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Horror Movies and Home Security

With lighthearted nature, let’s talk about how proper home security measures could have be taken to help stop the reign of terror of such horror movie icons as Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddie Krueger.

Let’s blast in to the past.

Friday the 13th1980, Camp Crystal Lake: The first thing these wild camp counselors needed was adult supervision, but that’s no fun in horror movie land so let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the teenagers from “Friday the 13th” as their trapped in a cabin and think: Home Security.

We’re 19 years old, trapped in a cabin and a humongous psychopath with a machete and a hockey mask is standing right outside our door. We know he’s there, he’s already obliterated two of our friends and the only thing standing between him and us is a lock on the door. Our adrenaline is through the roof, our death is impending so we start playing the “What I should have done differently” game.

Home Security Lesson Learned: I should’ve bought a Guard Dog (not an actual dog). I doubt Jason Voorhees has ever used a door handle in his life, so a Guard Dog has to come in handy here. It is a second layer of lock protection that holds a door firmly closed from the inside, even when a door handle is broken. Please Note: Our experts have never tested the Guard Dog on Jason Voorhees- because that’s impossible- but we are confident it will keep out most burglars and at bare minimum scare the living daylights out of them with its motion sensitive siren- sold here at Home Security Store.

Haddonfield, Illinois, Halloween 1978. We’re looking at the world through the eyes of Laurie Strode: an innocent, conservative high school student who volunteered her October 31st to babysit a family friend’s son. A masked man has been quietly following her all day, but she suspects no harm.

Haddonfield was a quiet town. For a “Cat in a Tree” call, it’s almost guaranteed that the entire police force and fire department would show up at the drop of a dime. Now, Laurie was protected inside her home, the doors were locked and even though he was tagged as “The Boogeyman,” Michael Myers was still human, not to mention a sloth in his movement.

Home Security Lesson Learned: GET AN ALARM SYSTEM LAURIE! Loud noises scare all people- even the Boogeyman. Almost guaranteed a police officer would’ve been there within 5 minute of it being triggered. Tell me you can’t find a hiding place in your home and evade terror from a slow thinking and tortoise-like crazy man for 5 minutes! Instead- this girl has lived sequel after sequel in fear and despair.. For Over 30 years Now (Rumors of another sequel in 2015)!! And all she needed was an alarm system and possibly some glass break detectors.

Springwood, Ohio, 1984. This is without a doubt the hardest horror movie situation to prepare for, because the characters in “Nightmare On Elm Street” aren’t playing on their home turf. Although they are playing the game of mortality in their own dreams, they are in Freddie’s World- and he has complete control. So let’s fast forward to the end of the film.

Nancy has discovered a secret- You can pull things out of the dream world, including Freddie himself, so her battle is on 2 fronts: Survive the dream world and be prepared for when you pull him back to the real world.

Survive the Dream World Security Lesson: Nancy should’ve mentally prepared herself for self-defense, and all she had to do was read our blog here on She should’ve read it 5 times for all 5 of Freddie’s finger blades. All she had to do was survive a few minutes!

Real World Home Security Lesson: If you remember the film, Nancy was almost killed in the dream world because she didn’t wake up when her alarm goes off. Lesson- Get an ear-piercing alarm system. Then, when she does drag Freddie back to the real world- Mace Pepper Gun, followed by non-stop karate chops to the face. Also use self-defense lessons.

This was a parody and I hope you enjoyed it, but just in case you get a call this Friday night from a raspy-voiced man on the other end asking “What’s your favorite scary movie?” – Now you know what home security measures you have to take to stay safe.

Interview with Annie Blanco of Home Security Store recently conducted an interview with Annie Blanco eCommerce Marketing Manager of  Home Security Store.   During the interview we BHPHP and Annie discussed why it’s important for consumers and dealers to purchase a home security system and GPS tracking devices.

Annie also talks about the future of the industry and how technology is playing a positive role in helping protect people.  Here’s the interview in its entirety.

Lessons Learned From Recent Home Security News

From time to time, we like to highlight real-life home security incidents, successes and failures. Granted, stories of burglaries and vandalism are commonplace, but there are certain news events that tend to linger in our minds long after we originally hear them because they so uncommon and, often, frightening. Today, I’d like to share a couple such stories and offer suggestions on how you might possibly prevent these situations from ever happening to you and your loved ones.

