How Safe Is Your City?

Every year the FBI publishes head-scratching statistics on all crimes committed across the United States, going into great detail, city-by-city. Why is it head-scratching? Because the numbers are outrageous! If football is our most popular sport and the Fast and the Furious is still making sequels, it’s clear that we are a violent culture, but these numbers might change the way you look at your neighborhood. In this blog we’ll go through four U.S. cities, ranging from the suburbs to the Big City to ask the question: How safe is your city? And just a heads up- we’re going to stay away from murders, rapes and aggravated assaults- you get enough of that on TruTV. Instead we’ll keep our attention at property crimes, robberies and burglaries. Let’s start at Home Security Store’s home in Riverside, California.

Riverside, California

Riverside is a suburb of Los Angeles, in the heart of Southern California and the Inland Empire. Filled by a somewhat desert landscape, Riverside features both suburbs and a popular downtown area: A great representation of two types of American city structure. In 2012, Riverside featured some staggering numbers in regards to crime. With a population just over 313,000 people, 10,818 property crimes were committed. That means 3 and half percent of Riverside’s citizens were bound to fall victim to property crime. 2,247 burglaries were committed and 517 robberies took place. Now let’s look at the middle of our country.

Norman, Oklahoma

Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma Sooners and features a more open-ended landscape. Hills are sparse and although there is a downtown area, this Middle-of-the-US town could be best classified as a suburb with much more space between properties than you’d find in a place like sunny Southern California. In 2012, Norman had a population of near 114,000 people and 3,050 property crimes were committed. The good news? The numbers are similar to Southern California, giving consistency to our crime-to-population statistics. The bad news? 2.67% of Normans were on the unfortunate end of a property crime. 629 burglaries were committed and 54 robberies took place last year. Based on the numbers, this is one of the more safe places to live. Especially when you look at our next city.

Flint, Michigan

Flint is well known in American culture as the city that lost its way. Featured in Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Roger and Me,’ we often think of scarce jobs and empty automotive factories as the face of Flint. Perhaps an image not often associated with this once great American city though is its very high crime rates. Over 101,000 residents occupied Flint in 2012 and 5,645 of those residents felt the heartache and frustration of property crime (5.5%). With basically the same population, Flint experiences twice the property crime rate as Norman and 2,979 burglaries and 673 robberies were committed there last year. Let’s jump the largest city on the map to see if over-population has any effect on crime.

New York, New York

With over 8 million Americans crowding the city, The Big Apple features the largest population of a single city in America. Sky scrapers, ever-stretching parks and Atlantic Ocean access characterize this conglomerate of a city. With more population comes more crime, right? Let’s check it out: In 2012, 142,760 property crimes were reported in NYC. If we do the math.. that’s.. wait a second.. 1.7% of New Yorkers have property crime committed against them? The biggest city in America has the lowest property crime rate on this list? Only 18,635 burglaries and 20,201 robberies took place in the city last year. Although those numbers are large, for a city this big a culture this violent- not bad New Yorkers.

In no way is this short list a great portrait of American crime culture, but I do believe there is something to be learned here. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a suburb, a college town, a broken city or a world powerhouse of population- crime exists everywhere and it comes in all different shapes and sizes. What you’ll never be able to read on a statistic table is the fabric of human nature, of American nature. We’re consumers and when we run out of our own things to consume, we’ll naturally consume each other.

Our goal at Home Security Store is to shrink all of these numbers. There is a solution to avoid being one of these statistics and the answer ranges from business and home alarm systems to full surveillance camera set-ups. Enrich yourselves with all we have to offer on our website and join the large percentage of Americans who are not effected by senseless crimes.

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