said to contain crucial insight into the philosopher’s thoughts and intentions.  Only 42 have since been recovered, and the most recent find—dated 1641—is said to reveal just how much Descartes tailored his writings to answer his contemporary critics.

The letter was stumbled upon by chance by a Dutch University Student who is helping to edit a new edition of Descartes’ correspondences, and noticed a reference to Descartes in a description of the manuscript collection at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.  Curious, he contacted the University, which then sent a scan of the letter and therefore proved its authenticity.

The letter, then, had been known to exist by the University, but they had no idea of its true value when it was donated in 1902 by Lucy Branson Roberts.  The only person who had really studied the letter was an undergraduate student at the university who in 1979 spent a semester writing a paper about it.

The letter is to be returned to the Institut de France in a special ceremony commemorating its return.

Waldo Rapist Sparks Fear Among Many

In Kansas City, Missouri, there is a serial rapist on the loose.  His most recent attack was his fifth one which happened on Monday. first reported about the rapist a couple of weeks ago, but now families and women concerned about their safety are turning to home security companies for help.  In fact, the Kansas City Star reports that cops say this is the worst perception of crime they’ve seen in 25 years.

Meanwhile, the local NBC TV affiliate reports that Atronic Alarms says demand has quadrupled in the last month and Brinks Security has seen a 20% spike in business in the metro area since November.  Plus, an ADT says Kansas City is one of the company’s leading markets.  All three providers say the calls are concentrated in and around the Waldo area.

 Todd Harrison, Operations Manager for Atronic Alarms says he is getting all sorts of calls.

“One lady sleeps very heavily, and she’s not sure she would hear someone break in.  I had one client who wouldn’t move in until the security system was installed.  Eveyone’s talking about it, they are very nervous,” said Harrison.

Last month police released a composite sketch of the assailant, who is described as black, about 6 feet tall, weighs 250 pounds, and is bald with pitted cheeks, possibly from acne scars.  Some victims said the man had bad breath and smelled like smoke or exhaust fumes.

You can read more about the Waldo rapist by clicking here.

Insurance Agencies Deny Twitter Will Push up Premiums

Insurance companies are saying suggestions that careless use of social-networking sites could push up premiums is pretty ridiculous and false.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Darren Black, head of home insurance at, said that premium rises of up to 10% could be possible with the increase in social-networking usage and criminals’ exploitation of the web.

However, several members of the insurance industry told PC Pro that use of social networking is not taken into account when firms are assessing claims.

Malcolm Tarling at the Association of British Insurers says that, while “insurers always look at the impact of trends” such as social networking, any comments made to the public were “merely advising people to protect their possessions… in a similar way to advisory notices from the police”.

Littleton School Shooting; Teacher a Hero

Violence strikes this Colorado town again, but quick thinking from staffers prevents full-on tragedy.

A gunman opened fire in a Middle School parking lot in Littleton, CO yesterday just a few miles from the site of the Columbine High School Massacre nearly 11 years ago.

The 32-year-old gunman wounded two teens, but was soon tackled by a math teacher named named David Benke before he could unleash more violence.

Benke and another teacher managed to pin the gunman to the ground, although Benke explains that “”Unfortunately he got another round off before I could grab him.  He figured out that he wasn’t going to be able to get another round chambered before I got to him so he dropped the gun and then we were kind of struggling around trying to get him subdued.”

The two teens survived the shooting, although one remains hospitalized.

Benke is being praised as a hero by the local Police department, and currently has a fan page on Facebook which has received nearly 12,000 fans overnight.

No one knows why Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood would target Deer Creek Middle school, although the he has a police record dating back to 1996 for menacing, assault, domestic violence and driving under the influence, and he is believed to have a history of mental issues.

Source: Associated Press