Surviving the End of the World

Between “The Sun is going to explode” and “The Mayan Calendar is ending,” perhaps we all got a little caught up in these agents of fear that the media tried to make a buck off of in 2012. At the same time, this fear was a humbling reminder of the actual possibility of disaster striking at any moment.

Earthquakes, hurricanes and super storms – as we’ve recently seen- are real and terrifying creatures. So, if you can’t halt or predict disaster, the question becomes: What can I do to prepare?

Food. Water. Shelter.

The most basic needs of humans are food, water and shelter. If you’re not experienced in hunting, fishing or gathering- stock up on emergency food. Most emergency food comes ready to go in buckets with handles for fast action and usually, you’ll only need to add water for both a tasty and nutritious meal. Don’t take emergency food lightly either. Research major disasters in history and calculate the average of how long the following chaos lasts. Over-prepare so you know for sure that you’re going to make it without the aid of governing bodies.

An ice chest full of bottled water is always something good to have lying around. Even without food, your body will survive as long as it can with just water. Make sure you have it.

Small and easily portable tents will save your skin. If you’re in an area where the sun is blazing or the nights are chilling, a tent will literally save your skin from being harmed. Blankets and extra clothing are also a good idea, just make sure your body is always sheltered by something.

Trust experts. Already made and ready to use survival kits or emergency backpacks could save you the time and energy of worrying about all these little things.

Think Cave Man

Should a disaster leave you living in the wilderness for a questionable period of time, think like a cave man. With no technology and only basic human nature, how did Cave Men stay alive? They had a system.

They stayed close to large bodies of fresh water. They found natural environments of shelter, such as, wait for it….. Caves! They paid attention to the land and animals for food. These guys were the trail blazers of an End of the World Plan. Simplify your thought process, pay attention to your body and think like a cave man- it might save your life.


Sorry, but chances are your iPhone won’t be able to give you live, streaming updates on disaster as it happens. Get a portable AM/FM radio with extra batteries. If you’re ever getting a bad signal, get to a higher point. It seems mundane, but the little things are often the ones that matter most.

However you decide to prepare, do it now. I mean right now. Yes, these are all IFs, but you wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t think that it was possible that disaster could strike tomorrow. Be the person who says “I told you so,” because those are the people who often make it through dark times while everyone else wonders what they could’ve done differently.

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