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2013 Home Security Resolutions

While your New Year’s Resolutions are fresh and at the forefront of your mind, we thought it would be a good idea to also suggest a few home security resolutions to you. This year, we hope that your home’s safety and security will be among your most pressing priorities. For most of the following resolutions, we have an affordable, do-it-yourself solution and our tech support team is always available to help answer your questions or to troubleshoot any installation snags you may encounter.

Cut All Shrubbery Near Doors, Windows, Walkways and Porches

An intruder’s profession requires him to be as sneaky as possible. Therefore, you can make his job a lot more difficult simply by trimming any overgrown hedges where a criminal may be tempted to lie in wait. I learned this lesson years ago when a team of burglars ran into the cul-de-sac where we used to live looking for a place to hide from the police. Two of the suspects were caught immediately, while another was found hiding near a neighbor’s front porch behind a large bush.

Change Your Routine

We’ve warned before about burglars who will sometimes clock your daily routine in order to plan the best time to rob you. It is easy enough to thwart this sort of criminal simply by doing things a little differently in 2013. For example, if you live close to your job, come home a few times each week for lunch. Or, if you only turn the lights on when you enter your home in the evening, consider placing your lights on a timer so that they can be scheduled to come on automatically at different times even when you’re not at home.

Layer Your Home Security

Experts recommend viewing home security in terms of layers. This means that no single security measure should be solely relied upon for home protection. Homeowners can intelligently plan their security in such a way that small measures, such as using yard signs and window decals, can be just as effective in deterring criminals as a state-of-the-art home security system.

Install Security Deterrents

When it comes to home security, deterrents are everything. Such are items that tend to shake a burglar’s confidence because they send a message that a homeowner has made plans for his arrival and, thus, increases the likelihood of him being caught. While a number of home security gadgets can be used as deterrents, some of the most popular and inexpensive deterrents are lawn posts and bright lighting strategically placed near windows and doors. Fake surveillance cameras are also rather inexpensive deterrents.

Never Assume That Your Home is Exempt From Burglary

The latest FBI report on burglary crimes indicates a rise in break-ins with more than two-million homeowners being victimized each year. Gone are the days of assuming that a neighborhood is safe or that a family dog or even an expensive alarm system is enough to keep criminals at bay. Instead, homeowners must become educated on crime prevention and take special effort to secure a home against burglary.

Install or Update Your Security Alarm System

Whether you prefer a wireless alarm system or one that is hardwired, every home should be equipped with a security alarm. If you have one already, consider expanding it to include more window and door sensors or even to include a surveillance system. If you don’t already have a security alarm installed, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to do so early in the year instead of putting it off any longer. All of the systems that we offer can be self-installed and are affordable for most budgets. Our alarm systems can also be installed in temporary residences, such as dorm rooms and apartments. See our main store for more information.

Invest in Monitored Protection

The days of expensive monitoring contracts are nearing extinction. While third-party alarm companies still overcharge for this important security service, we do not. In addition to our quality DIY alarm systems and accessories, we can also help provide you with alarm monitoring for just $8.95 per month. This means that, for all of 2013, your home’s alarm system can be professionally monitored for $107.40. For less than .30 per day a team of live expert monitors can be employed to monitor your security system and contact help should you ever find yourself in a situation where you are unable to call for help on your own.

Should you need more ideas on securing your home, we encourage you to take a look at our essential home security checklist.

What Are Your 2013 Home Security Resolutions?

Have you thought about what you will do to beef up your home’s security this year? What special security projects have you been putting off? We enjoy reading your thoughts and we look forward to you sharing them in the comments section below.

Selecting the Right Surveillance System

Having recently included network video recorders (NVRs) to our growing line of surveillance devices, we thought this would be a good time to offer an updated overview on selecting the right surveillance system for your home or office. Whether you have installed a home security system on your own before or whether you are new to the concept of DIY home security, the information that we are about to share will help you determine which surveillance system is right for you.