Girl at Home While Criminals Enter

Recently, local news outlets in Southern California reported the bone-chilling account of one 15-year-old girl who was at home alone when a group of three burglars broke into her house. After the intruders knocked on the front door, the teen shares that her alarm system announced their entry through one of the home’s windows. Alone and fearing for her life, this young woman immediately sprang into action. With her cellphone in hand, she took refuge inside her mother’s walk-in bedroom closet and dialed 9-1-1. Unbeknownst to the intruders, the dispatch operator stayed on the line with the teen while police were en route. At one point, while literally able to hear the men’s voices on the other end of the line, the operator instructed the girl to not utter a single word as the burglars rifled through the exact closet where she was hiding. Fortunately, police arrived in time to apprehend the intruders, but who knows what would have become of her had the group of burglars realized her presence inside the home?

While we believe that this young woman and her family did their best to secure their home, retrospect can still offer us a few nuggets of worthwhile wisdom. This story, hopefully, taught homeowners the following:

  •  Burglaries can happen in broad daylight
  • Do not ignore a knock at the door
  • A video intercom can reduce personal contact with strangers
  • Alarms should remain armed at all times– even when you are at home during the day
  • Listening to a security alarm’s notifications can sometimes, literally, save a life
  • Keeping a fully charged cellphone on hand is always advisable– even when at home
  • It is a good idea to identify hiding places inside your home just in case they are needed

Thanks to this young woman’s quick thinking and bravery, she is alive and all of the family’s valuables were recovered. There are also three less burglars posing a threat to homeowners in Southern California. In order to avoid a similar situation in your home, we encourage you to visit our main store to browse our inventory of home security alarms, panic buttons and video intercoms.

Son Kills Intruders Who Pushed Past Dad and Threatened Family

When the entire family is at home in the early evening, few think that there is reason to be alarmed by a knock at the front door. In the following instance, however, a knock turned into a violent encounter that left one person dead and an entire family shaken by the aftermath.

As one family in Texas gathered in the kitchen to bake a cake together, criminals were baking their own scheme to gain access to the home. Upon answering his front door that fateful evening, the homeowner assumed that the young man on his porch was a friend of his son’s. It was only after two other men suddenly appeared that it became apparent the entire family was in danger. By then it was too late as these violent criminals knocked the homeowner to the ground and proceeded to go after his wife. In the midst of the melee, the couple’s son managed to retrieve a gun from inside of the home and, upon doing so, shot and killed one of the men involved. The other two suspects were apprehended soon afterwards and the family was ultimately spared.

Just as with the previous story, this one has a happy ending…sort of. Though they are safe and sound, we’re sure that the family would have rather avoided the entire episode to begin with. No one had reason to fear for their lives just prior to this event, but as we learn from this story, random events can happen at any time and can immediately turn an otherwise innocent gathering into a literal fight for one’s life. Here are our suggestions on what you might do to avoid such an incident at your home:

  • Do not ever open your door without knowing for certain who is on the other side
  • Install and use the Samsung Video Door Intercom Master Station
  • Realize that a home invasion can happen to any family at any time, so be vigilant
  • Deter criminals with visible security items like surveillance cameras and security warnings

What Have You Learned?

So, what have these incidents taught you about home security? In either of these stories, what do you feel could have been done to avoid these intrusions? What is your opinion on how each break-in was handled? We are looking forward to your feedback in the space provided below.

Home Office Security (Part 2)

In part one of our discussion on home office security, we emphasized the importance of securing the main area of your home that is designated for work. Whether you are running a small business, are self-employed or if your employer allows you to telecommute or even if you just regularly bring overflow work home, it is important to make sure that your files and work equipment are as safe as possible in your home office space. If you missed the first post we shared on this subject, we highly recommend that you not leave this site before reading it.

Continuing with this topic, there are a few more suggestions we’d like to make in order to help you achieve optimal home office security.

