The Most Undetectable Spy Camera

Is a full-blown camera system too bulky for the décor of your home? Fair enough. But don’t you still want to know what happens in your home while you are away? I did. That’s why I recently started doing research on spy cameras until I found the perfect fit.

The bummer about spy cameras: their image quality and storage capacity usually doesn’t even come close to a proficient and recommended surveillance camera system. The benefits: Most of them are built with so much expert thought that they are truly undetectable.

I have some strict requirements when it comes to spy cameras that I’ll invest in: 1) They must have a built-in DVR; 2) That DVR should hold at least 2 GB worth of memory; 3) The image quality must be at least 320×240 resolution; 4) They should have a USB connection to my computer.

I have these requirements for a reason. The spy cams I have installed are for weekend use. If I’m leaving town for the weekend, I want to know what’s happening while I’m away. With these requirements, I can turn on or set my spy cams to motion detection record, they’ll record all activity for the entire weekend and when I get home, I just plug them into my computer via USB port and immediately I find out what I missed.

My most highly recommended Spy Cam is the KJB Power Outlet Spy Cam. They stick to a wall and have 2 different face plates (white and light beige) to match the other outlets in your home. Now, think about the blue print of your home. How many different places could you place this disguised wall outlet and get away with it? I have 2 of them. One in the living room near the front door where I can view my entire living room from wall to wall and one in my bedroom at waist-height, right next to my television.

Nobody has ever even considered that these things could be spy cameras because they are very well-designed surveillance cams. More so, they meet my spy cam requirements. My KJB Power Outlet Spy Cams shoot at 640×480 resolution and support up to a 32 GB Mini SD card. That’s more than enough storage space to hold all the footage they captured over the weekend. I also have the option to record in standard VGA or bump the quality up to HD.

The best feature about this spy cam, in my opinion, is the Passive Infrared Motion Detector that picks up heat from up to 15 feet away. Its effectiveness is paramount. I began truly trusting this spy cam after it caught my dog ripping up a pillow on my couch, at least 19 feet from the camera. I looked through the footage when I got home from a weekend trip and its sensitivity level absolutely stunned me. It also has a snap shot mode if I want to conserve memory space and the battery lasts roughly 5 days in standby mode.

Spy cams are discreet and to the point. The technology in them these days is truly amazing and they’re more dependable than a lot of people tend to imagine. Cameras in businesses have also been known to keep employee productivity up. Oh, and did I mention? This spy cam records sound too. I was on the fence about spy cams, but now I see their value: peace of mind, when I need it.

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