What to Do When an Intruder Barges Into Your Home

Your deep slumber is interrupted by the definite sounds of an intruder in your home. It is dark and you and your family have no idea what or who you are facing. What do you do?

Sadly, this scenario is too frequently played out in homes around the world. No one is exempt either. While some may believe that this only happens in certain neighborhoods or to certain people, news reports confirm otherwise. From court judges to celebrities to average Joe and Jane Blows everywhere, stories of home invasions abound. In fact, it was while reading bestselling author Judy Blume’s Twitter feed that I realized that this was a good time to revisit this topic and offer some useful advice on what to do when an intruder barges into your home while you and your family are inside.

Lessons Learned From Judy Blume’s Ordeal

In Blume’s Twitter feed she shares how she was in her bedroom at home alone when she heard the sounds of someone breaking in in the middle of the night. She immediately locked her bedroom door, pressed a panic button and used her mobile phone to call for help. During this time she also shares that she was yelling at the intruder to get out of her house. From Blume’s own accounts, however, we find that she also had an alarm system, but had neglected to arm it on that particular night. Thankfully, she had a panic button nearby and was able to react quickly while doing everything else by the book to try to survive the situation. We are glad that Ms. Blume is safe and sound today, and that she’s sharing tips about home security to those tuned into her social network.

Our Advice On Surviving a Home Invasion

It’s never fun discussing the likelihood of a home invasion robbery, but if you’re to survive one it is necessary to have some dialogue about it in order to pre-plan your reaction. As we learned from Blume’s account and others such as LL Cool J who caught an intruder in his home while his family was asleep, these things happen when we least expect them and a fast reaction means everything. So our first bit of advice is to have a sit down with the family to discuss things like reactions, hiding places and escape routes.

Other tips for surviving an encounter with an intruder include:

  • Having a monitored alarm system and keeping it armed at all times
  • Keeping a fully charged cellphone close to you at all times
  • Keep a panic button next to your bed such as the USP Holdup Button (or the GE, ITI, Caddx Wireless Panic Pendant that can be worn around the neck for 24/7 access)
  • Immediately dial 911 the moment you hear someone trying to enter your home
  • If possible, get to a safe room where you can lock the door and, thus, keep a barricade between you and the intruder
  • Yell as loudly as you can to let the intruder know that police are on the way and to alert neighbors that are within earshot that someone who presents a threat is in your home

Let Us Guide You

To learn more on surviving a break-in while you are at home, we strongly recommend that you grab a copy of the free guide we published on this very subject entitled, SECURITY BREACH: A Burglar Is in the House and So Are You. In it, we go into significant detail about surviving such a wild ordeal and we also do our best to educate on the likelihood of such an event happening by providing detailed statistics on burglary crimes.

A Place of Strength

Although criminals abound, you don’t have to let them have the upper hand. Your best defense against their crimes is to be aware that they can happen to you and be prepared if they do. Such gives you a strength that your average burglar isn’t prepared to face. This is why we give you free information through our blog posts, articles, videos, infographics and online guides alongside best selling security products like burglar alarms, surveillance cameras and security lighting. We want you to know how to protect yourself and to feel confident in doing so.

Share Your Thoughts and Stories

Have you ever been inside of a home when an intruder broke in? What did you do to survive your home’s invasion? Looking back, what, if anything, could you have done differently to deter a break in? Is there anything that you can share with our readers that may help to safely guide them through a home invasion crime? We value your thoughts and your experiences and hope that you will share them for the benefit of our readers in the space provided below.

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