Hidden Camera Surveillance

In our previous installment, we left you with our suggestion of the Diversion Safe Wall Clock. Today, we’re going to start with another dual-purpose clock, the SVAT Covert Alarm Clock Camera with DVR. We contend that your entire home should be under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras– inside and out. For those of you who prefer hidden cameras, this clock is an excellent choice for room surveillance. Functioning just as any ordinary clock would, this device records the goings on inside of your home office for more than 40 consecutive days and even comes with a 2GB removable SD card so that you can view and store all of your footage to your personal computer.

Install an Intercom System

People who work at home sometimes complain about a seemingly endless number of distractions. From ringing telephones to people knocking at the front door, it can sometimes be difficult to get anything done. What we don’t want you to do, however, is ignore the unexpected knock or ringing of a doorbell, as this may just be a thief’s way of verifying whether anyone is at home or not before making his way inside. Even in instances where homeowners have answered the front door, criminals have been able to force their way into a home. Our solution for safely minimizing the time spent on distractions while also avoiding home invasion threats is to install a video intercom system. Doing so will allow you to see and speak to whomever is at your door from the safety and comfort of your home office.

Maintain Control Over Your Working Environment

While we cannot always avoid things like fires and floods, we certainly can be prepared for them and even rely on early alerts to minimize property damage. If you have a home office, you should certainly take precautions against such hazards by installing environmental alarms. Any number of devices offered in our main store will help keep you apprised of the temperature inside of your home in order to avoid damage due to extreme heat or cold. We even offer environmental devices that can be controlled remotely from a computer or a smartphone. With today’s security technology, there simply is no excuse for not making the utmost effort to protect your home environment– especially if it is also your workplace.

Inventory Items

One of the best ways to improve your home office security is to make an inventory list of all of the valuables inside of your workspace. In a previous blog post, we shared a number of tips on the importance of making an inventory of your valuables and all of these tips can be applied to your home office, as well.. Specifically, consider the following:

  • Photograph all of your office equipment
  • Jot down all of the serial numbers for your office equipment
  • Scan copies of your equipment and software receipts
  • Store your inventory list someplace safe and keep a backup copy at another location
  • Keep your inventory list up to date
  • Contact your insurance agent for information on creating and storing an inventory list
  • Contact your local law enforcement agency for advice on securing your inventory list

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

With so many people working and running small businesses from home, calculating thieves are constantly on the lookout for ways to gain access to valuable equipment, personal data and any cash that may be kept on the premises. Fortunately, you can stay a step ahead simply by adhering to the tips that we’ve shared in both posts on this topic. While working from home may be a more relaxing atmosphere, we must be mindful to never relax on these common sense security tips. Please don’t read this advice and put it off for another time. Instead, take measures today to begin implementing better security in and around your home office.

We Want to Hear From You

Do you have any home office security tips to share with our readers? Has your home office ever suffered a break-in? We hope you’ll share your thoughts, tips, comments and stories in the space provided below.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

What is a parent’s worst nightmare? We’re all different, but I can personally say that more than death, a Caveman’s biggest fear is the loss of his child. You spend your whole life protecting, nourishing and making them fit for the world. The most unimaginable is that same world stealing them away from you.

Reading statistics on child kidnappings per year really got my blood flowing and it should get your insides fiery too. Did you know that the U.S. Department of Justice has reported “797,500 children younger than 18 were reported missing in a one-year period of time” ( That’s over two thousand children a day. Two Thousand. I hope you’d agree with me when I say: That is unacceptable. I’d prefer not to talk about the demented stories of each kidnapping due to some of the graphic nature, but if you would like to read more on the subject, visit this link:

My question is: Why? How is your child’s safety not your top priority every day? Are you doing everything you can to at least keep them in your peripherals? Obviously, we put a lot of trust in each other in this society. We expect our teachers to guide, our officers to protect and our neighbors to keep a watchful eye on our property as we will theirs’.

But: Two thousand a day. If that doesn’t scream “THIS IS A FLAWED SYSTEM” I don’t know what does.

This life is a busy one, I know that as well as anyone and nobody expects parents to hold their child’s hand through everything they do in life, but you need to know that there are ways to protect them even when they’re out of sight. And there are ways to do it discreetly.

