Protecting Your Car From Theft and Vandalism

Few things are more frustrating than discovering that your car has been stolen or broken into. These events feel even worse when your wheels are parked at home and you know that such a crime has taken place right under your nose. Unfortunately, though, car theft happens every day and more discussion is needed so that we all might avoid becoming victims.

Of course, your home is your number one priority when it comes to security. Auto theft and vandalism, however, can also be a very expensive and burdensome interruption to our lives. When your car is parked at home, the following are a few of the most important things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of it being stolen or damaged by thieves:

Be Mindful About Where You Park

Parking your car in a locked garage is always the best way to avoid auto theft. If you do not have a garage or if you are a multi-car family and your garage cannot accommodate all of your vehicles, then it will be necessary to take additional steps to protect your ride. In these cases, make your best effort to park your car in a well-lit area and where you can easily see it from a window inside your home. Also, keep surrounding shrubs low enough that the field of vision between your home and your car  is not obstructed.

Install Outdoor Cameras

A good weatherproof surveillance camera is a great way to deter auto theft. Such can be added to your existing security system or can be used as a standalone device. By installing an outdoor surveillance system, you can keep a watchful eye over your vehicle and have a good record of all activity in your vehicle’s vicinity. You also never have to compromise your own personal security by stepping outdoors if you suspect that your car is being tampered with since a camera will allow you to safely view your car from inside your home as you place a call to local authorities.

Invest In a Good Driveway Alarm

A driveway alarm will alert you any and every time someone approaches your driveway. Devices like the WIRELESS2000 Optex Wireless Alert Driveway Alarm allow you to establish multiple sensitivity levels, as well as adjust the sound of the alarm in order to customize the system to work according to your unique needs. This device can also be programmed to trigger other security devices, such as your main burglary alarm.

Outdoor Security Lighting is Crucial

Streetlights often do illuminate enough to help you identify who is lurking around your vehicle. For good auto security, as well as home security, we highly recommend installing motion-activated security lighting outside of your home. Placing such lighting near your driveway or near where your car is parked is an excellent way to deter thieves. Few criminals are interested in breaking into your car (or your home) after a bright light has been triggered by their approach. In our main store, you’ll find an array of motion-activated wireless security lighting options– many of which are solar powered so as not to cause a rise in your utility costs.

Secure Your Car When You Travel

While you always want your home to appear occupied, you don’t want to leave your car a sitting duck when you are traveling. If you have a garage, of course, it is best to park your car there. But if you do not have one or if you don’t have space in your garage, consider asking a neighbor, friend or family member if you can use theirs. A car often suggests that an occupant may be at home, but if a burglar has been watching your house for an extended period of time, a parked car that never moves may also send a loud and clear message that you are away.

Don’t Keep Personal Information in Your Car

This tip doesn’t necessarily protect your car from theft or vandalism, but it might prevent a home burglary or identity theft. Never, ever leave documents containing sensitive personal information in your vehicle. Do not keep spare house keys inside of your car, either. Unless you are parking your car inside of a locked garage, for your home and personal safety, we also advise against leaving garage door openers inside of your car.

Today’s Actions May Save You Heartache Tomorrow

Having been the victim of both car theft and vandalism– multiple times, I know how unnerving both of these events can be. Just like home security, I’ve learned that it is better to try to avoid these crimes early as opposed to ignoring their possibilities until it’s too late. By taking steps to increase vehicle security now, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen or broken into in the future.

What’s Your Take?

Have you ever had a car stolen or vandalized? What did you learn from the experience? What tips can you share with our readers in order that they might avoid vehicle theft or vandalism?

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