Wired vs. Wireless

One of the first things to consider when selecting a video surveillance system is whether you’d like to install a hardwired surveillance system or whether you prefer a wireless one. Both offer quality surveillance, which can be expanded to work with other devices (including alarm systems and intercoms). In order to determine which is right for you, however, think about whether you want to extend wiring behind your walls or how difficult or easy such a task might be. For structures made from concrete or brick walls, or even for homes with historic value, we recommend that a wireless system be strongly considered. On the other hand, homeowners who are building a home or who are in the midst of a major remodel may be able to pretty easily include a hardwired system into their plans.


As previously mentioned, we recently added network video recorders to our product lineup. A relatively new technology, it’s natural that our customers may have a few questions on the differences between NVRs and DVRs. While both offer excellent surveillance solutions designed to keep your home as safe as possible, the most major difference between these two surveillance products are the ways in which video is handled by the device. With a DVR, video is put into a capture card while an NVR puts video through your home’s existing network. The recording quality between the two is actually the same, so your decision will largely depend on which kit is the most attractive to you in terms of price and specific features desired. We encourage you to thoroughly read our product reviews to learn what previous customers have to say about our surveillance cameras before making your final decision on which one to purchase.

How Many Cameras Will You Need?

Prior to selecting a new surveillance system, it helps to know exactly how many cameras are needed. Using a single security camera to surveil a room or a small apartment may be sufficient. In these cases, a single hidden camera may be all that’s needed to protect one’s valuables or to gauge a nanny or a housekeeper’s performance while you are away from home. In most other cases, however, we believe that a multi-channel system is in order. Multiple cameras placed around and throughout a home are one of the best ways of keeping prowlers and other criminals at bay. The systems offered in our main store range from single camera kits to those featuring up to 16 cameras. Prior to selecting one, calculate how many doors, windows, walkways and rooms need to be covered in order to prevent an intruder from sneaking into your home undetected.

Infrared Technology

When selecting a new surveillance system, be sure to choose one that can continue to record in dark conditions. For example, one of our most popular camera systems is the SVAT Digital Wireless DVR System that comes with a seven inch LCD monitor and captures video as far away as 40 feet. Our customers report great satisfaction with this very affordable system as it is easy to install and operate

Environmental Considerations

Don’t assume that all cameras can be used at any location. For example, if planning to install surveillance cameras outdoors, be sure that the manufacturer has specified that it can be used as such. If you are not familiar with IP ratings, you may want to review some of our previous posts on such. For now, however, just note that the highest IP rating that a product can receive is a 68, which means that it can be used in the most extreme weather conditions as it is protected against dust and liquids.

Your Field of View

Lastly, when searching for the right surveillance system, it is important to consider how wide or narrow your camera’s surveillance field needs to be. A lot of people make a mistake in buying the wrong mm camera. To avoid doing so, note that the smaller the millimeter of the camera’s lens, the lower the angle it will record. Cameras with high millimeter lenses will capture wider angles. Here, it really depends on on what you need your surveillance cameras to see. If you aren’t sure about the millimeter that you need (or even if you are, but want flexibility) we highly recommend vari-focal cameras which are equivalent to zoom lenses and can be manually adjusted to accommodate between 2.5 to 10 mm.

Your Comments Are Appreciated

Have you recently installed a new surveillance system? How did you determine which system was the right one for your home and how is it working for you now? We love reading your comments, so please feel free to leave them below.

Video Surveillance Increases Safety During the Holiday Season

The mere presence of a video surveillance system is often enough to make criminals steer clear of a home. As burglary crimes seem to increase during this time of year, more and more homeowners are also realizing the importance of having a device to keep watch over a home at all times. While surveillance cameras are important for home security at any time of the year, they are especially important during the holiday season.

Caught on Tape

In addition to deterring burglars, a good home surveillance system can also help capture criminals. This is particularly true in cases where cameras have been hidden from plain view. Most recently, a pair of burglars in Huntersville, North Carolina entered a model home where they stole several television sets during the middle of the night. Fortunately, video cameras positioned throughout the home were able to capture clear footage of the thieves in action. Surveillance, therefore, not only protects a single home, but can also lead to putting criminals in jail so that they cannot continue to victimize others.

