Home Security Quiz

How much effort have you put into securing your home? Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible before calculating your final score. This is an open book quiz, so feel free to search for answers throughout this blog, among our Knowledgebase articles or even in our main store if you need help.


1. Do you have a security alarm?

Yes = 3 points

No = 0 points

2. How many “layers” of security are currently protecting your home?

A. 0-1 layer = 1 point

B. 2-3 layers = 2 points

C. 4+ layers = 3 points

3. Do you arm your security alarm each and every time you leave home (even for short errands)?

Yes = 3 points

No = 0 points

4. Do you have security lighting installed around your home’s exterior?

Yes = 3 points

No = 0 points

5. Do you have yard signs, window decals or any other clearly displayed notices warning burglars that your home is protected by a security system?

Yes = 3

No = 0

NOTE: The correct answers and points for the following questions will be shared at the end of this quiz:

6. A freeze alarm…

A. Stops burglars in their tracks

B. Alerts you when the temperature in your home has dropped below a preset temperature

C. Alerts you whenever the weather outside falls below freezing

7. What is a SuperCam application?

A. A technique used to get the widest field of vision from a surveillance camera

B. Something that allows you to view surveillance footage on an iPhone

C. Special instructions for installing a high-powered video surveillance system

8. What is the best reason for deciding upon a DIY home security system installation?

A. Doing so saves money

B. A DIY home security system works as well as any system installed by a professional installer

C. Installing your own system empowers you to take control of your home’s security

D. All of the above

9. What is a PIR sensor?

A. A paranormal instant recording sensor

B. A pet infrared sensor

C. A passive infrared sensor

10. Which offers the best protection for your home?

A. A wireless alarm system

B. A hardwired alarm system

C. Both may offer the same quality of protection depending upon your home’s size

Answers to Questions 6-10

6. B = 3 points

7. B = 3 points

8. D = 4 points

9. C = 3 points

10. C = 3 points

Score Yourself

0 – 17 Points – You’ve got a lot to learn, my friend. Don’t panic, though, because that’s why we’re here. For you, we suggest that you read through the pages of this blog to get up to speed on your home security game. We update this blog regularly, so be sure to bookmark it and visit it as often as possible in order to stay abreast of the many interesting topics and tips discussed here. Lastly, and most importantly, head on over to our main store and create a list of items that you need in order to improve your home’s security. We offer DIY home security devices that are affordable and effective, and we are always ready to answer any questions that you may have. We don’t want you to feel discouraged by your low score, but we do want you to take action to make sure that your home is secure (and that you score higher on future quizzes).

18 – 26 Points – While your score is probably on par with the average homeowner’s knowledge about DIY home security, there is definitely room for improvement here. Review some of the questions that you’ve missed and look for their answers on our main site or here on this blog. Use our search feature to explore keywords pertaining to the topics that you need to brush up on and spend some time learning how to strengthen your knowledge of home security, in general.

27 Points or higher - You are a home security rockstar! Give yourself a pat on the back for knowing your stuff when it comes to keeping your home and your family safe. Don’t stop here, though, share this quiz with your friends and family, and do your part to help them secure their homes, as well.

So, How’d You Do?

More than anything, we designed this quiz to help you identify areas where you may need to apply more thought in terms of your home’s security. Please don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t achieve a perfect score, but, instead, use this information to further your education on DIY home security. Overall, we hope that this quiz has inspired you to pay close attention to home security and to weigh your options in terms of installing a DIY security system.

So, now let us have it…how well did you do on this home security quiz?

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