Low-Cost Personal and Home Security Items Everyone Should Own

On a budget, but still have concerns about protecting your home and your person? Whether you’re a dorm-dwelling college student or a member of the working-class trying to make ends meet in a tight economy, key personal and home security gadgets are affordable for every budget. The following are a few of our best must-have, low-cost personal and home security gadgets for $100 or less.

Wireless Alarm System

One of the key benefits of wireless alarm systems are that they are easy to install and, should you ever need to relocate, your system can easily be transferred to a new home. While there’s no need for complicated wiring or drilling, these home security systems are often the preferred choice of homeowners as well as renters. These systems also tend to fit within most budgets. For example, the Skylink Wireless Home Security System is less than $100 and customers who have purchased this system cite that it not only works well, but that it is also very easy to install.

Alarm Monitoring

Sure, if you contract monitoring services through a security dealer, alarm monitoring can be quite pricey, which is why so many people bypass this important security layer. Smart homeowners, however, are realizing significant savings by circumventing third-party vendors and purchasing alarm monitoring services directly from monitors. Instead of paying $25 per month or more for monitoring service, direct monitoring can be had for less than $10 per month.

Burglary Deterrents

We cannot stress the importance of burglary deterrents enough. Thinking of your home security in terms of layers, deterrents are early and very important layers as their mere presence is often enough to turn an intruder away. Some of the most inexpensive deterrents are yard signs and window decals which indicate the presence of a home security system. Other low-cost deterrents include the Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog alarm– which sounds like a vicious attack dog is guarding your home– and the Guard Dog portable door guard alarm, which can be used at home or while on vacation and sounds a loud alarm anytime a door that it is guarding is opened.

Personal Security Gadgets

Home protection is our specialty, but none of us can afford to ignore personal security. Whether out in public or relaxing at home, certain items should always be kept nearby in case of emergency. Simple solutions that we believe everyone should have and know how to use are:

Kubotan ~ Chances are you’ve been seeing these for years, but never really knew what they were or their intended use. Only a few inches in length, these little sticks are often seen dangling from keychains and are actually useful as a personal security device. Made of extra hard materials, such as hardwood or hardened aluminum, if used correctly against bone or nerve endings, a kubotan can cause extreme pain to an attacker. While kubatons range in price, most are quite inexpensive like our United Defense Pen, which is a fully functional pen, yet is strong enough to be used as a kubaton.

Pepper Spray ~ In most jurisdictions, mace or pepper spray is perfectly legal to carry and use, if necessary. Used correctly, pepper spray can momentarily disable an attacker and offer a person enough time to flee danger. We recommend having this item close by like in a front pocket or on a keychain in order to assure quick and easy access in public settings. Pepper spray can usually be acquired for less than $10 and an entire family can be armed with this protective gadget for less than $50.

Survival Kit ~ In case of emergency, every person on the planet should be prepared to survive at least 72 hours without power, food, water or outside help. As children, most of us learned this important piece of advice yet, as adults, few of us are prepared to do so. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that everyone invest in a survival kit which offers necessities like non-perishable food and water, as well as survival items like a flashlight, am/fm radio, a first aid kit, water purification tablets, waterproof body coverings and more. While different kits offer different survival items, we recommend that everyone at least have those that are offered in the Guardian Elite Survival kit offered in our main store.

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While these are some of the best and most affordable personal and home security items currently offered at Home Security Store, there are many other low-cost personal and home security options available to you. Your safety is important to us and we do our best to make it as affordable as possible, which is why we believe that do-it-yourself personal and home security options are so important…without installation and dealer costs, consumers can access the best in security without breaking the bank. Hopefully, you’ve discovered a few items that will help enhance your security. We also look forward to you adding to our list by sharing your comments below.

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