Home Office Security (Part 1)

Studies show that companies are increasingly allowing employees to perform all, or at least some, of their work tasks from home. At the same time, the recent state of America’s economy and unemployment realities have caused many to start small businesses that are operated from one’s private residence. Where just a few short years ago most employed people worked outside of the home, new technologies and a host of other factors have contributed to a strong uptick in the number of people who now work from home. Even while at home, however, certain steps must be taken to ensure that the work environment is as safe and secure as possible, which is why we offer the following tips for optimal home office security.

Secure the Office Door

For spare bedrooms that have been converted into home offices, a keyless entry system serves as a practical solution to keeping others out. We recommend the TM Card Door Lock for this purpose, since it will allow limited access to others, such as family members or other workers, while keeping non-authorized people out. It also has a self-locking capability, so that you don’t have to worry about locking it each time you leave. It helps to also install a sturdy door and doorframe on a room being used as an office to reduce the likelihood of a burglar being able to kick the door in or otherwise gain entry to the room.

Practice Secure Document Storage

A couple of weeks ago, I had to visit a commercial business office which, unfortunately, had just suffered a break-in the night before. I sat in the lobby as window repair men, a security consultant and law enforcement officers were mulling about speaking with employees. One woman wondered aloud why none of the computers had been taken, but file cabinets had. At least one officer seemed to think that thieves may have been in search of money. While I don’t know the facts of the case, it seemed apparent to me that thieves were after something far more damaging, namely personal information. Social security numbers, banking and credit information, and other confidential data can be used in terrible ways if this information falls into the wrong hands. We, therefore, recommend that customer files containing sensitive information be kept in a secure safe that cannot be easily opened or carried out of the home.

Be Prepared With a Backup Power Source

If you work from home, it’s not difficult to imagine how devastating a power failure can be. Not only might a lack of power interrupt your productivity, but it may also result in a loss of data or may even damage computers and other equipment used in your home office. We recommend that all electronic devices be protected from power surges and that a universal power supply be added to your home office in order to allow time for you to properly power equipment down in the event of a power failure. Visit the Power Supply section of our main store to find the right products for your home office.

Use a Diversion Safe

If you occasionally keep cash and other valuables at your home office, but you do not find a need for a heavy-duty safe, then we strongly recommend that you invest in a diversion safe. Made to look like common household objects, such as an aerosol spray can, a water bottle or a hardcover book, a diversion safe offers a good hiding place for valuables that you wish to keep out of the wrong hands in case of a break-in. One such example would be the Diversion Safe Wall Clock, which operates just as an ordinary clock would, but that also doubles as a safe place to store small items. While a thief may keep an eye on the clock in order to get in and out of a home as quickly as possible, it is highly unlikely that he will look any closer at a timepiece in order to discover its dual purpose.

Be Secure Wherever You Are

With so much emphasis by the media on public workplace safety, some may have overlooked the need for home office security. Nevertheless, it is a rising concern that we hope all of our readers take seriously enough to act upon. Home Security Store hand-selects the best security devices and gadgets, which can all be self-installed, so that you can enjoy the security that you deserve whether you are hard at work in a home office or simply relaxing with your family.

What Say You?

Your comments are always appreciated and we look forward to reading your thoughts in the space provided below. So tell us, do you work from home? Can you contribute a home office security tip that we may have missed? Do you have any home office security concerns that you’d like our advice on?

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