9 Solid Reasons to Install a Do-It-Yourself Home Security System

Upon first discovering that do-it-yourself home security systems exist, homeowners often find themselves faced with an important decision. This decision being, of course, to either trust themselves while saving money or enter into a contract with a third-party security vendor. While we are certain that quality and security do not have to be compromised when opting for a self-installation, we do understand the insecurity some may feel if they’ve never done anything like this before. The following are some of the best reasons to invest in a do-it-yourself home security system and we share these with you today with the hopes of helping you make the best decision about your home’s security and your family’s safety.

Quality Equipment

One of the greatest concerns that people have when considering a do-it-yourself home security system is the quality of the equipment being purchased. Rest assured, however, that this is not an issue, after all. While a third-party security company’s logo may be affixed to a security device, that equipment was likely made by a manufacturer like Ademco, Simon or DSC. Systems made by each of these manufacturers, and several others known for their top-quality security devices, can be self-installed which means that there is no difference in quality.

Do-It-Yourself Systems Are Economical

Of course, the number one reason to invest in a do-it-yourself home security system is to save money. Not only will you save on labor costs, but also on things like maintenance, expanding your system and on alarm monitoring. Should you ever need to relocate, you will also save money by moving your alarm system on your own as opposed to having to call a third-party security provider to do it for you.

Do it Yourself…Because You Can

A lot of people automatically opt for purchasing an alarm system through a third-party vendor simply because they do not know that there are other options. Even upon learning that they can install their own systems, however, some people simply lack the confidence to actually do so. This is why we provide ongoing tech support to all of our customers. Even though systems come with their own instructions and are not terribly difficult to install, we are always available for additional support because we don’t want anyone to shy away from a more cost-effective security alternative simply because they feel that they lack technical or mechanical abilities.

An Empowering Accomplishment

Once you discover that you can install your own home security system, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of actually doing so. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, a certain satisfaction comes with knowing that you can do things to improve your home all by yourself. As humans, these sort of accomplishments often lead to us feeling a greater sense of control over our homes and our family’s well-being.

More Options

After installing an alarm system, many people go on to purchase and install more security devices in and around their homes and offices. There are a number of reasons for this, of course, but one is that the money saved by installing an initial system allows for additional investments in things like security lighting, intercom systems and surveillance cameras. The experience of previously installing a system tends to add to a person’s confidence in this area, which may also lead to the installation of more equipment.

Heightened Awareness

Shopping for and installing your own home security system helps to raise your awareness about your home’s security, in general. While a lot of people don’t give home security much thought until their security is compromised, people who have comparison shopped for home security systems and who have gone so far as to install their own devices are generally more aware of areas where a potential security breach may occur. This heightened sense of awareness often leads to people being able to lower the risk of a home break-in.


Weekend projects help relax the mind while accomplishing something positive. Though they can sometimes require a great deal of focus and attention to detail, home improvement projects also help break up the monotony in our lives. Even people who love their jobs and weekday obligations, appreciate a bit of a distraction and find immersing themselves in a weekend project to be refreshing.


If you’ve never done anything similar to installing a home security system, actually doing so can be very educational. Not only will you learn technical and mechanical details that may be useful when applied to other home improvement projects, but installing a do-it-yourself security device will also help educate you on your home’s security, in general. We suggest that you begin your search for knowledge with our home security checklist, which will help you identify potential areas of security weakness and educate you on how to eliminate these security risks. This process is a great to teach the family about security while also leading them in taking control of the home environment.

Avoid Being Overcharged or Outright Scammed

Installing your own home security system is one way to avoid being taken in by high-priced security dealers or by outright con artists. We’ve been very vocal about the price gouging that goes on in the security industry and how some of the biggest names in the business are luring customers into contracts by advertising very low equipment fees, but then overcharging for things like monitoring. Installing a do-it-yourself system also helps you avoid con artists who approach your doorstep, lie about the company that they represent and insist that your system needs updating. As you are your own security installer and you pay directly for your own monitoring, no one can come along and lie to you about your equipment or services. Simply by eliminating an unnecessary middle-man, a lot of misleading communication can be avoided.

Share Your Reasons

Have you already installed your own home security system? What led you to do so? What do you believe to be the number one reason anyone should choose a do-it-yourself system?

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