The Next Step In Spy Gear

Until recently, I always had this blockade in my brain when it came to writing about spy gear. See, you want to bring out the best in a product, but you don’t want to lie about it. I’ve seen some pretty impressive spy gear enter our doors and quickly exit to our customers, spy gear that takes great imagination to create. But even with these groundbreaking and excitingly innovative products, the question still rang in my head: Can I truly call any of these ‘The Best?’

So I went with the process of elimination to find Home Security Store’s greatest spy camera. That list was narrowed down to about 10 products. Suddenly I realized, I have to ask a different question: What is missing from home security spy gear? We have high-resolution cameras, brilliant mediums for them to hide in (clock radios, sunglasses, etc.), large storage spaces for footage and even night-vision. But something is still missing.

As fate would have it, the answer was delivered to Home Security Store’s doorstep a few weeks ago. It is safe to say that we’ve turned a corner in the spy camera world and even the home security world in general. No more setting up cameras around the house and scrolling through hours of meaningless, uneventful footage. No more waiting for something to happen..

Imagine a spy camera system that sends your video footage directly to your phone, tablet or computer- as it happens. That’s what the SleuthGear ZoneShield Hidden Camera System is all about.

Let’s start with the disguises. We carry 7 different disguises for the Spy Cameras, all of which will fit in any corner of your home. We’re talking every day appliances that are normal home fixtures from bedrooms to kitchens. Here are the disguises: Hidden Camera Smoke Detector, Hidden Camera Digital Picture Frame, Hidden Camera Clock Radio (some models w/ Night-Vision), Hidden Camera Wall Clock, Hidden Camera Oscillating Fan (w/ Night-Vision), Hidden Camera Air Purifier and the SleuthGear Zone Shield Hidden Camera iPod Dock w/ Night-Vision.

In each of these well-crafted disguises is a high quality camera that shoots in color at 500 TV Lines (TVL), or 720×480 pixel resolution. High Quality Camera? Check.

Here’s what makes this system unique. With each camera (excluding add-ons) you receive a Quad Receiver. The Quad receiver captures, stores and relays footage to mobile devices.

For example, you have the option to record to an SD card (up to 32GB) or directly to a computer to save even more footage. Each receiver comes with a unique web link, which you just type in to your internet address bar (for Internet Explorer or Chrome) and Shazam! With an internet connection, immediately you’re looking at live footage of your bedroom, kitchen or den. For an iPhone or iPad, simply download the Free “EZ-SEE” App and your video will show up there.

The receiver also relays to a home monitor, should you want to look-in on the living room while you’re in the bedroom. The regular quad receiver feeds a monitor via RCA cables- and just so there’s no confusion, these Quad Receivers are virtually DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). If you want to combine the DVR and monitor experience in to one device, the alternative to a simple Quad Receiver is the Quad LCD Receiver, which is no bigger than a tablet. That’s a full hidden camera home security system- literally- right in the palm of your hands.

Just like most home security camera systems, you don’t have to stop with one camera. Each receiver supports up to 4 of them and we stock Zone Shield Hidden Cameras individually as add-ons. Also- the Receivers can record all 4 channels at once and the App and computer web link will feed you all 4 of them live.

Thankfully, the blockade has vanished from my brain. It is clear that this is top-notch spy equipment and I’m not afraid to write about the stellar capability of it. The power of the human imagination and how it can be used to protect all of us has come to fruition with the SleuthGear Zone Shield Hidden Camera System.

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