The Home Security Risk of Fumigating Your Home

Recently, California has experienced a rash of burglaries involving homes that were tented for fumigation. While California may have realized an uptick in this burglary method, it is not uncommon for it to also happen in other parts of the country. Before fumigating your home, there are a few things that you should do to make certain that your valuables are safe while you are away.

How Fumigating Your Home Can Present a Security Risk

For those of you unfamiliar, when we speak of tenting for home fumigation, we’re referring to houses that pest control experts cover with an enormous rubber tent for several days in order to give heavy-duty pesticides time to work. While a home is being fumigated, however, occupants are not allowed to live on the premises for several days. In fact, once the tent is erected, no one is allowed to go inside of the home until it is removed. This is because the chemicals used in the fumigation process are not only lethal for pests, but are also present serious health risks to humans and pets.

Given the dangers involved, most people steer clear of homes undergoing this type of fumigation process. Burglars aren’t necessarily rocket scientists, however, and many of them do not heed the warnings displayed at such properties. Instead, some criminals view a tented house as an easy score and boldly enter these homes anyway.

If you’re battling pests and have been told that you need a fumigation tent, the following are a few of the things you should consider before actually having the process done:

Monitored Alarm System

Short of hiring a security guard to protect your home while you are away, a monitored alarm system is the best anti-burglary investment you can make. Many of you reading this may already have an alarm system, which is great, but going a step further to invest in monitoring is crucial. This is because, hidden under a cloak of protection from the tent, a burglar might be successful in disabling an alarm or even getting in and out of your home before being apprehended even as an alarm is going off. By opting to deal directly with a monitoring provider, alarm monitoring costs less than $9 per month and is highly recommended for home security, in general, and particularly when your home is tented for fumigation.

Door and Window Security

Making sure that all of your doors and windows are locked is a given anytime you are leaving your home, especially for an extended stay. Remember, however, that an occupied home shielded entirely by a giant tent is vulnerable even when securely locked. This is because doors can be kicked in, locks can be picked or bumped and windows can be broken with hardly a witness to notice. We, therefore, suggest checking the door jambs on all of your entrances to be sure they are sturdy enough to create a resistance against force. Also, make sure that you install the types of locks that are nearly impossible to bump such as Medeco or Schlage Primus locks; or consider placing a device like the Keypout Lock Bumping/Dead bolt Protector on each door.

For windows, make sure that glass break sensors are installed. Also, pin locks should be placed on each sliding window and sliding glass door. If you have an alarm system (and you should), be sure that all of your window sensors are working properly before you leave home.

CCTV Cameras

Not only might security cameras deter thieves, but they’ll also capture all of the activity around your home while you are away. Even at night or when natural light is blocked by a tent’s presence, cameras with infrared technology will record activity at your home. Devices like the Lorex ECO2 8 Channel DVR Security Camera System can even offer you real-time, remote access from a computer or even a smartphone to see what is going on in and around your home.

Fake Security Devices

Fake home security devices may also help deter a burglar while your home is tented. Consider fake surveillance cameras or even something like the Global Link Laser Scanner Burglar Deterrent W/Transformer. With red beams of light constantly moving through your home, burglars will be given the perception that you have a high-tech security system in place. Even when shielded by a huge tent, most burglars will avoid contact with devices like these.

Make Home Security a Priority

Battling termites or a cockroach infestation is enough stress for a homeowner to have to deal with. Adding burglars to the list of pests you have to defend against may seem annoying, but failing to consider the very real possibility of a break-in during a tented fumigation can be very costly. On the other hand, just like there are things that you can do to stop critters in their tracks, burglary can be prevented too. We hope that you’ll take our home security tips under strong advisement and that your pest extermination goes off without criminal incident.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Have you ever had your home tent fumigated? What security precautions did you take to prevent a break-in while you were away? Did your precautions work? What security advice do you have to offer other homeowners considering this method of extermination?

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