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Americans Predict Major Terrorist Attack on U.S within the Next Decade

A new Harris Poll measures how many people expect various historical events to happen within the next decade and in the next 50 years.  The most significant finding from the poll is that a majority of people (54%) believe that a terrorist attack on the U.S. will happen within the next 10 years.  If this were to happen would you be prepared?

Other events that are seen as likely to occur in the next 10 years by sizable minorities are electing a female president (35%), China replacing the U.S. as the world’s most powerful economic country (30%), a biological or chemical attack on the U.S. (29%), and that global warming and climate change will have a big impact (22%). 

Other results of The Harris Poll, as reported by Security Products online magazine, are as follows

Majorities of all adults believe that the following are likely to occur in the next 50 years:

•A major terrorist attack on the U.S. (79%)

•A female will be president (82%)

•China will replace the U.S. as the world’s most powerful economic country (62%)

•An attack on the U.S. using chemical or biological weapons (60%)

•Most energy in the U.S. will come from renewable sources (52%.

•A cure for cancer (52%)

Car Security Tips

There are many common habits — such as letting your vehicle warm up unattended in the morning — which can create a crime of opportunity for a potential thief.  The trick is to not leave yourself, nor you belongings, vulnerable.

Here are some tips from Visalia Police Department Sgt. Candido Alvarez and Insurance agent Rona Swanson, as reported b the Visalla Times Delta on how to keep your car and belongings free of theft.

1.  Do not leave a vehicle running and unattended. Alvarez said there are devices that can turn the car on so it can run and heat up during cold weather, but he doesn’t even recommend those because it doesn’t deter a thief from breaking out the window to steal items in the vehicle.

2.  Never leave personal information in your vehicle. Addresses, Social Security numbers and other private information could be used for identity theft, Alvarez said.

3.  Make sure everything that is of value is out of sight. “People leave empty purses in their cars, but the criminal doesn’t know that,” he said. “We would encourage people to put items in the trunk, but for SUVs that don’t have a trunk, cover up items with something so it looks like a pile of gym clothes or something.

Inmate so Skinny he Squeezes between Cell Bars

Police in Tennessee say 23-year-old inmate Kristopher Allen White was so thin that he was able to squeeze between his cell bars and escape the Haywood County Jail in the wee hours of the morning.  The bars in the cell were approximately four and a half inches apart.

White, a suspect in a series of church burglaries, then used a blanket to get over the jail’s barbed wire fence.  But as thin as White may be, he’s not invisible.  After 14 hours on the run, the police caught up to him.  Even his jailers were impressed by the escape.

“I still can’t picture that,” Sheriff Melvin Bond told WLBT-TV.  “It’s beyond my imagination to know how he succeeded in that.”

Before the escape, White was behind bars after initially being captured at the Mexican border.

Landscaping & Lights

When planning your landscaping, think like thieves and know your enemy.  Here are some tips –

1.  Remove trees or branches of trees close to your home that give burglars access to upper levels.

2.  Make it difficult for them to navigate through your yard and approach entry points.  Plant low thorny bushes below your windows.

3.  Trim your trees and shrubbery; don’t give them somewhere to hide.

4.  Keep your lawn well maintained so that they know that the house is attended to and constantly inhabited.

5.  In addition to keeping your yard neatly trimmed and well cared for, keep it well lighted. Burglars prefer to operate in the dark.

6.  Install porch lights and be attentive to burned out bulbs.

7.  Install motion sensitive lights; they will not only make you feel safer when approaching your home after dark, but they will also deter criminals who don’t want to be seen.

8.  Leave a light on, preferably on each floor, when you go out in the evening.