Home Safety while Teens are Home Alone

Generally it is not a good idea to leave a child under the age of ten home alone. It can be hard for a parent to know when it is the right time to lave their child home alone. But with good judgment and a plan, you and your child will be ready for when that time finally comes. Trusting you child to stay home alone gives them a sense of responsibility and confidence. But, leaving your children under the supervision of a teen can also pose some risks. Parents must consider how well their teen is with dealing with potential challenges and problems. There are some safety tips that can be established to keep your family safe. There are also some products that you can purchase for your home to monitor that all is well when you are not there with your children.

Give A Routine and Schedule

In order to avoid as much chaos as possible, it is a good idea to establish some sort of routine for your teen, especially if you plan on leaving your teen home alone over the weekend or for a longer period of time. Make your rules and expectations for your teen very clear. You may even want to set up rewards and consequences for following and not following the rules. By creating a schedule for your teen to follow while you are home alone allows for some structure even while you are not there. The schedule will also make them aware that even though you are not there, they still have rules and guidelines they must follow through on. Insuring your teens that the rules are for their safety may help them better understand why you may be so worried about leaving them home alone. Before leaving your child home alone for a long period of time it is a good idea to give staying home alone a test run. Leave your teen home alone for a short period of time and stay close by just in case anything happens.

Enforce Rules and Expectations For Your Teen

Although it is very important to have your children following the rules of the house, most importantly, you will want to go over important safety information with your child. Giving your child house rules not only for what to do and not to do around the house, but also rules for what to do in case certain situations arise. Make sure your children know not to open the door for anyone. Home Security Store offers the perfect thing to help you and the rest of the household to identify guests at your door. With the SVAT Hands Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System, you are able to safely identify visitors with audio and video before deciding to answer the door.

Have Backup Contacts

No matter how responsible your teen may be, chances are there will be a time when they are home alone that they forget to do something or need help. Always be available for them to contact you, or if you cannot be available, find a family friend or relative who is. Leave a list of contact phone numbers on the fridge for your teens just in case something were to come up. Have your children check in with you every now and then to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If you are comfortable with your neighbors, talk to them and see if it is okay for your teens to contact them in the event of an emergency. Having somebody close by that is there just in case can help ease your worry and also make your teen more comfortable knowing they have somebody close to go to for help.

Teens Understanding Your Home Security System

Be sure to familiarize your teenagers with your home alarm system. Not only should you show them how to arm and disarm the alarm, you want to give them more specific details about the alarm system. For example, explain to them the areas in which the security system protects. Inform them on the passwords for the alarm system in case something accidentally goes off or the alarm system calls. When your teens are home alone, they should be just as comfortable using the alarm system as you are.

Other Ideas For Insuring Your Teen is Safe

A great investment for parents to make to help put their minds at ease while leaving your children home alone is the Total Connect Remote Services by Honeywell. With this, you can be notified of activity throughout your home such as, when your child gets home from school, opens the door, and even disarms the alarm. With this setup, you can actually see live video of your home wherever you may be with the use of your smartphone. Not only can you see live video in your home, you can also control the alarm system from your smartphone as well.

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