Meteorites and Car Cameras

Russia’s got a new fad. If you’ve watched the news or been on YouTube in the last week, you might’ve noticed multiple videos of an enormous 10-ton meteorite heading straight for us, majestically burning brighter than the Sun before making contact with Mother Earth. Have you noticed that 95 percent of the videos surfacing are from Russian Car Cameras? The footage is truly amazing. To view a clip, click here.

NASA reports that it is the largest meteor to enter the Earth’s atmosphere in over 100 years. Thanks to car cameras, the entire world witnessed history on a real and frightening level in a matter of minutes. How phenomenal is that?

What’s interesting is how many cameras picked up the meteorite footage. Why do so many Russians own dashboard cameras? Multiple reasons- according to the Washington Post- including reckless drivers, poor road conditions and intimidation from traffic police. To read the Washington Post article by Olga Khazan on Russian dash-cameras click here.

It makes me wonder why more drivers in the United States don’t own a dashboard cam. Don’t Americans face these same circumstances every time we drive to work or drop off the kids at baseball practice? According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics there are over 254 million registered passenger vehicles in the US (80 percent of the country) and over 10.8 million traffic accidents per year. Frightening? I think so.

This is why cave men avoided building cars. See, we were geniuses and had the technology- fact. We just understood how dangerous it was and opted to walk away from the idea. Plus, peaceful strolls on sunny days were so much more appealing to our romantic souls.

These viral videos are a reminder of the importance of car cameras. Beyond saving you ring time in insurance bouts, car cams pick up bizarre and memorable footage that you might normally miss while driving and- they’re affordable.

The Atrix HD Car Camera, for example, shoots in 720p resolution and has a 120 degree view angle. It’s reliable, records day and night and gives you piece of mind every time you step into your vehicle. Watch our video review of the Atrix HD Car Camera above.

What these meteor videos tell us: Record your own history with this new trend quickly sweeping across the world. Now that it’s 2013 and the world has developed into this crazy highway of information, I guess this is one fad I don’t mind following.

Caveman out.

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