The Alarm System of Tomorrow, Today (Get iSmart)

Accompanied with an all-new, in-house produced online commercial, the iSmart Alarm is the new buzz of excitement making its way around Home Security Store. Our customers are excited, our experts are impressed and there is a consensus moving around the home security industry that this is the alarm system of the future.

Imagine an alarm system that fits in the palm of your hand. That’s the easiest and most honest way to describe the iSmart Alarm. Complete with 2 door/window contacts, 2 key fobs, a motion detector and an innovative control panel, the iSmart Alarm includes all standard alarm system accessories.

The Twist: All the accessories are monitored and controlled through your smart phone (currently available for iPhone and Droid systems). The “innovative control panel” is called the Cube One and has one simple job: Connect all of your accessories wirelessly and send them straight to your smart phone ‘iSmart Alarm App’ for operation. The Cube One only requires a power source and connects to your home internet router via Ethernet cable.

From there, everything runs through your smart phone. Arm and disarm your system, hit the panic button in an emergency situation and receive instant push notifications in real time to know when your home has been intruded. With all this technology, you’d think this baby would cost a fortune. Think again.

The Even Bigger Twist: It’s affordable. There’s no easier way to say it. Compare prices. Take a test drive with the system. We’re confident that the technological and psychological value of the iSmart Alarm trumps its monetary value.

The Benefits:

1) No Monthly Monitoring Fees, No Contracts

2) Lightning-Fast Installation

3) Your Remote Control is literally Always in Your Hand – Anywhere in the World

4) Add up to 99 Sensors

5) It is Worth More than its Price

I don’t know about you, but I like it when life is easy. And owning a good security system always seems like one of those ‘just out of actuality’ ideas because of big box companies that promise the ultimate, fail to deliver and end up running up prices per their silly little contracts. I feel confident in saying- my iSmart Alarm has made the security-dedicated portion of my life easier. Every time I worry about my home or family, I simply look at my phone. In one glance I know everyone is safe and the house is under control. That’s powerful.

To learn more, visit iSmartAlarm

And, if you’re still unsure about this system, ask our handyman husband in the commercial above about the benefits of the iSmart Alarm.

Ralph Winn

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