MyVisonic App can Manage your PowerMax Alarm System from Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re at home, at work, on a business trip, or on vacation, the MyVisonic App lets you control your Visonic PowerMax alarm system locally and remotely.  You can arm and disarm the alarm system, view the status of various system devices, view the protected premises via installed cameras, and control X-10 compliant home appliances.

Using MyVisonic, with the PowerLink2 (PLINK2) web portal, homeowners on the move can utilize the Apple iPhone, iPad, and/or iPodTouch to easily control their PowerMax home security system.

Again, homeowners can arm or disarm their security system, view system’s status, view live and alarm time recorded video from wireless and wired IP cameras, and actually pan or tilt supported IP cameras.  In addition, homeowners can set up the system to notify them by email or text message whenever security, safety, home devices, or camera events occur.

“We are excited to deliver the MyVisonic application to homeowners, allowing them to better protect their properties and families and provide them peace of mind wherever they are” commented Avi Katz, Visonic Product Manager.

With the MyVisonic App, you will have access to all menu points of your PowerLink2.

“Homeowners can enjoy the elegant, easy- to use Apple iPhone touchscreen interface to control their PowerMax security system and monitor their property in real time even if they are on the move.”

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