Pet Friendly Burglar Alarms

When it comes to our pets, they are essentially a part of our families. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) pet statistics says that 62% of households in the U.S. have pets. About 78.2 million households own dogs and 86.4 million own cats.  Studies have shown 55% of people were more relaxed after spending time with their pets. This just goes to show that pets can help us in a plethora of ways in and around our homes. Whether our pets are helping us by securing our home or by putting us at ease knowing they are there, they are important to us and a big part of our home.

Pet-Immune Motion Detectors

Pets are always a good deterrent when it comes to potential burglars or strangers approaching your home. They can help warn us when something is going on in or around our household that may be a problem. But, there are times when pets can actually set off your home alarm, and this can be a costly mistake. Some alarm companies will charge you if your home alarm system has mistakenly gone off and the police is sent out for no reason. It is a good idea for us to avoid this accident as much as possible. Luckily, with how quickly technology continues to progress, this no longer has no be an issue. Thanks to pet-immune motion detectors. Home Security Store has many pet immune alarms to choose from that are pet-immune for pets ranging anywhere from 20 pounds to 100 pounds.

Your Home Can Never Be Too Secure

Some people figure that because they have a dog, they don’t need any type of home security system. Having a pet, particularly a dog, is a great form of security because if an intruder is present they can scare them off as well as notify you that something is not right. Although they may be an a helpful  factor with protecting your home, it is not enough. Unfortunately, some burglars will actually hurt or even kill dogs because they feel they are a threat to them gaining entry. For this reason it is important that you have alternatives other than using strictly your dog as your primary security option.

Double Check Before You Leave

One of the number one reasons false alarms occur with home security systems is because pets set them off due to overly sensitive sensors. When contemplating which security system you want to purchase for your home, keep in mind making sure that they are pet immune. Having your pet set off your alarm can be costly and inconvenient. Save yourself both time and money by investing in a pet immune motion detector. However, even with the use of pet immune detectors, a household pet any size has the potential to weaken your home security system. It can be something as simple as you’re pet pushing open a door or window that can set off an alarm while you are away from your home. Before leaving your home, check to make sure that all doors and windows are closed and securely locked. If your animals have the option of going in and out of the house at their leisure, it is your responsibility to insure that your home is still safe and secure while you are not present.

How Do Pet-Immune Sensors Work?

Pet-immune sensors use passive infrared technology that has the ability to sense sudden changes is temperature that would not be caused by a shift in the room temperature, therefore knowing that something is in the room. The alarm will trigger is the living being in the room is over a certain weight. There are some alarms that are pet-immune up to 100 pounds. These detectors are very easy to use and installation takes no time at all. These are perfect for any home and will help you avoid setting off any false home security alarms.

It is important to not only protect your home and family but also your pets as well.

Other Ways to Protect Your Pet

Aside from the pet immune alarms, there are other precautionary steps one can take to protect their pet around the home, mainly the pool area. With the warm weather here it is not just your children that we need to keep an eye out for around the water, it’s our pets as well. Some pets love the water and swimming around. But, there are pets that dislike the water and swimming around and when they accidentally fall into the pool they do not know that to do. Every year there is an estimated 5,000 family pets drown in backyard swimming pools. With the Safety Turtle Pet Velcro Strap an alarm will sound the instant your pets falls into water. This is the perfect thing to keep you at ease with your pets around the pool. All you have to do is place the strap around your collar and they are good to go. While you are away from your home it is important to have some sort of gate around your pool. That way you will not have to worry about your beloved pet falling into the pool while you are away from your home.

Take the precautionary steps needed to protect your pets and home! Your home alarm should no longer  have false alarms with use of the pet-immune detectors.

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