Home Security for Renters

The question of renting versus home ownership is something that many people struggle with.  While each option has its benefits, there are a few important aspects that apply to both types of dwelling.  Chiefly among those is security.   Renters and home owners alike want to feel safe and know that they are protected.  Home owners know that they are responsible for protecting their family and possessions with security systems and structural upgrades.  Renters, on the other hand, may not have as clear of an idea as to what security precautions they are responsible for, and what their multifamily community provides.   With this confusion, many renters may fail to take appropriate security precautions.

TheFBI reports that property crime and burglary have been on the rise through most of the country.  As renters, we need to be cognizant of the efforts we can take to protect ourselves.  Here are some tips to live by to ensure that you and your family are living in a secure apartment.

  • First off, before signing a lease, make sure to discuss what security measures the apartment community offers.  Do they have a security firm monitoring the premises?  Do the units come with security systems built in?
  • When examining a possible unit, make sure to do a security inspection.  Check how secure the windows and doors are, and if they are easily accessible to passersby.  Special consideration should be paid to ground floor apartments.   If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, ask a knowledgeable friend or professional security consultant to come with you.  One tool available to you is the internet.  Apartment finding websites, such as  407apartments.com in Orlando, have dedicated search filters to help you find apartments with alarm systems.   This is a great place to start your search for a secure apartment.
  • Install a security alarm system.  Just because your apartment doesn’t have an alarm system built in, doesn’t mean that you can’t have one installed.  Be sure to visit the Alarm Systems page of this website to learn more about your options.  Technology allows for some very useful tools to be incorporated into your household.  Window/door sensors, occupancy sensors and motion activated lighting are all great options to include.
  • Make sure you are covering the low-tech security tools as well.  Check your front door for a peephole.  Make sure that the viewer is unobstructed and clean.  After you move in to a new apartment, check with the management team to verify that new locks have been installed.  If your doors do not have deadbolt locks, request that they be installed.
  • Finally, let people know that you have taken security precautions.  Post signs or window decals letting would be intruders know that your unit is secure.  Intruders will think it is a bad idea to target your home.  You never know where a threat will come from; don’t blindly trust strangers and be sure to report suspicious activity.

Home security is a top priority for everyone, regardless of the quality or duration of the living situation.  A secure home is not a luxury that home owners alone get to experience.  Renters have the right to secure their families and belongings in order for protection against rising crime.  Follow these tips and you will be on your way to having peace of mind.  If you have additional ideas, please leave them in the comments section for the benefit of all!

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