Holiday Surveillance Precautions

We typically recommend that cameras be placed in a number of locations in and around the home, which is why our multi-camera kits are among the most popular video surveillance systems sold in our main store. Individuals installing such a system would do well to position cameras at front and back doors, over garage doors, at driveways and at as many windows as possible. During the holiday season, it is also a good idea to place a camera directly on the holiday tree or at any location where gifts are stored as these items are the most likely target of a home robbery at this time of year.

Businesses Need Increased Surveillance, Too

Beyond home security, business owners should also increase video surveillance during the holiday season. This is particularly true in cases where cash is regularly handled on a premises or when inventory is stored at a particular location. Thieves often count on an increase in sales and product storage at this time of year, which is why business owners should make certain that all cameras covering entrances, exits, storage areas, deposit safes and cash registers are all in good working order and have not been tampered with. Cameras should also be equipped with infrared technology for recording at night and should be connected to an uninterruptible power supply.

Burglary Isn’t the Only Concern During the Holidays

Unfortunately, burglaries aren’t the only types of crimes that seem to increase during the holiday season. As this can be a very emotional time of year for many, those with increased stress levels or who are emotionally unstable are often more prone to acts of violence as the holidays approach. Video cameras strategically placed in and around a home, however, can increase the safety of those inside. This is particularly true for homeowners who have installed devices such as the Samsung Video Door Intercom Master Station, which can be connected to a home surveillance camera and, thus, enables occupants to both see who is at a front door, as well as communicate with that person from a distance without ever having to approach the door until it’s been deemed safe to do so.

Maximum Security For Everyone

Depending upon the video surveillance used to protect a home during the holidays and beyond, homeowners can enjoy a measure of safety previously only available to large institutions where tight security is of the utmost importance. For example, the new network video recorders (NVR) featured in our store are of the same quality used in maximum security prisons. Such systems offer multi-channel functionality and can also be operated via smartphone, which further helps in merging home automation with home security. Systems like these used to require special installation and were usually beyond the budgets of most homeowners. Recently, however, NVR and DVR systems have become more affordable and DIY installation options have made high-tech video surveillance solutions more affordable than ever before.

Your Safety is Our Primary Concern

While Home Security Store wants all of our readers to focus on home security year round, we especially want to raise awareness about the options that are available to our customers at this time of year. As home and commercial burglaries increase, so do our efforts to educate the public about DIY home security and all of the affordable ways to keep families and valuables safe during the holiday season. Beyond alarm systems, we aim to educate our readers on how easy it is to establish multiple layers of security, which includes video surveillance, in order to make a home most unattractive to common burglars.

We Want to Hear From You

Have you noticed an increase in burglaries or violent crimes during the holiday season? What steps have you taken to assure that your family is not affected by crime now or in the future? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the importance of video surveillance in the space provided below.

How to Wire a Motion Detector to an Alarm Control Panel

Need a tutorial on the installation process of putting together a DIY alarm system?  Step into Matt’s Knowledgebase classroom.  Our Tech Manager Matt Apperson explains how to wire a motion detector to an alarm control panel.

Here is that transcript from the video:

All right.  Well, here we go.  Okay.  So today we’re going to wire up a motion detector to the DSC control panel and this particular motion is basically almost the same one you get in most of the kits.  So we’re going to go ahead and wire this up to a DSC control panel and we’ll get this together here.

So usually what you’ve got to have is you’re going to have to have four wires to the motion detector, two wires which are going to carry the power and two wires that are which going to accommodate the zone.  So what we’ll do is usually we have of our four conductor, a red, black and a white and a green and I like to stay with the red and the black for the power.  So we’ll take our red and black here and in the motion, we have a 12 volt and a ground.  So I usually use the red wire as positive so we’ll go ahead and wire up our 12 volt to positive into the 12 volt there and then I’ll use our black wire here for our ground wire and we’re going to wire that right into the ground.  Tighten that down.

And then the other two wires here, the white and the green, this is what we’re going to use for the zone.  There’s no polarity on these two wires so it doesn’t matter which way they go and on the motion, we’ll have an N, C and a C or if it’s a different brand in motion you may have something that might say alarm or it may say RR or I think that’d be about it really but we’re going to wire up our two wires into the N, C and the C and then we’re going to tighten these down here.

