Important Facts About Hybrid Alarm Systems

KIT16-QP63CP01In a nutshell, a hybrid alarm system is one where hardwired and wireless devices are both utilized in order to create one whole security system. For example, a home’s security alarm may have been installed as a hardwired system when the home was built, but has since been expanded to include a wireless surveillance system and a wireless intercom system. Conversely, this home may even feature a wireless alarm system and a hardwired surveillance kit with remote capabilities. As both of these scenarios feature both hardwired and wireless devices, either would be considered a hybrid system.

Why Would Anyone Need a Hybrid System?

Technically, as long as a home has a security system, no one needs a hybrid system. A homeowner may choose to go completely wireless or with a complete hardwired system. We recommend both according to a home’s structure and its owner’s preference.

Some may want a hybrid system, however, as it increases one’s options when choosing to expand an existing system. While Home Security Store sells a healthy number of devices in each category, some of our customers may prefer one type of system over another but when building a hybrid alarm system, there isn’t any worry with sticking to hardwired devices or wireless ones. A lot will also depend on a home’s structure and aesthetic. It is not uncommon for hardwired systems to have been installed during a home’s building phase. Once the home is completely finished, however, some homeowners simply do not wish to drill through walls or floorboards in order to add more devices to a home’s existing security system.

Why Expand a System To Begin With?

If you’ve only a single alarm system, you may believe that it is all that is needed. In actuality, however, a lone alarm is simply a very good first step in the right direction, but you’re not quite there yet in terms of fully protecting your home. An alarm system may keep intruders out or it may alert you to when an intruder is trying to break in, but it will not give you live video of an event, nor will it provide photographic evidence like a surveillance system will. You may also want to consider automatic security lighting, a video intercom system and a driveway or a garage alarm in order to be notified as soon as someone approaches your home. All of these devices can be added to an existing alarm system and every homeowner should consider increasing security in these ways and more.

Considerations Which May Lead To a Hybrid Security System

Some of the things that you may want to consider when deciding between a hardwired, wireless or hybrid security system include:

       How hard are the walls where wiring may be hidden? If very hard (such as stone or brick), you’ll definitely want to consider a wireless device.

       How large is the home where the system will be expanded and how far away will devices be from other parts needed for reliable communication between devices? If a home is particularly large in terms of square footage, a hardwired device may be a better option.

       How old is the original security system currently being used? Some systems may be much older than new components being added. In this case, it may be necessary to update the original alarm system altogether. A hybrid system may still be a good choice, but it really depends on whether the original system can be expanded to accommodate these new more modern devices or not. If you’re unsure of whether this applies to you or not, our support team is more that willing to answer any questions that you may have.

Expanded Options

So if you’re thinking about expanding your home security system as part of a DIY project, we want you to think about expanding your options to include a full array of devices whether hardwired or wireless. In our main store, you’ll find devices that can easily be part of a hybrid system like the GE Security NX-8 Wireless Ready Kit, the Honeywell Security System and the Ademco Vista Talking Alarm Kit. Remember that all of our devices come with detailed instructions, as well as tech support.

Sound Off

Do you have a hybrid system? What does it consist of? What made you opt for this type of system? If you do not currently own a hybrid security system, but you’d like to, what are your questions or concerns about this type of security? What sort of device(s) are you considering adding to your existing system? As always, we welcome your thoughts, concerns and questions below.

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