Avert a Sneaky Thief

iStock_000011431032SmallBelieve it or not, every burglary is not immediately recognized. It may take days or even months before someone realizes that they’ve been ripped off. How is this possible, you ask? Simple –  some thieves don’t ransack a home looking for random items of value, sneaky thieves will sometimes target a single valuable that may not be immediately missed. Examples include, a single piece of fine jewelry, a small collectible or even cash previously tucked away for a rainy day.

Who Would Do Such a Thing?

Often, when these sly burglaries happen, they are initiated by someone who’s had access to your home in the past. This may be a housekeeper, a utility worker, a handyman or even a personal acquaintance. Often, this person has visited your home without any suspicion whatsoever only to return on their own at a later date or even send someone else to do the dirty work instead.

Real Life Examples

Several months ago, one of our faithful readers reported that his Hot Wheels collection had been stolen from his attic. He hadn’t noticed it right away, but a worker had been allowed access to his attic for a legitimate reason. Unfortunately, this is where his valuable collection was stored for safekeeping and it wasn’t until later that he noticed that it was missing.

A few weeks ago, I met a very heartbroken woman who reported a similar incident in her home. This time, however, a thief had stolen a family ring which had been passed down to her from generations beyond. Because of the ring’s sentimental and dollar value, she seldom wore it unless attending a very special, formal occasion. It wasn’t until she was dressing to attend one such occasion that she even realized that the irreplaceable item had been lifted. While she had a longtime trusted housekeeper, which she was quite confident would never do such a thing to her, she did recall a day or two when her housekeeper had brought an assistant to help her around the house. Hmmm.

While I don’t know the outcome of either of these scenarios, I do know that they are common occurrences. Although there are likely suspects in these cases, there’s no guarantee that the suspects are actual thieves or that these items can ever be retrieved. This is why we constantly remind our readers to be extra vigilant about who is allowed in and around their home.

How You Can Avoid Becoming the Victim Of a Sneaky Thief

Ok, all thieves are sneaky, but as you now know, some are sneakier than others in that they leave very little evidence alerting you that a crime has even happened. So short of never inviting anyone into your home, what can you do to avoid being ripped off by one of these types? Here are a few ideas that we suggest you implement right away:

       Keep valuables in an ultra-secure location such as a safe or a locked closet or cabinet. For example, consider keeping valuables in a closet secured with a keyless entry system like the Adel Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, which you can install on your own and will ensure that the closet can only be opened by your fingerprint (or the fingerprints of another household member programmed into the lock).

       Place security cameras throughout your home. You may even want to install a hidden camera system such as a Functional Smoke Detector Covert Color Camera. Be sure that jewelry boxes, safes or other places where valuables are stored are within the camera’s vision field.

       Store items in a diversion safe. In addition to a traditional safe, consider storing small items like jewelry and cash in a diversion safe. A good example of such can be found on our main page where you can check out the Diversion Safe Fruit Cocktail Can, which looks like an ordinary canned good while safely concealing your small valuables.

As much as I know about home security, I often find myself leaving valuable things in plain sight. My guess is that you do the same thing since most of us feel relaxed, safe and comfortable in our own homes. With that said, let’s heed the reminder to place valuables in safe locations and take extra steps to monitor and secure those locations right away.

Can You Spare a Moment For Our Readers?

Your voice is important to this blog. We appreciate your comments and we thank you for sharing your stories with us (like the poor guy who lost his Hot Wheel collection). Your sharing helps others think more closely about their security, which is what this blog is all about. With that said, we hope that you’ll take a few moments to enlighten us with a few more tips on how we can avert sneaky thieves. So, tell us, have you ever realized a theft long after it had occurred? How did you discover it and were your items ever recovered? Which home security products did you invest in as a result? Our comments section is now in your hands.

Ralph Winn

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