GPS and tracking devices are step one. Trackers can go everywhere from pant pockets to shoe laces to backpacks. They come in lots of different guises, from teddy bears to key chains to classic plastic or metal devices. The physical appearance of the tracker depends on you and your child’s age but truthfully, after reading those statistics I would’ve bought a 10 pound brick and dropped it in my kid’s bag if it meant their safety. Luckily 10 pound brick trackers have no place in today’s GPS technology. To find a GPS/Tracking Device that fits your needs, visit Home Security Store’s dedicated tracking page:

There are lots of folks out there who think child GPS tracking devices are inhumane- a breach of natural rights if you will. I turn around and ask them this: Is it less humane to place a GPS device in a child’s back pack, or to watch them leave for school one day and never come home?

Forget unspoken rules of the collective well-being of all and putting your children’s lives in the trust of this society. You as well as I know that America’s once shared quiet brotherhood of common good and safety hardly exists anymore, if at all. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Two Thousand Children a day- don’t let your child be a statistic.

Different Uses for Surveillance Cameras

In these uncertain times people are doing what they can to protect their loved ones, homes, and personal belongings. Home security surveillance systems are becoming very common for people now more than ever. With the way that technology is progressing home security systems are becoming user friendly and aimed towards the do-it-yourself crowd.

The most obvious and typically the first use for surveillance cameras are for the protection and security they provide. Security cameras act as a deterrent to potential burglars or any unwanted visitors. But are you getting the full use out of your surveillance system? Other than securing your home surveillance systems can be used for a number of other things as well.

Security cameras have now advanced to the point where you can actually monitor your home from your smartphone. This allows for quick up to the minute monitoring of your desired area. By hooking up your DVR to your home internet not only can you monitor from your smartphone, but you can also be sent alerts via text messaging or email.

Monitoring Your Children

 It is becoming more common to have both parents working which leaves your home unoccupied for most of the day. With that being said people want to make sure that their homes are safe 24/7. Other than protection your home, surveillance systems can be very beneficial when it comes to watching your kids when you are away from your home.

With products such as the LNC116 Wireless Network Camera from Lorex you can actually purchase a speaker to go along with the product allowing you to communicate to people in the house using your smartphone. So now if you have to leave your children home alone you can keep a close eye on everything that they do.

With motion sensors built-in, many surveillance cameras let know if your kids leave on time for school as well as when they come back home. Not only does this allow the parents peace of mind when they aren’t there to watch their kids, it also lets the kids know that even while the parents are gone they are still being watched.

Monitoring Home Maintenance Crews

A lot of homeowners have people in and around their house throughout the week to up-keep their yards, pools, home, etc. Even though you may trust the people you have hired you still may question the things they are doing when you aren’t there. Surveillance cameras can help you keep an eye on all of these things.

For example, you may have a housekeeper in your home Monday-Friday and wonder if they are being productive while at work. Whether you have covert surveillance (hidden cameras) in your home or just regular surveillance cameras, it is always nice knowing you can check up on your home if you ever need to. They can also be great for keeping an eye on babysitters that you have watching your children.

Worried About a Spouse?

Although this is never a situation that anyone wants to deal with, if you are unsure whether or not a spouse is being faithful, video surveillance can help you get to the bottom of things. You can install inconspicuous cameras throughout the home or a regular 2, 4, 8 or more camera system to make sure that your husband or wife is not cheating.

Insuring Home Security on Vacations

Whether you have someone house sitting while you are gone on vacation or are just relying on your security cameras it is nice knowing you can have a 24/7 visual monitor over your home. We have all heard the stories: bad babysitters, kids throw parties, etc. Whether it is your own children or a house sitter you hired, knowing exactly what is going on will allow you to truly sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation. Whether or not you chose to have the feature allowing you to monitor your home directly from your smartphone, you can be notified via email if and when a problem occurs.

Video Surveillance at Work

Having video surveillance cameras in the workplace can subconsciously insure productivity of your workers. Just with the employees knowing they are being monitored will increase the work flow and decrease any chance of theft. Unfortunately, there are going to be the people who will still attempt to steal something, but with the use of surveillance cameras it can actually deter someone from doing so.