Okay.  So that’ll take care of it for the motion detector.  We have our two wires for power and our two wires for zone and we’ll just feed our wire back through this so we can put the cover back on it.  Take our cover here and put this back together and there we go.  So that will be that.

And then we can go ahead–and now we’re going to go ahead and wire this up to our control panel.  What we have here is we need to get our power from the control panel which is 12 volts DC.  So we’re going to take our yellow and our–our red and black wire here and we’re actually going to get it off the auxiliary plus and minus circuit.  So we’ll take our black wire and put that in auxiliary minus and then we’ll take our red wire and put that in the auxiliary plus.  There we go.

All right.  So now we need to wire these other two wires here, the white and the green that we currently hooked up to the normally closing common and the motion into a zone on the control panel.  So for this example we’re going to go ahead and use zone one and common and you can see here I have a resister to shorten that zone out.  So we’re going to go ahead and take the resister out and we’re going to go ahead and use this particular resister for wiring this up to the control panel.

So being as it’s a normally closed device, our resister needs to be in line because we would need to create an entire loop back to the control panel, so from the zone, through the motion back into the calm.  5.6K of resistance and one resister per zone.

So in this case what we’ll do is we’re just going to twist our wire up to the one side of the resister and then we’re going to take the other side of the resister and put this into the zone one terminal and then what we’ll do is we’re going to take our second wire and we’re going to put it directly into the calm terminal.

Okay.  So this right here will give you your loop.  Now you can cap this in several different ways.  You can actually solder this connection here.  We have wire crimps that you can use.  Put it on and just crimp it down.  We also have–or you can get like wire nuts or, you know, things like that, anything you can kind of be creative with to make sure that you secure this connection.  We’re not going to secure this for–today so.

So what we need to do is that’ll take care of the motion to the control panel and then pretty much what we do is we would program the zone accordingly so how we would want this particular device to function.  We’re going to go ahead and we would program the panel to either make it be off when you arm it to the home mode or, you know, give you a delayed time or be an instant zone if it’s in an area that you’re not going to be in while the system is armed and, you know, if you plan on arming this while you’re at home, this device can be programmed to be activated while you’re at home, say if you had a basement or a downstairs level that you knew you weren’t going to be in and so as far as the motion goes, that’s going to be about do it for today.

Home Security Tips For the Holiday Season

When I was 10 years old someone stole my younger cousin’s bicycle just days before Christmas. Having received the bike as a birthday gift just a few months prior, the police told my aunt and uncle that it was unlikely they’d ever see the bike again as it would probably end up under someone’s Christmas tree clear across town. My cousin, of course, was crushed, but we learned a valuable lesson then– the holiday season is a special time of year for criminals who prefer stealing other people’s gifts over buying their own.

The Holidays Bring Out the Worst in Some

Seems no one is exempt from these crimes as each year the news is riddled with stories about churches and non-profit organizations accumulating truckloads of gifts for needy families only to have them stolen in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, clever holiday thieves also masquerade as the most unlikely of suspects, too. Who can forget Pastor Sandy McGriff who, in 2010, was accused of stealing expensive gifts from the home of one of her own church members? And just recently, Lisa Pickaree Woodard, a security guard for the Salvation Army, was caught red-handed as she stole gifts that the organization had collected for disadvantaged children. Guess that’s a good a place as any to start our holiday home security tips: Never trust anyone with access to your gifts. This includes housekeepers, maintenance workers, repair people and the like.

Other Holiday Home Security Tips Include:

Making Sure Packages Are Securely Received

If possible, have loved ones send holiday packages to an address where someone can physically receive them. This is particularly important if you work during the daytime when delivery drivers may be inclined to leave a package on your front porch. Some independent mailbox companies will agree to receive your packages if you rent a mailbox from them. Or you may want to request that packages be left at your homeowner’s association or management office, if possible. The bottom line is to avoid having packages left unattended after delivery.

