5 Must-Have Survival Items

Whether due to a natural disaster, terrorist attack or zombie apocalypse, one can never rule out the possibility of being without food, water and electricity for an extended period of time. These days, to even attempt to ignore this possibility is tantamount to playing Russian roulette with your life and your family’s safety. If such an event never takes place– great! But what if it does? Are you prepared to survive on your own and protect your family in the process?


You may be able to survive several weeks without food, but can die after just a few days without water. While this list is in no particular order, we can’t think of anything more important to your survival than having fresh clean drinking water. As a rule, you should be prepared with at least a gallon per day per family member (remember that pets are family, too!). Depending upon the climate and a person’s physical exertion, however, more may be needed. And this is just for drinking and cooking…additional water will also be needed for hygiene.

In addition to actual water, it is important to also understand how to properly store it in preparation for emergency use. Also, in order to survive a long-term disaster, it will help to know how to purify water in order to use for other sources including hydration, cooking and hygiene. Storing water is a good start, but knowing how to locate and prepare other sources of water is even better.


While you can survive several days without it, if you prepare ahead of time you may not need to. Food is energy and it supplies the vital nutrients that our bodies need in order to engage in physical labor and to keep all of our organs operating as they should. In the event of a large-scale disaster, however, fresh food will quickly disappear and having the ability to cook food will likely be nonexistent. For these reasons, it is best to have enough non-perishable food stored for each family member to survive at least a week without having to go out in search of more.

Medical Kit

Quality medical care will be one of the first things missed at a time when it is needed the most. Undoubtedly, medical assistance will still exist, but so will several barriers to access such as crowded emergency rooms and triage centers, a lack of electricity, and a shortage of medical supplies and medications.

A good standard first-aid kit is essential, but you can’t afford to stop there. Thinking about any medical conditions that your family members may have, a good supply of essential medications and items needed for their health is advised. Other items sometimes overlooked in this category include things like an additional pair of prescription eyeglasses, over-the-counter tummy treatments and allergy medications.


Batteries and one or more portable charging stations are a must when all other power fails. How else will you power flashlights, lanterns and radio equipment? Solar powered items in this category are highly recommended and many, like the Nature Power 6W Folding Solar Panel w/USB Port Output can be used repeatedly to power multiple items needed to survive when disaster strikes.


Criminals don’t take breaks during periods of mass pandemonium. In fact, when law enforcement is overwhelmed during a large-scale emergency, criminals deliberately capitalize by going on crime sprees. From looting to violent crimes, the world around you can turn to an all out free-for-all before your eyes. In addition to this sad possibility, hungry and frightened animals can often be a threat to your family’s safety. Are you prepared to defend your family under such circumstances?

Now, you must obey the laws of your state when gathering weapons for your own protection. Some of the ones that we feature in our main store include things like pepper spray and the United Defense Pen, which can be used as a kubotan when needed. We recommend that you speak to authorities in your jurisdiction to determine which weapons are permissible for you to own and that you invest time in learning how to use them correctly in case you are ever forced to do so.

Better Safe Than Sorry

So, as you can see, this list is pretty serious. Fortunately, everything on it is also fairly easy to attain. We strongly encourage you to visit our Survival Kits section to browse our inventory of kits and related survival gear. Home Security Store takes your protection very seriously and we’ve put a lot of thought and time into featuring items to help you survive even the worst circumstances. For all of these necessities in one on-the-go and affordable survival pack, follow this link: SKTK Survival Kit

Tell Us About Your List

What survival items do you already own? Which ones are you planning on purchasing in the future? Would you like to add any must-have items to this list? Your thoughts and ideas are always appreciated and we want to hear from you in the comments section below. Tell us, how prepared are you to take charge of your life and survive on your own?

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