Protecting Yourself Against Gun Crimes and Injury

Whether mass public shootings or individual gun crimes, the threat of being shot is, unfortunately, all too real these days. Of course, we should avoid violent confrontations as much as possible, but what happens when we’re in a situation that we can’t easily escape from? How can we minimize the chances of being shot or killed by someone with a gun? Well, there are never any guarantees in a situation like this, but Home Security Store has given it some thought and we have a few ideas we’d like to share with you.

Shield Yourself

Police officers wear armored vests while on duty and there’s no reason civilians can’t shield themselves in a similar fashion. This goes for adults and children as, sadly, young people are sometimes the targets of gun violence, too. Personal security experts and manufacturers know this, which is why items like the Armored Go Pack w/AR500 Armor Pack Plate are offered to the general public. Items like this one offer useful versatility as it is a fully-functional backpack that also contains a Certified Ballistic Plate to help protect a wearer from bullet injuries.

Be a Responsible Gun Owner

If you own a firearm, be sure to take extra care when cleaning and storing your weapon. You may also want to make an extra effort in learning how to properly use it, especially if you’ve never handled a gun before. It is not unusual for homeowners to make a gun purchase following a break-in or an assault and while protecting yourself from future crimes through gun ownership is your prerogative, you will be in a far better position to do so with proper training and practice. A local gun club or association can help you by providing useful resources and training as a new gun owner.

Invest In a Gun Safe

Unfortunately, a good portion of gun injuries are accidental or are the result of a homeowner’s gun falling into the wrong hands. Guns stored in unlocked drawers or on closet shelves are easier to access than guns that are securely locked in sturdy safes. In fact, a heavy safe that cannot be easily transported (i.e. stolen) or a safe that is built into a home is a good idea, in general, for storing other valuables and, thus, decreasing the likelihood of them being stolen.

Keep Strangers At Bay

Your home is your castle and, without an invitation, strangers should seldom be allowed to pass your threshold. It may surprise you to learn how many criminals gain access to a home by merely posing as a salesperson, a utility worker or some other nondescript, but innocent employee. Once a homeowner opens the front door for conversation with an individual like this, it is not uncommon for them to be threatened with a weapon as the criminal forces his (or her!) way inside the home. The best way to avoid these sorts of crimes is to install a video intercom, which allows two-way conversation while a homeowner is at a safe distance…as in behind a closed and locked front door. One of the best-selling video intercoms in our main store, the Comelit Hands Free Expandable Color Intercom Kit, activates a camera the second someone rings a doorbell.

Distance Yourself From Potentially Violent Scenes

Recently, a friend confided in me that she was concerned that her young adult son ran towards an area where a real-life fight was happening at an outdoor event. Of course, her son told her she was being paranoid and overreacting by lecturing him about it, but the reality is that this is often how people are hurt or killed. As a child, I remember my favorite aunt telling me that bullets don’t have names on them. In other words, avoid places and situations where violence may erupt, because while a bullet may not be intended for a bystander, the potential for injury is very high whenever an angry person wields a gun.

Be Responsible

While no one can guarantee safety from gun crimes, the tips and advice offered here can certainly help to minimize their occurrence. Take responsibility for your own personal safety now by making a conscious effort to remember these tips and put them to use in your real life. Remember to also bookmark this page and share it with your friends and relatives in an effort to raise their awareness about avoiding gun crimes and injury, too.

What’s Your Take?

We are looking forward to reading your ideas, thoughts, experiences and advice in the space reserved for your comments below. So tell us, have you ever been the victim of a gun crime or injury? What do you think of the tips we’ve shared? Can you share any advice that may help our readers better protect themselves?

Ralph Winn

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