Security Devices and Your Smartphone

As a fairly new term in the American lexicon, most people hear smartphone security and imagine a mobile application or some other specialized gadget designed to protect a mobile phone from being stolen or even vandalized by a cyber attacker. Smartphone security, however, can also be used in the realm of home security systems as mobile and home security technologies are combined to bring an enhanced range of functions to homeowners. Using smartphones, homeowners can experience new ways of remotely interacting with their home and even control multiple security layers while away from home.

The most innovative home security solutions make it possible for users to interact with multiple home security devices from a single smartphone. From arming an alarm while at a remote location to visually checking in on a sleeping child while in another state, smartphones interact with home security systems in very clever and productive ways. As more and more people gravitate toward smartphone technology, it makes sense to discuss a few of the best smartphone security options that are currently available.

Surveillance Cameras

From nanny cams to multi-channel surveillance systems, many of the cameras that we offer can also be operated from a smartphone. One such example is the Levana Digital Wireless Video Baby Camera with Online Monitoring, which allows parents to see and hear their child in real-time from a remote location. Several of our nanny cameras also allow pictures and videos to be downloaded to a phone or a computer where they can be saved or forwarded and shared with other loved ones.

Alarm Systems

Alarm manufacturers have also worked to create effective ways of creating smartphone security features. In addition to being able to arm and disarm a system from a mobile telephone, some systems also allow homeowners without a landline telephone to connect their alarm system directly to a smartphone instead. With this feature, homeowners needn’t worry about the possibility of phone lines being severed during a burglary attempt and communication between a system and a homeowner’s mobile phone is always available.

Smartphone Security Applications

While smartphone security features can be created and used to manage and control the levels of security in a person’s home, some technologies extend far beyond home security into the realm of personal security, as well. One such technology is the Guardly mobile security app, which can enable smartphone users to contact up to 15 different loved ones with a single key press. This mobile security app further allows college students to quickly connect with campus security in the event of an emergency as long as the college is a part of the Guardly Safe Campus Program. Available on today’s most popular mobile operating systems, Guardly also offers access to 9-1-1 operators in fewer keystrokes than would normally be required and the company maintains that its highly attuned GPS functions can help loved ones or authorities more accurately locate a person in possession of a phone with the Guardly application in the event of an actual emergency.

Deterrents and Smartphone Security

Deterrents used to discourage burglars are very important layers of home security. Devices that help homeowners control lighting are quite easy to install and are affordable for just about every budget. For example, the only installation skill needed for the Xanboo Wireless Light Dimmer is the ability to plug it into an electrical outlet. The dimmer can then be used to illuminate a room from a button featured on the device or a user can control a home’s lighting remotely from a smartphone. Not only does a homeowner not have to worry about walking into a dark house at night, but the Xanboo Wireless Light Dimmer can also be remotely activated as the sun sets in order to give passersby the impression that someone is actually inside of the home.

Do-It-Yourself Home Security

Several well-known home security companies have also begun to develop their own mobile security applications. Homeowners choosing to self-install their own home security devices, however, will be pleased to discover the various smartphone security options that are already available to them, as well. As the desire to operate home security systems via mobile telephones increases, homeowners and smartphone users can expect to see even smartphone security functions in the months and years ahead.

How to Find Which Home Security Devices Are Compatible With Your Smartphone

If you are interested in learning more about the exact devices that may be compatible with your smartphone, we encourage you to visit our main page right away. By simply typing the name of your operating system into our search engine, you will discover a variety of useful security devices that can interact with your particular smartphone. Remember, should you have questions about how to install any of these devices, our technical support team is always here to help.

In what ways do you currently use your smartphone to interact with your home security system? What kinds of security applications or smartphone security features would you like to see in the future?

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