Do Your Neighbors Hate You?

Do Your Neighbors Hate You?

We’ve all heard the adage that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, but how many of us think to apply this to neighborhood security? It is possible for one house on a block to attract criminals and endanger the safety of the entire neighborhood. Is your home a bad apple? Do your neighbors hate you for attracting the wrong kind of attention?

The following is a list of things that neighbors generally hate for good reason. As you read each description, ask yourself whether you are guilty of some of these and consider our suggestions for improvement. While your neighbors may not think of you in the best light now, with conscious effort you can improve these relationships while simultaneously increasing your home’s security.

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Taking the time to introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors helps foster a sense of community and security. Such lets your neighbors know that you are accessible to them should they need you and that you would appreciate the same from them. You don’t have to try to be best friends with your neighbors, but we do suggest that you get to know them on a first-name basis and open the doors of friendly communication. Remember that thieves appreciate a community where everyone keeps to themselves and where communication between neighbors is nonexistent.

Does Your Dog Bark Incessantly?

While Rover may be your most trusted companion and you may believe him to be your best security warning system, his constant barking may cause your neighbors to hate you. Besides investing in behavior modification, invest in a good alarm system, instead. Your dog’s incessant barking is not only annoying, but it is a false alarm that is more likely be ignored even when a serious threat exists.

Is Your Yard an Eyesore?

Yellow grass, unkempt hedges and that growing collection of takeout menus that are strewn about your front porch are not only unsightly images that your neighbors would prefer not to see, but they may also have a negative effect on the curb appeal of nearby homes for sale. Besides, tall bushes and a home that looks unoccupied are like welcome mats to criminals looking for a place to squat– or worse, hide in wait. Give your home a once-over and consider ways in which you can improve upon its appearance and security. Some immediate suggestions are to remove trash and debris, cut and water your lawn regularly, trim hedges and clear away any areas where a burglar may try to hide. Also, consider installing motion-activated outdoor security lighting to illuminate your front porch, garage and walkways in order to do your part in keeping your home and neighborhood safe.

Do You Keep Watch Over Your Neighborhood?

If you see someone peeking into your neighbor’s window while she is at work, do you ignore this activity or let her know about it? Or, even better, do you contact the local police and offer a description of the person? While everyone should enjoy a fair amount of privacy, neighbors should be able to rely on one another to keep watch over the neighborhood as much as possible.

Do You Leave Your Home Unoccupied For Long Periods?

Do you travel a lot for work or pleasure? Or do you spend a lot of time at someone else’s home and only a few days per week at your own? A partially occupied home is precisely what thieves look for when planning their next heist. If they are watching your home, it is likely that they are studying the habits of your closest neighbors, too.

You don’t have to alter your life to stay at home more often, but it will be necessary to change your habits and make sure that your home is ultra-secure when you are away. One way to go about this is to change your routines so that a burglar has a hard time figuring out when you will be at home and when you will be away. For example, if you stay at a friend’s house during the week and are only home on weekends, consider coming home once or twice per week at random times, instead. Or, maybe look for a housemate with a reverse schedule that needs to stay in your area during the week and return to his own home on the weekend. Also, be sure to invest in automatic lighting and even in something like a Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device to make thieves think twice about whether or not your home is truly unoccupied when they approach.

Are You Making Up Your Own Security Devices?

We’re all for do-it-yourself home security, but we believe in doing it the right way. If you are using homemade devices or relying on other devices that weren’t intended for home security, such may be irritating your neighbors. Examples of this may be placing annoying bells on your front door to notify you each time the door is opened or closed, or using your car alarm as a panic button. While these stand a very slight chance of helping you avoid a break-in, they don’t hold a candle to actual door chimes or a panic button that was specifically made to enhance home security such as the N/O Or N/C Panic Switch. Simply put, it’s high time that you stop aggravating your neighbors and putting your own safety at risk, and visit the home security store to learn about affordable do-it-yourself security devices, instead.

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