Arm Your Security System at All Times

Whether you are at home or away, even if just running around the corner for a quick errand, keep your alarm system armed. Thieves are not opposed to walking right through your front door during broad daylight, especially at this time of year. Of course, back doors, windows and garages are also popular entry portals for criminals looking for a quick score. Being at home doesn’t always deter them, either. So, practice a heightened sense of security by making a habit of keeping your system armed and ready at all times– just in case.

Do Not Leave Items In Your Car

While it is a given that you should never leave things like MP3 players and mobile phones out in the open inside of your car when you park it, this rule also applies to other items such as packages and shopping bags. Going even further, however, do not even leave other personal items like jackets or books out in the open. Personally, I’ve had my car window broken by someone wanting to steal a cheap jacket I’d left in the back seat and, just recently, my son’s girlfriend’s window was broken by someone who stole a pair of shoes. Never underestimate what’s of value to a thief– especially at this time of year. Instead, lock everything in your trunk and move items to a safer location inside of your home or office as soon as possible.

Know Who’s Knocking

Some thieves will try to gain access to your home by simply asking to come inside. Of course, they pose as salespeople or even utility workers who need inspect your home for some reason or another. This approach may be used to stage a home-invasion robbery or may be the way that a clever criminal assesses the layout of your home. In a lot of cases, a knock on the door is how some criminals figure out who is at home during the day and who isn’t. The latter, of course, being who they will attempt to burglarize. The best way to deter such brazen burglars is to install surveillance cameras (fake cameras may even do the trick) in order to let criminals know that your eye is on them.

These tips should be applied year round, but especially during this holiday season. Think about it, this is the only time throughout the entire year when, collectively, we are the most likely to spend more than we normally would on expensive items like electronic gadgets, designer clothing, jewelry and other items of worth. For a burglar, this is likely his most profitable time of year since nearly every home has a collection of neatly wrapped items that he can either sell or pass on to someone on his own Christmas list.

What are some of your best home security tips for the holiday season?

Last Minute Home Security Gifts

By now, you’ve probably completed most of your holiday shopping. If you’re like most people, though, you’re still in need of a few last-minute items before you can put your list away for another year. Whether you’re at a loss as to what to buy the guy who has everything or whether you’re just looking for a few additional stocking-stuffers, Home Security Store has what you need.

College Students

Living in a college dorm doesn’t mean that security is guaranteed. It also does not have to be sacrificed, which is why we offer wireless security systems that are easy to install and are just as easy for your college student to transport to a new location when it’s time to move on. Consider something like the Skylink Wireless Home Security System, which does not require any special programming or wiring and is ready to use out of the box. This is a great starter alarm system and it can be expanded with other accessories, such as smoke detectors and an auto dialer, which will automatically dial up to nine different telephone numbers in an emergency.

Active Seniors

Elderly relatives who live alone will love the convenience and security that comes with a video intercom. Installing one of these devices means that an occupant does not have to actually go to a front door in order to answer it for unexpected visitors. Gifts like the SVAT Hands-Free 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System are easy to install and can connect directly to a home’s doorbell. When a visitor presses the doorbell, occupants inside can see who is on the video monitor and speak to the person while still safely inside of the home and without ever approaching the front door. This particular system can also accommodate a special door strike, which will allow an occupant to remotely unlock the door to allow a visitor’s entry once it is considered safe to do so.


Home Security Store wants to help you protect every member of your family, including your pets. This is why we carry items like the Safety Turtle Pet Velcro Strap which can be attached to your pet’s collar and will alert you if ever she or he falls into your swimming pool. You can find this item and others to protect your pet (and children) in the Child Safety section on our store’s main page. Remember, that some dogs cannot swim and, of those that can, some are just too small to rescue themselves after falling into a large swimming pool.


Teenagers (as well as college students and every tech savvy person on your gift list) will appreciate receiving a gift like the Spraytect Pepper Spray Combo Pack for iPhone this year. Since so many people spend their waking hours glued to a smartphone, why not make sure that a personal protection item is also at their fingertips? This nifty item not only holds a smartphone, but also houses a pepper spray cartridge, which can be sprayed directly from the case.

Stocking Stuffers, Spy Gear, Etc.

