10 Things You Should Have Learned About Home Security By Now (Part One)

SmartHomeOur longtime readers should be well-versed on the subject of home security by now. Even if you’re not, though, our archives are brimming with useful information to help you assemble the best DIY security system for your home. In part one of this two-part series, we now present you with a short (but crucial) list of things that you should now know about home security:

1. Wireless and Hardwired Systems Offer the Same Home Protection

There was a time when hardwired systems– that is security systems that involve detailed wiring inside of a home’s walls– were considered to be better than wireless security systems. In the early years, technology hadn’t developed to the point that it has today. Because of this, it wasn’t unusual for people to experience interference from nearby devices or even weaker signals between sensors and an alarm’s main base. Those days have long since passed, however, and, in most instances, today’s wireless alarms offer the same level of protection as hardwired systems. The only exception to this may be if a building’s square footage is too large for sensors to effectively communicate with the alarm’s brain. However, for average sized homes and, certainly, apartments and condos, there is no need to drill through walls and cabinets to install an alarm’s wires when a wireless unit can be installed in a matter of hours and offer the same level of protection.

2. Alarm Monitoring Is Not Only Essential, It’s Affordable

Prior to reading this blog you probably thought that alarm monitoring wasn’t a big deal. Since reading multiple posts on this subject, however, you now know that alarm monitoring, as in having a live third-party immediately on alert and investigating an alarm, makes a huge difference in your safety. Unfortunately, third-party vendors– even some of the largest and most popular names in the security business– have duped people into believing that the only way to secure such protection is to pay hundreds of dollars per year for such personalized service. It has been our pleasure to introduce you to Alarm Relay, though, so that you now know that alarm monitoring can be secured for a mere $8.95 per month.

3. Burglars Are Your Friends

Ok, not really. We hope. But they can be and that’s what we’ve tried to teach you here. Criminals aren’t always creepy guys lurking in dark alleys at night while plotting their next heist. Much to the chagrin of several homeowners, burglars have been their own neighbors, pastors (yes, that really happened) and even a few trusted friends– or the friend of a friend. Whatever the case may be, we’ve stressed this point in an effort to urge each of you reading this to be very mindful of who you allow into your home and who you give access to in terms of providing spare keys or carte blanche access to your garage, tool shed, etc.

4. False Alarms Are Preventable

We’ve made a lot of fuss about people who have very capable alarm systems, but deliberately resist using them. A good majority of the time, people like this don’t arm their alarms simply because they’ve experienced too many false alarms. Understanding that this can be annoying, as well as expensive (some cities charge for police officers being dispatched on false alarms), we’ve shared how most false alarms are preventable. Often, they are due to human error like forgetting an alarm code or to things like faulty installations or even loose window or door sensors.

5. Deterrents Are Just As Important As Alarms

When you first arrived on this blog, you probably thought that an alarm was the end-all-be-all of home security. Since joining our readership, however, you now know that while an alarm is an integral part of an overall system of protection, it is not the only important component involved. This is because deterring burglars from approaching your home in the first place can be just as important as installing a DIY alarm system. To state this another way– doing things like placing security signs and motion-activated lighting around your home, is just as important as protecting your home with an actual alarm system.

Need to Catch Up? No Worries, We’re Here For You

Stay tuned for part two of this post where we’ll share the rest of the list and offer five more important things that you should know about home security. And, don’t worry, if you feel a little lost on any of the subjects covered here, there’s still time to explore and learn. Everything discussed today and in part two of this post has been presented in more detail in earlier posts. So use the search box to your right and take a few minutes to catch up while you’re here. You owe it to yourself, your home and your neighborhood to know everything that you can about home security in order to prevent a burglary from happening to you or someone you love.

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