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This Just In- Global Link Security’s Laser Scan

Burglary deterrents at Home Security Store include the very popular Fake TV, Winn Dummy Cameras, Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog Alarm, and now our newest deterrents are from Global Link Security.  With these products you can add an extra layer of protection by giving the perception that your property is as secure and safe as Fort Knox.

The new products include the 131-11 Laser Scan Laser Scanner Burglar Deterrent with Plug-in Transformer and the 131-04 – Global Link Laser Scanner Burglar Deterrent for Security Systems.  Again, the key to security is quite often perception. With that being said, light is a big deterrent for a potential burglar looking for an easy mark. Both the 131-11 and the 131-04 Laser Scanners project a moving red laser, which works great for residential homes and business such as restaurants, offices, and more.   The only difference between the two Laser Scanners is that one works with a plug in transformer and the other works with your existing security system.

Home Security Store talked with Glen Hunt, the inventor of the Global Link’s Laser Scanner.  We asked him why he invented this device.  Here is what he said –

We (Glen and wife) invented Laserscan because of the frequent break-ins at our Restaurants.  Conventional alarms let us know after the break-in happened.  We needed to stop the break-ins before they happened.

Here are some other questions, answers, and comments from Home Security Store and Glen.

For the Laser Scan for use with security system, how exactly do you hook it up to your system?

To use Laserscan 131-04 with your security system, it must be wired directly into the output of the 12v security panel. It would be best to contact the manufacturer of the security panel to make sure it is done properly. Some security panels may need to programmed for this option.

Are there replacement parts for the Laser Scan device?

The lasers may be replaced if they need to be over time.

Where should you install a Laser Scanner?

Hang unit using enclosed screw.  If needed, you may hang with 3M double stick tape.  Install unit on a wall approximately 6FT high.  It must be hung on the outside wall (the side of the doors and windows).  So when looking through a door or window the lasers shine on the back and side walls, visible from the outside.

In addition, Laser scan may be left on 24-7. However, lasers can only be seen at night, so it is best to use them at dark to prolong the life of the lasers.  Plus, don’t look directly into lasers.