Senior Citizen Safety

People these days are almost forced to be overly protective with their children. Times aren’t like they used to be and now parents even have things such as child locator’s to make sure their children are safe. It’s great that we have all of this protection for our children, but what about our elderly? It may sometimes slip our minds to insure that our elderly loved ones are safe, especially in their homes. Our elderly family and friends still want their independence so it is important that we aid them with having a safe living situation. One may wonder, how can I go about providing a safe environment for our senior citizens? Where are the areas that accidents are most likely to happen? In the home the kitchen, bathrooms, and staircases are the areas that elderly people tend to have the most accidents. These accidents mainly consist of slips and falls. With that being said, there are a number of precautions that we can take to ensure the amount of accidents are to a minimum. Keep in mind that about one third of adults over the age of 65 fall in their homes each year. Falls among elderly people are actually the leading cause of death due to injury.


One thing that can make a big difference in every area of the house of an elderly person is the lighting. We may feel that we know our way around our homes but, at night we might second guess that thought. Whether it’s a simple night light in the bathroom or hallways or even automated lights it is important to have things well lit. Something that is not only inexpensive but, also very beneficial to the elderly are motion censored lights. These can be placed in areas that when dark make it easier for the elderly to navigate through their home’s accident free. Always have a light on at night in the bathroom. It is also a good precaution to have rails on the walls where the toilet and shower are. In the kitchen you want to make sure that the floors are kept uncluttered and clean. Illuminate work areas and store heavier items at waist level to help prevent accidents.

Medical Alert

What happens if your elderly loved one falls and needs help? Even if we think that their homes are accident free we still have to make sure that they are prepared if an accident does take place. There are products out there such as the Medical Alert that are perfect for when our senior citizens need help or have an accident. The Medical Alert gives you the best of both worlds. It allows elderly people to maintain their independence yet still insures their safety. With the Medical Alert there is a one-time fee that is the purchase of the product itself. With this purchase you are guaranteed an exceptional product without having to make month-to-month monitoring fee payments. The Medical Alert is very user- friendly and easy to install. With the press of one button you can instantly notify any or all per-programmed contacts. Just knowing that our elderly have instant help will not only give them, but also their family and friends peace of mind. The Medical Alert provides people with 24 Hour Monitoring. It also allows people to call for immediate help in case of any emergency. There is a variety of medical alert systems which allow for you to find the one that fits your exact needs. There are some medical alert systems that that require monthly payments and others that have a one-time fee. Depending on the system you choose to purchase some will actually alert people when it is time for them to take their medications. Others are actually equipped with GPS which can be very beneficial for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. One benefit to it is that it allows our elderly to live independently. Many devices are waterproof which allow our elderly to wear them at all times. Personal information such as allergies, medical conditions, etc. can be kept on file for any emergency personnel a medical alert gives family members peace of mind  knowing that their loved ones are safe whether or not they are around.

There are other small things that senior citizens can get to insure their safety. For example, MACE is always handy to have just in case something were to happen where it was necessary to have. The statistics for accidents around the home can be scary to think about. But by making the necessary precautions we can help prevent accidents within the home. It is important to always keep our elderly not just safe, but more importantly prepared.

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