Is it Time for a Surveillance System Upgrade? Consider the new HD-SDI Cameras for Everyday Use

As technology evolves, so too should your security and surveillance system.  I think we can all agree on that!  Therefore, you may be asking yourself – Is it time to upgrade your existing surveillance system?  With the emergence of IP cameras over analog, you may be thinking IP is the way to go.  However, a new more cost-efficient technology seems to be making waves.  That new technology is HD-SDI cameras.

What is HD-SDI?

SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface, which is now standard in the TV industry.  This standard is also known as SMPTE 292M.  SDI has mostly been used in HDTV production and broadcasting in 720P and 1080P high-definition resolutions, which you are likely all too familiar after buying that new flat-screen television set!  Well anyway – A few years ago, several surveillance equipment manufacturers began experimenting with surveillance cameras and DVRs based on the HD-SDI standard.  Manufacturers wanted the 720p and 1080p HD video resolution to compete with higher-end IP/Network surveillance systems, but without the complex installation process or the higher cost.  Hence, HD-SDI cameras began.

In addition, SDI cameras use the same coax cable as analog systems.  However, they do require HD-SDI DVRs for compatibility.  Again, HD-SDI stands for high-definition serial digital interface.  I found the following frequently asked questions online, which may help in understanding HD SDI technology:

What type of cable is used to wire HD-SDI CCTV cameras?

Installers can use the same RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable and BNC connectors used with traditional analog CCTV cameras.

Do I need a special type of DVR to record HD-SDI video?

Yes.  You cannot use a standard CCTV DVR.  The DVR must be specifically made to work with the HD-SDI format.

HD-SDI Features:

Remember, with a stunning 720P or 1080p resolution, images will come in clearer than they have ever been before, even at night.

  • Stunning images in day or night time
  • Cameras for any situation
  • Indoor or outdoor, bullet, dome, and PTZ cameras all available

Take note:  When looking at the specifications of an HD-SDI product and looking for 1080P, ensure the process or is indeed 1080P and not 720P stretched out.

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