March Madness: A Recap of New Products at Home Security Store in March

March’s new products at Home Security Store have been a great representation of 2013. Each product is pushing technology to its brink and maximizing the personal security of every home or business owner. It’s been a good month for security- take advantage of it.

The We.R Security System

In a word: futuristic. Guaranteed this is the design of the future. With the speed of technology and the “build the product so that it fits in the consumer’s hand” strategy, within a few years alarm systems will be built exclusively like this.

All operations of the alarm system are run directly through your smart phone. No longer do you need a call from an alarm monitoring company to know your security system has been triggered. You get a lightning-fast push notification AND VIDEO of what happens in your home, as it happens.

How this system separates itself from the pack is that video connection. Someday, I believe that cameras will be incorporated in every alarm system for two reasons: 1) Many people prefer visual communication and 2) Cameras are only becoming more and more cost-friendly. The We.R is a trailblazer and one of the best releases in the home security industry in a long time.

Nature Power

Built mostly for vacations and excursions, the Power Bank 5.0 and the Folding Solar Panel were impressive when I had the opportunity to test them. The folding solar panel is as advertised. You step out into the sunlight and it instantly begins charging your smart phone or other electronic device. I was truly startled when I stepped outside with this panel. Not only did it start charging my iPhone immediately, in the span of 30 minutes my phone was almost completely charged.

The Power Bank 5.0- same deal. With a 5000mAmp lithium polymer battery, it charges smart phones up to 5 times on one full charge. This is a manufacturer estimate, but in my personal test, I got 5 and a half charges on my iPhone with one full charge of the Power Bank. Basically- this thing is not afraid to show its strength and will probably surprise you- it sure surprised me. 9.5 out of 10.

AR500 Armored Backpack

Capable of defeating rifle rounds up to 7.62×51/.308 @ 2780ft/s, I haven’t personally tested this product in action because, well, I try to avoid being shot as much as possible. But I have worn it, seen it worn and seen the 9.5” x 13” pack plate in action, so I can say this: It’s comfortable, it blends with other backpacks and it might honestly save your life. The world is an unpredictable place. Violence is among us. I truly felt safer wearing around the AR500 Armored Backpack.

Lorex Video Baby Monitor

This thing is just cool. Everything you could want out of a video baby monitor- it has, including the freedom of a portable LCD video screen as you move about the house on a daily basis. The pan/tilt camera is also a plus. It allows you to push this camera any which way you like in case your baby changes positions or tries to make a run for it.

I didn’t use it as a video baby monitor because I don’t have children, but as I set it up near my front door it occurred to me that it was more than just a video baby monitor. I was watching my front door from my bedroom and I realized that this thing easily doubles as a smaller scaled Home Security System. The Skype capability also let me look in on my home while at work. I was truly impressed. 9 out of 10.

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