Deception at Your Doorstep – A Look at Devious Door-to-Door Sales Tactics

Are you aware of some of the deceptive practices criminals sometimes take to bypass home security systems? Do you know that some of these practices cost homeowners a lot more than the valuables inside of a home, but may even lead to high monthly bills or even compromise one’s personal credit and finances? Thieves are using a variety of methods to steal valuables and information, and some of them may even appear to be home security representatives.

Beware of Salespeople, Service Workers and Other Unexpected Visitors

We all know that burglars look for weak areas in home security in order to gain access to a home. Some even take the time to knock on doors while posing as harmless business persons in hopes of a homeowner inviting them inside. Beware that this is precisely how so many criminals are successful in staging home invasion robberies, which often result in a homeowner’s bodily harm as well as a loss of property.

Beware of Random Visits By Home Security Representatives

Unscrupulous workers in the security industry are also out to take advantage of homeowners. They do so by pretending to be with a homeowner’s security company and working to convince them to upgrade to more expensive devices and services that aren’t needed. In fact, not long ago, a very well known security company took to social media to warn its customers about individuals pretending to be representatives of the company and insisting that homeowners upgrade their security systems. Of course, these sudden upgrades were also accompanied by lengthy contracts which have been rather costly to the homeowners who were suckered into them.

Thankfully, it is impossible for our customers to be taken in by such a scam. By purchasing and installing your own security system, no one can pull the wool over your eyes by telling you that your security company insists that you purchase an upgraded system. Your access to comparable, but less expensive monitoring also makes you the least likely for con artists to lure into a new, much higher-priced monitoring contract.

Beware of Visitors Urging You to Share Personal Information

Other con artists are also working to find ways to prompt you to give personal, highly sensitive information such as your credit card information, social security numbers and banking account numbers. By pretending to be utility workers, insurance salespeople or even home security representatives, thieves are encouraging homeowners to complete phony paperwork all for the purpose of acquiring this sensitive data. Of course, with this information in hand, thieves are wreaking havoc on people’s credit and financial lives.

Avoid becoming a victim of identity theft by refusing to divulge your personal information to anyone who approaches you at home unless you have specifically scheduled an appointment for them to visit and discuss their services. If you are ever unsure, do not hesitate to call the company directly to  investigate a worker’s credentials. You may even want to create a rule for yourself that you do not conduct such sensitive business in your home and choose, instead, to only do so at the offices of the business you are patronizing.

Defend Yourself Against Deception

In addition to installing and personalizing your own home security system, you must be vigilant about crime, in general. It is not enough to simply arm your system, but you must also know how a criminal thinks, understand the ploys he uses and outsmart him at every opportunity. For example, in order to avoid a criminal gaining access to your home by pretending to be a service worker, utility worker or other trusted professional, simply make it a rule to not open your door to strangers. Installing a video intercom helps by making it possible for you to communicate with unexpected guests without having to actually open your front door. In fact, with a device like the Atrix Wireless 2-Way Video Intercom you do not even need to approach the door in order to see, hear and communicate with whomever is there.

Information Empowers and Protects

While most burglars prefer an easy entry and exit, be aware that some are making more of an effort to rob you of your valuables. Staying abreast of some of the latest ploys helps to protect you from becoming a victim of these sorts of crimes. Should a suspicious character resembling any of the criminals detailed above someday find his way to your doorstep, for your own good and the good of all of your neighbors, be sure to contact your local authorities immediately.

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