It’s a Steal!

Early birds, coupon collectors and penny pinchin’ patrons- If you’ve been waiting for the stars to align and the universe to send you a wake-up call about investing in home security- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DEAL NOW. Home Security store is offering an entire home security package- that means a DVR, Monitor and 4 Indoor/Outdoor Cameras for just $299.

Usually you’ll have to spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on a full-proof security kit this good and you’ll have to buy parts all separate from each other. This 4-Channel Surveillance Kit has the works and is perfect for all types of homes, apartments, convenient stores and small businesses.

I’m famous for telling friends and family “Make sure you’re the one who says ‘I told you so’” because I believe in taking the necessary precautions to take care of my belongings. I don’t want to be the guy chasing my tail my entire life. And I’m guessing- if you’re like me- your single most valuable belonging (speaking financially here) is your home. And your home houses all your other valuables. So my question is: How could you not invest in it?! What are you waiting for?!

This kit is built by Cam Star- a leading manufacturer in the home and business security industry and from top to bottom, this is one steal of a deal. The system is built around its DVR/ Monitor combination. The color monitor on it is 7 inches diagonally and the DVR controls are all right at your fingertips. Watch live video feeds of 4 different camera angles on your property at once and record at will while you’re away or sleeping. To get an idea of its size, remember those black and white TVs you used to have in the kitchen while Mom and Dad were cooking? This is that- except, built with today’s technology.

The super steal of this deal is the 4 included cameras. These are 4 weatherproof, indoor-or-outdoor bullet cameras with infrared night-vision and flexibility in mounting. 4 cameras with this capability alone will cost you hundreds, Plus- if you decide you want to upgrade your DVR or Monitor later, they’ll connect to a new analog system with no hassle!

Now, the sweetener. Remote monitoring has been on the rise for quite some time now in the home security industry. It allows home owners or business owners the ability to look-in on their property while they are away via their cameras and home security system. Whether it’s a business trip, a vacation, or if you want to look in on your vacation property- this technology gives you that capability. And you bet this kit has that technology. It’s as simple as having an internet connection.

Do you want to know what goes on while you’re away? Are the kids throwing a party? Does the neighbor keep sneaking in to the backyard to steal oranges? If you’ve always wanted to know- don’t let this deal slip by. This is a blowout sale because the product is running out. Grab yours before it’s gone and treat yourself to the security and protection you’ve always wanted. Here’s a link directly to the product: Cam Star 4 Channel DVR Surveillance Kit w/ 4 Weatherproof IR Bullet Cameras & Remote Viewing.

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