A big huge benefit to video surveillance camera systems is the amount of options you have. Although these systems can be pricey there are systems that will do exactly what you want and still stay within your budget. You can essentially secure and monitor any location you would like. Not only that, but you do not have to be committed to paying monthly monitoring fees, though this is an option. The versatility of surveillance cameras makes them a very desirable product for people. There is no better feeling than knowing that your loved ones, home, and personal belongings are safe and secure.

Home Security for Renters

The question of renting versus home ownership is something that many people struggle with.  While each option has its benefits, there are a few important aspects that apply to both types of dwelling.  Chiefly among those is security.   Renters and home owners alike want to feel safe and know that they are protected.  Home owners know that they are responsible for protecting their family and possessions with security systems and structural upgrades.  Renters, on the other hand, may not have as clear of an idea as to what security precautions they are responsible for, and what their multifamily community provides.   With this confusion, many renters may fail to take appropriate security precautions.

TheFBI reports that property crime and burglary have been on the rise through most of the country.  As renters, we need to be cognizant of the efforts we can take to protect ourselves.  Here are some tips to live by to ensure that you and your family are living in a secure apartment.

  • First off, before signing a lease, make sure to discuss what security measures the apartment community offers.  Do they have a security firm monitoring the premises?  Do the units come with security systems built in?
  • When examining a possible unit, make sure to do a security inspection.  Check how secure the windows and doors are, and if they are easily accessible to passersby.  Special consideration should be paid to ground floor apartments.   If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, ask a knowledgeable friend or professional security consultant to come with you.  One tool available to you is the internet.  Apartment finding websites, such as in Orlando, have dedicated search filters to help you find apartments with alarm systems.   This is a great place to start your search for a secure apartment.
  • Install a security alarm system.  Just because your apartment doesn’t have an alarm system built in, doesn’t mean that you can’t have one installed.  Be sure to visit the Alarm Systems page of this website to learn more about your options.  Technology allows for some very useful tools to be incorporated into your household.  Window/door sensors, occupancy sensors and motion activated lighting are all great options to include.
  • Make sure you are covering the low-tech security tools as well.  Check your front door for a peephole.  Make sure that the viewer is unobstructed and clean.  After you move in to a new apartment, check with the management team to verify that new locks have been installed.  If your doors do not have deadbolt locks, request that they be installed.
  • Finally, let people know that you have taken security precautions.  Post signs or window decals letting would be intruders know that your unit is secure.  Intruders will think it is a bad idea to target your home.  You never know where a threat will come from; don’t blindly trust strangers and be sure to report suspicious activity.

Home security is a top priority for everyone, regardless of the quality or duration of the living situation.  A secure home is not a luxury that home owners alone get to experience.  Renters have the right to secure their families and belongings in order for protection against rising crime.  Follow these tips and you will be on your way to having peace of mind.  If you have additional ideas, please leave them in the comments section for the benefit of all!

Home Office Security (Part 1)

Studies show that companies are increasingly allowing employees to perform all, or at least some, of their work tasks from home. At the same time, the recent state of America’s economy and unemployment realities have caused many to start small businesses that are operated from one’s private residence. Where just a few short years ago most employed people worked outside of the home, new technologies and a host of other factors have contributed to a strong uptick in the number of people who now work from home. Even while at home, however, certain steps must be taken to ensure that the work environment is as safe and secure as possible, which is why we offer the following tips for optimal home office security.

Secure the Office Door

For spare bedrooms that have been converted into home offices, a keyless entry system serves as a practical solution to keeping others out. We recommend the TM Card Door Lock for this purpose, since it will allow limited access to others, such as family members or other workers, while keeping non-authorized people out. It also has a self-locking capability, so that you don’t have to worry about locking it each time you leave. It helps to also install a sturdy door and doorframe on a room being used as an office to reduce the likelihood of a burglar being able to kick the door in or otherwise gain entry to the room.

