Common Stolen Items

Do burglaries happen to specific households because of target items they have in their home? What is it a burglar is looking for when they are break into someone’ home? If we have what they are looking for, how can we deter the burglar and avoid being another victim to this crime? These are all questions we may ask ourselves when considering the safety of our home. Burglars typically look for items that are east to get rid of. Meaning that they can take them to a pawn shop or sell them on the streets for quick cash. These are a few of the main items that burglars look for when in someone’s home.


There are a few items that many people have within their home that are the perfect item to steal in the eyes of the burglar. Cash is always a hot item for burglars to steal. Burglars will always be willing to picked cash that they find within someone’s home. People are encouraged to keep as little cash out and about in their home. If for some reason you do have a lot of money around your home, get a safe that you can hide it in. cash is the number one item that comes up missing when someone’s home has been invaded. Aside from cash, they will also take piggy banks, wallets, and purses with hope that there is something that they can profit from inside. Keep in mind though, that burglars are not always looking for something to sell. Finding a credit card can have just as much value to them as well.

Computers and Electronic Gadgets

Computers, typically laptops are also something that burglars look for in homes. Many people these days have laptops, and we usually do not hide them or lock them up when they are not in use. Laptops, in the eye of the burglar, are very easy to grab and go. All that the burglar has to do is unplug the laptop and they are ready to leave. Another reason burglars take laptops is because they can sell it to a pawn shop or even on websites like Craigslist. It is easy to find someone who will buy a cheap, used, laptop that works well. Electronic gadgets are another thing that burglars look for. Most electronic gadgets are small and easy to take but in turn can give them a lot of money back.


Oddly enough, TV’s are also another item that burglars attempt to steal. This may be surprising to some people because TV’s are so large, but it is still one of the more commonly stolen items. Finding a nice TV can bring in a lot of cash for the burglar. Even though it may be a risky move, burglars are willing to take that risk knowing they may get a lot of money in return.

Tools, Gasoline, & Guns

Tools and gasoline are items that burglars also look for when burglarizing a home. Tools, especially power tools, can be easily sold at pawn shops. It can be so easy to sell things these days with use of social networks like Facebook, or public classified sites Craigslist, or even Ebay, tools are something that burglars are always trying to sell or pawn. Not only can they sell the tools, they can also use them for future break-ins. Along with your tools, they will also steal guns. Guns can have a huge resale value on the streets. With the gas prices being pretty high, it is pretty obvious as to why burglars would take any gasoline they may have found in a home. Not only will they have money in the items they sold, they don’t have to pay for the gas it took for them to get around either.

How to Protect Your Home

For the most part, burglars want to take small items that won’t weigh them down and allow for a quick getaway. There are many things that we can do to prevent our family and our home from being a victim to an in-home burglary. It is wise to get a small safe to keep your most precious valuables in or items like guns. But, it can be time consuming and a pain to have to lock everything that a burglar may find of value away. Luckily there is another option that can prevent you from having to do that. By securing your home with the use of a home security system, you can leave your home worry free knowing that it is being monitored 24/7. Home Security Store offers burglar deterrents that will fend off a burglar. For example, with the Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog Alarm, you can scare off potential intruders with the sound of a real watch dog. The closer the intruder gets, the louder and more frequent the barking becomes. Securing your home with items like this can give you some peace of mind when you leave your home.

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