Gift Ideas For Moms, Dads and Grads

Spring is here, which means that three very important gift-giving events are upon us: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation day for scores of hardworking students at various levels. Looking for unique gift ideas? What better gift can you give someone you love than one that makes them feel safe, protected and prepared?

Gift Ideas For Mom

Survival Kits

My mother and my mother-in-law, both in their 70s, love their knapsack survival kits. They both live in California, otherwise known as earthquake territory, where there is a constant emphasis on being prepared for the earth’s next movement. Such events come suddenly and without warning, but are known to disable power and telephone lines. Worse, is that Californians have been awaiting the ‘big  one’, which seismologists say is only a matter of time for the West Coast. As single women, both understand the importance of self-reliance and being prepared with medical supplies, food and water, and various tools for survival.

If you’re unfamiliar with such kits, check out the Guardian Elite Survival Kit in our main store for an example of what such a gift offers (there are a wide range of other survival kits there, too). According to, during the month of April alone, there have been tornadoes, earthquakes, flash flooding and avalanches in different areas throughout the United States. With natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy or heavy flooding which recently opened sinkholes in Chicago, we all need to expect the unexpected…and be as prepared as possible in the process.

Personal Protection

Worried about your mom taking walks alone? Or even just being out and about running errands? You’re not being paranoid, you’re being a realist. Anyone can be targeted for a mugging, carjacking or any number of personal crimes. Women, however, are sometimes targeted to a greater degree for crimes involving theft and violence. Help your mom protect herself with an item like the MACE Pepper Gun with LED. Small enough to fit inside of a purse, yet effective enough to slow an attacker down (and allowing time for escape), gifts like these help people take responsibility for their safety and fight back if attacked.

Gift Ideas For Dad

DIY Home Security

If your dad is the DIY type, you’re in luck. There are tons of gifts you can offer him from tools to gadgets to security kits and accessories. If your dad’s not really into building things or installing security devices, you can still help him secure his belongings with minimal effort.

Dads With Minimal DIY Interests

Your dad might truly enjoy a smaller-scale DIY project like installing a Secure Mail Vault. Installing one of these at home gives dad a sense of accomplishment and also makes sure that his personal mail and parcels are kept out of criminal hands.

Non-DIY Dads

Gift ideas for the non-DIY dad include items like the Diversion Safe Wall Clock, which allow dad to store personal belongings like jewelry, a passport or important documents out of sight behind a fully functioning wall clock that doubles as a safe.

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Grad

It’s Party Time!

Graduation is a time to celebrate and what better way to do so than with a new set of speakers such as the Channel Vision 8” High Performance Single Rock Speaker featured in granite or sand colors? Made of fiberglass, these speakers are great for outdoor use while remaining lightweight and attractive. Any student ready to crank up the volume and enjoy the summer will love a gift like this.

Dorm Room Security

High school grads heading for college dorms will appreciate any sort of surveillance device, whether of the hidden variety or a surveillance camera that is clearly visible to others. Let’s face it, today’s college student usually has, at minimum, an expensive smartphone, laptop, tablet and video game console to protect. Dorm room safety should be a priority from day one, so consider something like SVAT Covert Alarm Clock Camera with DVR, which will covertly record up to six week’s worth of activity inside of a room while still looking and functioning as an ordinary alarm clock. This and similar devices can be found in our Spy Gear department or in the Surveillance department on our main page.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember in giving gifts to others is to try to offer something that will be appreciated, used and enjoyed by the recipient. Whether this means mom, dad or grad, security devices and gadgets are all quite useful and handy. The unique qualities of each of the gift suggestions made above make them as memorable as they are functional and, let’s be honest with ourselves, how many more picture frames, neckties or sweaters do your loved ones really need?

Tell Us What You Think

So, what are your thoughts about our gift suggestions? Are you a mom, dad or a soon-to-be grad? Which of these gift ideas would you most appreciate receiving? We love hearing from you, which is why we’ve left lots of open space below for you to sound off.

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