Let’s face it, most people are loosely familiar with personal and home security devices. Most would also agree that they need protection, but few people with busy lifestyles actually take the time to shop for security items…until AFTER something like a break-in or an attack occurs. You can help make the process of shopping for and buying security items a lot easier for your loved ones simply by placing a Home Security Store gift card in everyone’s stocking this holiday.

Mostly everyone is fascinated by spy gear, which is why we have an entire section dedicated to such devices. From neckties that double as hidden cameras to USB flashdrives, which can be used to covertly record audio conversations, Home Security Store has something for every would-be private eye on your shopping list.

Last, but not least, if you know someone who already has an alarm system at home, but who does not have monitoring service, why not give them the gift of this added protection? At only $8.95 per month (a mere fraction of what most alarm dealers offer) you can be sure that a loved one’s home is being professionally monitored 24/7. This means that help is always a mere phone call away…even if a homeowner is not able to actually get to a phone during a security emergency! In addition to the protection inherent in this service, many insurance companies also offer discounts for homes with monitored security.

We hope we’ve made your holiday shopping a wee bit easier this year. More information and consumer reviews for each of these suggestions can be found on our store’s main page. Remember that we offer free shipping options and our tech support team is always available to answer any questions that you may have.

Low-Cost Personal and Home Security Items Everyone Should Own

On a budget, but still have concerns about protecting your home and your person? Whether you’re a dorm-dwelling college student or a member of the working-class trying to make ends meet in a tight economy, key personal and home security gadgets are affordable for every budget. The following are a few of our best must-have, low-cost personal and home security gadgets for $100 or less.

Wireless Alarm System

One of the key benefits of wireless alarm systems are that they are easy to install and, should you ever need to relocate, your system can easily be transferred to a new home. While there’s no need for complicated wiring or drilling, these home security systems are often the preferred choice of homeowners as well as renters. These systems also tend to fit within most budgets. For example, the Skylink Wireless Home Security System is less than $100 and customers who have purchased this system cite that it not only works well, but that it is also very easy to install.

Alarm Monitoring

Sure, if you contract monitoring services through a security dealer, alarm monitoring can be quite pricey, which is why so many people bypass this important security layer. Smart homeowners, however, are realizing significant savings by circumventing third-party vendors and purchasing alarm monitoring services directly from monitors. Instead of paying $25 per month or more for monitoring service, direct monitoring can be had for less than $10 per month.

Burglary Deterrents

We cannot stress the importance of burglary deterrents enough. Thinking of your home security in terms of layers, deterrents are early and very important layers as their mere presence is often enough to turn an intruder away. Some of the most inexpensive deterrents are yard signs and window decals which indicate the presence of a home security system. Other low-cost deterrents include the Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog alarm– which sounds like a vicious attack dog is guarding your home– and the Guard Dog portable door guard alarm, which can be used at home or while on vacation and sounds a loud alarm anytime a door that it is guarding is opened.

Personal Security Gadgets

Home protection is our specialty, but none of us can afford to ignore personal security. Whether out in public or relaxing at home, certain items should always be kept nearby in case of emergency. Simple solutions that we believe everyone should have and know how to use are:

Kubotan ~ Chances are you’ve been seeing these for years, but never really knew what they were or their intended use. Only a few inches in length, these little sticks are often seen dangling from keychains and are actually useful as a personal security device. Made of extra hard materials, such as hardwood or hardened aluminum, if used correctly against bone or nerve endings, a kubotan can cause extreme pain to an attacker. While kubatons range in price, most are quite inexpensive like our United Defense Pen, which is a fully functional pen, yet is strong enough to be used as a kubaton.

Pepper Spray ~ In most jurisdictions, mace or pepper spray is perfectly legal to carry and use, if necessary. Used correctly, pepper spray can momentarily disable an attacker and offer a person enough time to flee danger. We recommend having this item close by like in a front pocket or on a keychain in order to assure quick and easy access in public settings. Pepper spray can usually be acquired for less than $10 and an entire family can be armed with this protective gadget for less than $50.

