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Home Security Store joins the Chamber of Commerce

Home Security Store Vice President Ralph Winn shakes hands with the Chambers’ Membership/Advertising Manager Carole Slagle.

Community involvement is very important to us and joining the local Chamber of Commerce is something we are proud of.  In July Home Security Store joined the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.  There are six business councils within the Chambers of Commerce because the area of Riverside is so big.  The Chambers represent nearly 1500 small and large businesses that work together throughout Southern California to –

  • Create a Stronger Local Economy
  • Promote the Community
  • Provide Networking Opportunities
  • Advocate the Interests of Business with Government
  • Take Political Action

HSS looks forward to upcoming events which the Chambers will sponsor and to meeting other reputable businesses leaders based in Southern California.

Behind the Scenes!

Every day at Home Security Store we keep busy researching products, testing samples, and choosing which products best fit the needs of our valued customers.  When we bring a product in, it’s quite a process for the Web & Marketing Department before that product ever hits the website.  That has never been more true than with a new product line from Skylink entitled SkylinkHome.

SkylinkHome features convenient and user-friendly home automation lighting systems.  We have over 25 parts in-house, which we sell as kits and as accessories.  With these kits you can control lighting and other electrical devices throughout your home or business.  In addition, you can control the brightness of your lighting by dimming the lights up or down and what’s even better – you can do all this wirelessly!

We have all the parts needed to achieve the best lighting for your property.  We have remotes, plug-in dimmers, wall dimmers, even screw-in dimmers which allow you to control lights where there is no external AC cord.

One reason we are working with Skylink to bring you these SkylinkHome products is because they help conserve energy, which in turn is better for the environment and saves you money!  According to Skylink, if you dim your light to a 50% level with a SkylinkHome dimmer, you save about 40% of electricity.

Of course like all the Skylink products we carry, wireless signal communications are based on rolling code technology to ensure the highest security is used.

And that’s a little about what we do and a lot more about what we offer!

As the Mercury Rises, so do Burglary Rates

According to the FBI, July and August are prime months for burglars to get cranking.  In wake of the FBI’s findings, the Better Business Bureau is advising homeowners, who are looking to secure their property this summer, to do their research when picking a home security system.  In 2010, the BBB received nearly 25,000 inquiries from customers asking about burglar alarm systems.

“It’s important to investigate the purchase of a home security system with the same care you would any major purchase,” said Stephen A. Cox, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

“There are too many door-to-door salespeople selling home security systems out there that don’t always have your best interest at heart.”

To help protect your home, the Insurance Information Network of California recommends the following:

1.  “Case” your home the way a burglar might and look for easy entrance points.

2.  Protect your doors with solid locks – 80% of break-ins are through a door.

3.  Consider a home security system that will sound an alarm if triggered.  Leave blinds and curtains in their normal position.

4.  Don’t allow trees and shrubs to conceal doors and never hide your keys outside.

5.  Use automatic timers for lights, radios and televisions to make the home appear “lived in.”  Lower the sound on your telephone ringer and answering machine.

6.  Never announce your vacation plans via social networks.

Keep in mind, many insurance companies offer a discount for devices like dead-bolt locks, smoke/fire alarms and burglar alarms that make a home safer.  Another way to protect your belongings is to create a complete home inventory – it can help you file a claim faster and more efficiently should you sustain a loss.

Staying Safe at Amusement Parks

What would summer be without a trip to an amusement park?  It’s what thousands of families do each year around this time, and that’s to pack up the car and head to an amusement park for some summer fun.  Whether it’s Disneyland, Six Flags, or Lego Land, a trip to an amusement park can bring a lifetime of memories, but at a moment’s notice, it can also turn into a nightmare.  This is where amusement park safety comes in, and this is something you should talk to your children about before they even step foot onto the amusement park grounds.  And we’re not just talking about stranger danger either, but ride safety as well.

Here are some amusement park safety tips –

1.  Ensure that there is no situation where a child is left alone in the amusement park no matter how safe the place may appear.

2.  Give clear instructions to your children to remain with the group and to ask your permission before they go on any ride.

3.  Also give clear instructions to a child what he or she must do if they get lost from the group.

4.  It’s also a good idea to keep handy a picture of your child in case they do go missing and keep a written account of what they are wearing as well.

5.  Bring at least one adult to supervise every two kids under the age of 5.

6.  Talk about what to do if your child becomes frightened while riding. Tell her not to get out of the car, but to remain seated and keep her feet and hands inside the ride at all times.

7.  Never sneak children onto rides for which they are too small or too young.

8.  Teach your children to stay seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. Children who are in a rush to be the first off or in a hurry to get to the next ride may try to exit while the ride is still moving.

In addition, here are some Child Safety Products which will help you keep track of your children in crowded places.