Personal Protection and Safety Tips

Home security is an important issue, but we don’t want you to think that it is the only type of protection that you need to be concerned about. An awareness about personal protection is also necessary and requires both foreknowledge and preparation in order to be even slightly equipped to handle some of the threats that may sneak up on you. Most personal protection and safety tips are geared toward women, but today we offer a list that is intended for use by men, women and children.


One of the best safety tips that people, especially men, don’t use often enough is the ability to flee from danger. We live in a day and time where we are often confronted by people with serious anger and mental health issues. Gone are the days of fair fights or even of reasoning with an angry person looking for an outlet. With this in mind, when confronted with an aggressive person who seems intent on picking a fight, do not hesitate to back down and, if possible and necessary, literally run away. Remember the motto: Run today, live tomorrow.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Whether at a private residence or a public space, always determine the best escape routes from where you are positioned. Additionally, make note of any places where you might hide if you are unable to navigate your way to an exit when presented with a threat. Finally, be aware of any nearby objects which may be useful as weapons should you need to physically fight off an aggressor.

Separate Yourself From Danger

If you are ever in a public place and a fight breaks out, leave immediately. Do not concern yourself with what is going on, do not even try to assess the level of danger. Simply put, when violence is anywhere in your vicinity put as much distance between yourself and the chaos as possible.

Not long ago, I was with a group of people at a club in Las Vegas when a fight broke out on the dance floor. Everyone in my group had the same immediate reaction…we hightailed it out without a word between us. In fact, we’d entered through a block’s worth of scaffolding (there’s always construction in Vegas, right?) and, instead of leaving the same way that we came, I suggested that we head in the opposite direction of our hotel lest we be trapped under the scaffolding should the rest of the club decide to create a stampede while trying to flee. I can’t tell you what the result of the melee was or even what started it. What I can tell you, however, is that we made it out safely and I’m here to tell you about it today.

Carry Protection

Laws vary from state to state, but most of them allow people to carry mace or pepper spray for protection. Be advised, however, that these items are only effective if you can reach them within a second or two of a threat. Also, there is danger in spraying yourself and becoming temporarily disabled if they are not used correctly. We recommend using StreetWise Designer Pink Camo Pepper Spray and keeping it on a keychain in your front pocket or in your hand if you are in a crowded place where you do not feel safe. Ditto for times when you may be walking alone at night or in a deserted area. If used correctly, pepper spray can afford you a couple of minutes to flee an attacker.

Those of you who have purchased the Mayday Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit may even want to carry the whistle that is included in that pack with you at all times. In the event that you are faced with a threat, a loud noise will often cause a human or animal to flee. A loud whistle may also help search and rescue teams locate you faster if you are in a disaster situation.

Don’t Interfere in Fights

Never ever interfere in someone else’s fight. Few of us are able to stand by and watch someone be bullied or beaten, and it is often instinct that drives us to butt in and attempt to rescue someone. That instinct, however, can get you in a lot of trouble. Do not be caught off guard by these feelings.  Instead, be aware that they are likely to well up under certain circumstances, but keep your wits about you and decide now that you will call the police, instead. Report as many details as possible, such as a full physical description, the precise location of the altercation and any other pertinent information that will help police locate the individuals fighting.

A special note to men reading this, while it is admirable that you would want to get involved to stop a woman from being attacked, please refrain as much as possible from becoming physically involved and try to use this tip, instead. Only become involved if it is a life or death situation and there is no other chance for you to save someone and, even then, try calmly talking to an aggressor first in order to prevent a situation from escalating.

Sound Off

What are some of your best personal protection and safety tips? Have you ever been faced with danger from an aggressive person? How did you handle yourself and what did you learn from that situation?

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