Survival Kit ~ In case of emergency, every person on the planet should be prepared to survive at least 72 hours without power, food, water or outside help. As children, most of us learned this important piece of advice yet, as adults, few of us are prepared to do so. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that everyone invest in a survival kit which offers necessities like non-perishable food and water, as well as survival items like a flashlight, am/fm radio, a first aid kit, water purification tablets, waterproof body coverings and more. While different kits offer different survival items, we recommend that everyone at least have those that are offered in the Guardian Elite Survival kit offered in our main store.

Tell Us What You Think

While these are some of the best and most affordable personal and home security items currently offered at Home Security Store, there are many other low-cost personal and home security options available to you. Your safety is important to us and we do our best to make it as affordable as possible, which is why we believe that do-it-yourself personal and home security options are so important…without installation and dealer costs, consumers can access the best in security without breaking the bank. Hopefully, you’ve discovered a few items that will help enhance your security. We also look forward to you adding to our list by sharing your comments below.

Must-Have Items When Purchasing Home Security

Many of us may be interested in investing in home security, but we have no clue where to start. There are so many ways to protect your home, but by narrowing it down to the basics of what you may need can help you pick out what’s best. There are many DIY security items that are very easy to install and can save you money from having to hire someone to install all of your home security products.

Alarm Systems

One big home security item to get for your home should be an Alarm System. You get to choose between a hardwire or a wireless alarm system, which is best for your home is really up to you. Home Security Store offers both of the options and many of them come in kits that include all you would need when purchasing an alarm system. Alarm systems are typically very easy to install and not only that, you can move them when you move. With how quickly technology is evolving nowadays, it is a good idea to purchase an alarm system that will send alerts to your phone or email. Notifications can now be sent if your alarm is activated among many other things. Not only that, but specific alarm systems now offer the convenience of being able to arm/disarm your alarm via smartphone.

Surveillance Systems

Hand in hand with the importance of an alarm system is a surveillance system for your home. These systems can also be purchased in kits and installed yourself. Having cameras places throughout the inside and outside of your home will help warn of any lurking burglars. With a surveillance system you are able to monitor your home 24/7. With the right one you are able to record and playback everything that is going on. They are also great for checking up on your kids or people who may be working at your home while you are done. You may want to make sure that your housekeeper is doing their job, and with a home surveillance system, this is possible.

Window and Door Alarms

Being able to hear when someone opens a door or window can be very beneficial, especially with family and kids in the house. If you do not want an alarm system or surveillance system, window and door chimes are a great thing to have. They are good in addition to an alarm system or surveillance system, but can also be used without either of the two. There are also window alarms that will alert you by the sounding off of an alarm if a window is tampered with or glass is shattered. Door and window alarms can be the perfect thing for someone living in an apartment who just wants the minimal security, or even someone with a big house, who wants to know when doors and windows are being opened and closed.

Motion Lights

These lights are particularly good for deterring criminal activity. They can be placed on your driveways and around your front and backyard. They are affordable and convenient. Most burglars will not stick around if they set off a motion sensored lights. There are also driveway sensored motion lights. These lights will turn on when someone comes within a certain distance of your driveway or home.

Home Automation

Home Automation is great for while you are away for a long period of time or just for daily use. With use of home automation security, your home looks like it is occupied even when it is not. You can program you lights to turn on at a certain time to give the illusion that someone is home. Some examples of home automation are TV’s, lights, and other objects that can be timed to turn on. There aren’t many burglars that will try to break into a house when it looks like someone is home.

Video Intercom

Video intercom can help insure safety if your teens are home alone, or just if you have an unexpected visitor at your doorstep. With this, you are able to see who is at your door without having to answer it. You actually do not even have to go to the door to see the video. With a hands free video intercom you will not even have to press a button to see the person at your door. It also works great at night, allowing you to see people at anytime of the day.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks allow people to no longer worry about the hassle of keys when entering into a door. These doors are great because you no longer have to worry about a key being lost, stolen, or duplicated. You have complete control over who is able to gain entry with the use of biometrics. All that is needed to gain entry is simply scanning your finger, and within seconds, the door is unlocked.

All of these are great options when figuring out what you need to secure your home. There are options for those on a low budget, or for those who need to secure a large home or area. Securing your home is so important because you are not just protecting your personal belongings, but your family and loved ones as well.