TV & Radio Personality Tipman Tim features the Trinity 788 Biometric Door Lock in his latest TV Segment

Atlanta based Timpan Tim loves to tell people about tips, tools, and tricks for life.  He loves it so much that he has made a great living out of it.  Tipman Tim’s TV segments are featured on the FOX-TV affiliate’s morning show in Atlanta.  Tipman Tim has recently chosen to feature Home Security Store’s Trinity 788 Biometric Door Lock on his latest TV segment seen here.  We caught up with Tipman Tim and this is what we asked him:

What peaked your curiosity about the Adel Trinity 788?

I was interested in finding out more about the latest technology available for home security. This new generation of high-tech door locks really impressed me because it’s now accessible for the average homeowner. Plus, I love the idea that I can just use my finger to unlock my front door, rather than fumble for my keys.

How did you get into doing what you are doing now as a Tip expert?

I just love tips, and it’s been a hobby of mine for years. I started out by helping on a friend’s home-improvement radio show, partly offering some comedic relief, but that turned into a weekly newspaper column when I realized I had collected hundreds of tips, both from friends and on my own. I’ve been in the tip business for nearly a decade now, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new tips.

Do you have any unique Tips when it comes to your home’s security?

Well, I have a couple tips that can help keep you from getting things stolen. First, I love to use a tennis ball for small valuables — just slice it along one of its lines and squeeze to open it.  You can use this for rings or other valuables that you want to keep hidden “in plain sight.” (Who is going to steal a tennis ball?). Also, I have a tip on my website that shows how to easily hide a safe you’ve mounted into the wall. Basically, you attach the frame to a pair of drawer pulls; the picture stays put until you push it to the side and nobody would suspect that anything valuable is behind it because it covers the safe!

From more on Timpan Tim tips, check out his website.

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