Practice Secure Document Storage

A couple of weeks ago, I had to visit a commercial business office which, unfortunately, had just suffered a break-in the night before. I sat in the lobby as window repair men, a security consultant and law enforcement officers were mulling about speaking with employees. One woman wondered aloud why none of the computers had been taken, but file cabinets had. At least one officer seemed to think that thieves may have been in search of money. While I don’t know the facts of the case, it seemed apparent to me that thieves were after something far more damaging, namely personal information. Social security numbers, banking and credit information, and other confidential data can be used in terrible ways if this information falls into the wrong hands. We, therefore, recommend that customer files containing sensitive information be kept in a secure safe that cannot be easily opened or carried out of the home.

Be Prepared With a Backup Power Source

If you work from home, it’s not difficult to imagine how devastating a power failure can be. Not only might a lack of power interrupt your productivity, but it may also result in a loss of data or may even damage computers and other equipment used in your home office. We recommend that all electronic devices be protected from power surges and that a universal power supply be added to your home office in order to allow time for you to properly power equipment down in the event of a power failure. Visit the Power Supply section of our main store to find the right products for your home office.

Use a Diversion Safe

If you occasionally keep cash and other valuables at your home office, but you do not find a need for a heavy-duty safe, then we strongly recommend that you invest in a diversion safe. Made to look like common household objects, such as an aerosol spray can, a water bottle or a hardcover book, a diversion safe offers a good hiding place for valuables that you wish to keep out of the wrong hands in case of a break-in. One such example would be the Diversion Safe Wall Clock, which operates just as an ordinary clock would, but that also doubles as a safe place to store small items. While a thief may keep an eye on the clock in order to get in and out of a home as quickly as possible, it is highly unlikely that he will look any closer at a timepiece in order to discover its dual purpose.

Be Secure Wherever You Are

With so much emphasis by the media on public workplace safety, some may have overlooked the need for home office security. Nevertheless, it is a rising concern that we hope all of our readers take seriously enough to act upon. Home Security Store hand-selects the best security devices and gadgets, which can all be self-installed, so that you can enjoy the security that you deserve whether you are hard at work in a home office or simply relaxing with your family.

What Say You?

Your comments are always appreciated and we look forward to reading your thoughts in the space provided below. So tell us, do you work from home? Can you contribute a home office security tip that we may have missed? Do you have any home office security concerns that you’d like our advice on?

Be sure to also bookmark this blog and tune in next week for part two of our discussion on home office security tips.

What to Do When an Intruder Barges Into Your Home

Your deep slumber is interrupted by the definite sounds of an intruder in your home. It is dark and you and your family have no idea what or who you are facing. What do you do?

Sadly, this scenario is too frequently played out in homes around the world. No one is exempt either. While some may believe that this only happens in certain neighborhoods or to certain people, news reports confirm otherwise. From court judges to celebrities to average Joe and Jane Blows everywhere, stories of home invasions abound. In fact, it was while reading bestselling author Judy Blume’s Twitter feed that I realized that this was a good time to revisit this topic and offer some useful advice on what to do when an intruder barges into your home while you and your family are inside.

Lessons Learned From Judy Blume’s Ordeal

In Blume’s Twitter feed she shares how she was in her bedroom at home alone when she heard the sounds of someone breaking in in the middle of the night. She immediately locked her bedroom door, pressed a panic button and used her mobile phone to call for help. During this time she also shares that she was yelling at the intruder to get out of her house. From Blume’s own accounts, however, we find that she also had an alarm system, but had neglected to arm it on that particular night. Thankfully, she had a panic button nearby and was able to react quickly while doing everything else by the book to try to survive the situation. We are glad that Ms. Blume is safe and sound today, and that she’s sharing tips about home security to those tuned into her social network.

Our Advice On Surviving a Home Invasion

It’s never fun discussing the likelihood of a home invasion robbery, but if you’re to survive one it is necessary to have some dialogue about it in order to pre-plan your reaction. As we learned from Blume’s account and others such as LL Cool J who caught an intruder in his home while his family was asleep, these things happen when we least expect them and a fast reaction means everything. So our first bit of advice is to have a sit down with the family to discuss things like reactions, hiding places and escape routes.

