Have You Thought About Your Home’s Environmental Management Lately?

How often do you think about environmental management at your home? Besides adjusting the heat and air conditioning as needed, it’s likely that you are like most people and don’t give much thought to environmental control at all. Yet, each and every day a home is severely damaged or destroyed due to environmental hazards. While we emphasize home security in terms of keeping intruders out, we also want to encourage you to think about keeping your home safe from very real threats such as extreme temperatures and flood waters. To enable you to do so, we offer several different systems and devices to assist you in gaining better environmental control at home.

When the Unexpected Happens

Imagine going on vacation for a couple of weeks only to return to broken water pipes which have caused your entire house to flood. This exact scenario happened to my brother-in-law as he escaped to California for a break from a particularly cold winter. Unfortunately, his home’s pipes were ill-prepared for the freezing cold weather and, upon his return, he was greeted with a river of water running throughout his entire home and into his yard. Had he installed one of our environmental control systems such as the Control Products Wireless Water Alarm System or even the Wireless Freeze Temperature Alert and Phone Dialer he could have been alerted about the dangerously cold temperature and flooding at his home. With forewarning, he may have been able to appoint someone to protect his pipes or even to stop the flood waters before too much damage was done.

Protect Your Home at All Times

Most of us have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors installed at home to protect us from smoke, fire and gas emergencies. While these devices serve very important purposes, we must be aware of other potential dangers, as well. A good environmental management system can protect your home from catastrophes such as frozen or broken pipes; fire caused by a dryer’s lint screen; accidental flooding from washing machines, sinks, water heaters, dishwashers and toilets; and a host of other very costly household hazards.

Who is Monitoring the Environment at Your Vacation Home?

Environmental control is as important for a vacation home as it is for a primary residence, too. For example, the Control Products Temperature Alarm Dialer enables homeowners to remotely monitor the temperature of a home. It sounds a piercing alarm when temperatures make drastic changes and this particular device even dials up to three separate telephone numbers to notify homeowners when a real temperature threat arises. This type of monitoring system is invaluable for individuals who do not spend a lot of time at a property, yet can still appreciate knowing if and when danger due to extreme heat or cold is present. A lack of temperature control and awareness can often lead to structural damage, as well as damage to appliances, computer equipment and other items of value.

Special Environments

Temperature controls also play an important role in helping to regulate very sensitive environments, such as greenhouses and cold storage locations. Without reliable controls, the damage suffered by home and business owners could be devastating if temperatures were ever to drastically change in one of these environments. Homeowners relying upon a device containing a temperature sensor, on the other hand, can take comfort in knowing that they will immediately be made aware of temperature threats.

No Excuses Necessary

As with other home security systems, environmental management devices are easy to install and make for great DIY weekend projects. Most people find these products to also be quite affordable, particularly when installation costs are nonexistent. When considering the safeguard each provides, as well as the peace of mind in knowing that a home or a business has environmental alerts in place, there simply is no reason for every homeowner not to invest in environmental management devices.

Environmental Management in Households With Special Needs

While environmental controls and alert systems should be installed in every home, they play a particularly important role in the homes of the elderly and disabled. Ignoring the potential hazards of rising and falling temperatures or of water catastrophes can be fatal for any household, but even more so in those where a person is in poor health or where one’s physical senses have begun to decline. In addition to safeguarding your own household, we urge you to also think about installing environmental control devices in the homes of vulnerable loved ones.

Explore Your Options

Our main site has an entire section dedicated to environmental controls. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to browse that section and educate yourselves on the different devices available to you, as well as the potential risks involved with ignoring environmental management. You may also want to contact your insurance company to determine whether environmental controls can help lower your premium and precisely which types your insurance company recommends.

Tell Us What You Think

What are some of the ways that you currently regulate your home’s environment? Have you installed any environmental control devices at your home or business? We always appreciate your feedback and look forward to your comments below.

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