Evolve Through Z-Wave

Everyone is a potential victim of breaking and entering, unfortunately. It’s a frightening thought: A creeper, prowling around, sniffing through your stuff, wanting to steal pieces of your life for their own personal gain. How do you stop it from happening?

Your first goal when it comes to home security should be this: Scare the living daylights out of thieves and stop them in their tracks- before they even consider targeting your home or business. The best way to do this is what I like to call preliminary warnings. Yard signs, window stickers and driveway security lights let burglars know that they are being watched and are stationed outside to scare them from coming inside. Basically: Stop them at your sidewalk.

Let’s think about the psychology of a petty thief for a moment. What do they want? Cash or high-valued goods- like jewelry. How do they want it? Fast. Did you know that over 50% of burglars live within 2 miles of the home they burglarize? To see a great visual of the characteristics of a burglar, click here: Characteristics of a Burglar.

What does this mean? Petty burglars don’t want to be seen or heard when they break in to your home, they don’t want anybody inside when they enter and they want to grab and go as fast as humanly possible. Did you know that most burglaries are non-violent, are usually committed by white men under the age of 25 and are over in less than 12 minutes?

Which again brings us back to: Stop them at your sidewalk. If it’s dark outside, the yard signs and warning stickers may not work. What if your driveway light malfunctions? What is your fail safe plan? Home automation. Make sure the lights are always on inside and keep the burglars outside.

Many new-aged alarm systems come with Z-Wave capability. This allows you to control lights and other appliances straight through your alarm system including- setting them on a timer.

Home Security Store recently started carrying Evolve Z-Wave products that really simplify and expand what you can do with home automation. Instead of buying a Z-Wave compatible lamp or other appliance, these products make electrical plugs Z-Wave compatible meaning all appliances plugged into that plug become Z-Wave compatible.

The LOM-15 Wall Mount Outlet Module  is actually a replacement wall outlet with two plugs for appliances. So if you install one of these, you can technically now schedule on/off times for 2 living room lamps through your home alarm system! Keep them on through the wee hours of the night and even though your electrical bill might slightly go up- you’ll be keeping those criminals outside.

The LDM-15 Plug In Lamp Module is similar to the LOM-15, but features an entirely different purpose. This module plugs directly into a wall outlet (and has a 3 prong plug of its own built in) and dims your lamps. Remember how I mentioned electricity bills going up? The LDM-15 works against that. It still keeps your home lit at night with less of a toll on your pocket book.

Thermostats, garage doors, and coffee machines other great appliances to set timers on through Z-Wave alarm systems. If you have a strong daily routine, you might honestly get to a point where you never have to flick a switch in your home ever again!

These new Evolve Z-Wave products have tremendous capability. They work to turn your humble abode into a fully functional smart home at an affordable price. Most importantly, they work to keep the bad guys out and the good guys safe.

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