How to Secure Different Types of Homes

Many homeowners are interested in securing and protecting their homes with the use of home security systems. But what if you do not own a house, can you still have security protection? What if you live in an apartment, condo, or possibly a mobile home and want to ensure that your humble abode is protected? There are actually many ways to secure your place, whether or not it is a house.

Any Home Can Be Secured

Living in an apartment or condo one may not think to secure it the way they may a house. But, those in a living situation in or like an apartment are just as vulnerable to burglary attacks. They may actual be more vulnerable because thieves may take into consideration that people do not always have alarms or security systems in their apartment type homes. Living on an upper floor can help ensure safety knowing that there are not as many entrance points for a burglar. But, not everyone can the option of living on an upper floor or even want to, and even if someone does live on an upper floor, there are still windows that can be potential break-in points. At Home Security Store there are glass break detectors that people can install that will sound of an alarm if the window is shattered or tampers with. There are some that are as low as $10. For more security, you can also purchase an alarm system or surveillance system. Keep in mind though to check with your complex managers that installing a home security or surveillance system is allowed. If anything though, window alarms and even door alarms are definitely beneficial. You can also purchase burglar deterrents and yard signs. Even if you do not have a yard to put a sign in, getting a sticker stating that your home is being monitored and placing it on your windows will help with deterring the burglar. Showing the burglar in any way that your home is protected or monitored will help keep away burglars.

Remember the Basics

Remember to always lock your windows and doors when you are not home. Never leave your door open or unlocked even if you are running around the corner for something or taking out the trash. In the time it may take you to throw your trash out, a burglar can easily take all of your valuables leaving no trace of who took it.

Best Place For A Spare Key

It is very important to remember to never leave a key anywhere outside of your apartment. Even if you have a hiding spot for it, someone can easily spot you hiding it and not even break into your home, walk into it. If you are comfortable with your neighbors and trust them, you can give them a spare key. The safest place to put a key is in your car and most of all with an employee in the front office.

Don’t Make Yourself a Burglary Target

It is best not to talk about new and expensive items out loud or while you are outside of your apartment. You never know who may be listening to your conversation or overhear what you are saying. Remember also to never leave out evidence that you had bought something that is pretty pricy. Do not leave boxes outside of your apartment or even on a porch or balcony. Doing so can give a burglar a first hand look at some of the nice things you own without having to break in. Take all empty boxes directly to the dumpster to avoid becoming a potential target.

What to do Before Moving in

There are a couple of things that one should do before moving into a new place. Assure that all lock on the windows and doors offer good security. You can also check and see with management that all of the locks are changed before you move in. If not, a previous renter could have possibly made copies of the key and still have access into your apartment. Make sure that your front door has a peep hole, this also is beneficial when you have random knocks at the door.

Tips for Those in Mobile Homes

Once you have moved in, it is a good idea to make an effort to get to know your neighbors. That way you can recognize familiar faces around your apartment, condo, or mobile home complex. If you have a mobile home, adding dead bolts to the doors and even putting secondary locks on the doors and windows will help protect against burglars. Many mobile homes come with yards, so yard signs are a great thing to have. You also want to make sure that you do not leave any tools laying around your yard that a burglar could use to pry open a door or potential entry space. Always try to make it look like someone is home. Whether you leave a light on in your front room or keep a radio on, pretending that you are home will usually scare off a burglar.

No matter what type of home you live in, there are a number of ways to secure it hopefully keep burglars away. We have to remember to to the obvious things when not at home such as closing windows and locking all doors. By taking these extra safety precautions mentioned in this article, our homes and belongs make us less of a risk to becoming the next victim to a burglary.

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