How Does a Biometric Lock Work?

What is Biometrics?

There are both psychological biometric technology and behavioral biometric technology. Physiological biometrics are individual features that belong to a person’s body. For example facial recognition, iris scanning, retinal biometrics, hand scanning, voice recognition, DNA matching and biometrics fingerprinting. It works by analyzing and storing the physical trait to be used for security. Behavioral Biometric Technology relies on unique mannerisms. These features include voice patterns, hand signatures or typing rhythms. Biometrics works by checking a collection of records of recorded traits. When a user toes to gain entry the biometric device will take the information presented and compare it with the information stored. In order to gain entry your fingerprint is scanned by sensors that identify the specific mapping of your fingerprint. The fingerprint, which you pre-program is marked by computer algorithms and stored in a database. If it matches up with what is stored, access is instantly granted. If there is no match access will be denied. There are times when you may need to try again to gain entry and that is perfectly okay. Unlike case sensitive passwords, no matter how many times someone tries to unsuccessful gain entry, the lock will not freeze or lock up. Fingerprint recognition is considered to be the best choice for most applications because of its accuracy, speed, reliability, non-intrusive interfaces, and cost-effectiveness.

Why Choose Biometric Locks?

Some of the most important things to a person can be a person’s family, home and security. Biometric locks are becoming more favorable among people for many reasons.  A big benefit to them is there are no worries about forgetting a key or even forgetting a password. All you need is simply your fingerprint. Contrary to what you see in movies about photocopying a fingerprint to gain entry through a door, this is not true. Anatomically, no two people can have an identical fingerprint.. This puts people at ease knowing there is virtually no way for someone to duplicate their fingerprint and override the lock. Another benefit to biometric fingerprint locks is that once you remove someone from the lock, they are permanently removed and no longer able to gain entry. This is helpful because with a key someone can easily copy it making it useless if you take it away from them. Biometric door locks make it just as easy to add someone to the door as it is removing them. One thing that people may worry about is what happens in the case of an emergency? What if something goes wrong and you need to open up the door and you are not there? Luckily, there is a backup plan for these locks. There is a pin number that you can program into these locks as well as a backup. These locks can be used anywhere from the home to the workplace. Biometric fingerprint locks are the best because it has the highest security. These locks are great for in the home and the workplace too.

Where Can You Find Them?

Home Security Store offers a variety of quality biometric locks that are efficient, affordable and reliable. They have the latest in biometric locks to keep you up to date on your security. These locks allow you store many users and have a professional look to them. The locks will recognize the fingerprint within 1-3 seconds, but on average take about 1.5 seconds to authenticate. The handles on these locks are reversible making it even easier to use. Some of the locks that are more affordable are the LS-9 Adel Biometric Fingerprint Lock, Trinity-788 and for the kids the Adel Cartoon lock. These are DIY locks that have very easy installation steps making it easy for anyone to install. Say goodbye to calling a locksmith or trying to climb through a window if you forget your keys inside. With biometric finger locks you no longer have to worry about locking yourself out because not having access is impossible. These solid metal doors prevent people from breaking or vandalizing the lock. These locks are low not only easy to use, but also low maintenance. With the battery light lasting one year you won’t have to worry much about replacing them constantly. All you need is four AA batteries and your lock is back to working perfectly. The Trinity-788 lock can store up to 99 entries and the LS-9 Adel Biometric Fingerprint lock can store up to 120.

Biometric locks are user friendly and very affordable. It makes is easier to monitor what is going on whether it’s in your home or at work. You will know who has access to specific locations and not only that you literally control who you want having access. Whether you want to allow someone access for a week or a year, you have the luxury of doing that. They are a great way to have a little more piece of mind when it comes to securing important possessions or simply keeping your home safe. With biometric technology you can’t go wrong. Don’t wait any longer or worry anymore, now is as good as any time to try it out.

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