Other tips for surviving an encounter with an intruder include:

  • Having a monitored alarm system and keeping it armed at all times
  • Keeping a fully charged cellphone close to you at all times
  • Keep a panic button next to your bed such as the USP Holdup Button (or the GE, ITI, Caddx Wireless Panic Pendant that can be worn around the neck for 24/7 access)
  • Immediately dial 911 the moment you hear someone trying to enter your home
  • If possible, get to a safe room where you can lock the door and, thus, keep a barricade between you and the intruder
  • Yell as loudly as you can to let the intruder know that police are on the way and to alert neighbors that are within earshot that someone who presents a threat is in your home

Let Us Guide You

To learn more on surviving a break-in while you are at home, we strongly recommend that you grab a copy of the free guide we published on this very subject entitled, SECURITY BREACH: A Burglar Is in the House and So Are You. In it, we go into significant detail about surviving such a wild ordeal and we also do our best to educate on the likelihood of such an event happening by providing detailed statistics on burglary crimes.

A Place of Strength

Although criminals abound, you don’t have to let them have the upper hand. Your best defense against their crimes is to be aware that they can happen to you and be prepared if they do. Such gives you a strength that your average burglar isn’t prepared to face. This is why we give you free information through our blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and online guides alongside best selling security products like burglar alarms, surveillance cameras and security lighting. We want you to know how to protect yourself and to feel confident in doing so.

Share Your Thoughts and Stories

Have you ever been inside of a home when an intruder broke in? What did you do to survive your home’s invasion? Looking back, what, if anything, could you have done differently to deter a break in? Is there anything that you can share with our readers that may help to safely guide them through a home invasion crime? We value your thoughts and your experiences and hope that you will share them for the benefit of our readers in the space provided below.

Alienation: Why You Need Home Security Now More Than Ever

Before I begin, I would like to note that this is personal opinion mixed with statistics. Simply an opinion, from a simple Caveman. Ok, here we go:

America has changed. As technology has moved forward, our minds and bodies have moved inwards. Let me clarify:

“Nearly half of all American adults (45%) and two-thirds of all young adults now own a smart phone.. 31% of American adults now own tablet computers” and you can imagine how many personal computers and laptops are jammed into each home in our techno-savvy nation. Furthermore, “80% of cell phone owners use their cell phone to send or receive text messages” and “as of December 2012, 67% of online adults use social networking sites” (

Fancy statistics, I hear you. But what do they mean? Well- let me ask you this: What’s the difference between sending a text message and actually calling someone? Is it more meaningful to say “Happy Birthday!” to a friend on Facebook or to show up to their birthday dinner and truly celebrate with them?

I’m not arguing that smart phones and social networking sites are bad. In fact, I think they’re genius. But they are driving us inward. You might be one of the greatest people-persons the world has ever seen, but if you’re not a good writer- you’ll never be judged as a great communicator on Facebook or via text. These technologies have made life easier, no doubt, but they are also alienating us from others. Think about it. You might’ve had 25 different conversations today, booked a lunch meeting for tomorrow and organized a ride home for your kids from soccer practice without ever hearing another person’s voice.

What’s your point, Caveman?!

In the future, we will be in a state of isolationism and alienation. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans currently work from home? “And that number is expected to increase by 63% in the next five years, according to a study by the Telework Research Network” (

If many of us are eventually destined to work from home, what is the most important thing we can do for ourselves?

Invest in home security. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras and exterior alert devices are the airbags of the future.

My number one goal in life is to provide a safe environment for my family to grow and be happy in. I can’t protect them while they’re online because I’m not as big of a computer guy as I probably should be. I can, however, build a fortress of security around them while they’re safe and in my home.

I think there are a lot of people out there who just don’t understand home security technology or just don’t want to get ripped off. Here’s some truth: There are cost-friendly solutions to home security systems everywhere and most of the technology is not very complex. Many alarm systems for example feature touch-screens and very simple installations. They are no more complex than understanding how to upload pictures and tag your friends in them on Facebook. As far as getting ripped off- you have to do your research. Find a home security system that matches your lifestyle and go with your gut.

Believe what you want to about the future, but ask yourself this question before you go: How many people have you verbally talked to today? Now pace back to 5 years ago today. Same question. Has the number shrunk? Do you eventually see your home becoming family and business central? If so, it’s time to protect it the right way.

Boy, do I miss the good ole days of cave dwelling.

– Caveman



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