10 Things You Should Have Learned About Home Security By Now (Part Two)

alarm2In part one of this post, we covered a list of five basic things that our regular readers should have learned from this blog by now. Really, this list is something that every homeowner should know about home security (so be sure to share it with your friends and family members). If you haven’t already read the first part of this post, we strongly urge you to do so, pronto! For those of you who are already up to speed, we present to you five more basic and very important home security lessons.

6. You Should Have a Home Inventory List (and update it frequently)

Some time ago, we offered you a how-to lesson on creating your own home inventory list. Hopefully, you’ve all done so already, but if you haven’t please note that this is a very important home security tip. If your home is ever burglarized, this is the most efficient way of immediately knowing what is missing and offering a detailed description to law enforcement officers. As serial numbers, distinct markings, receipts and photos should also be included, a home inventory list is also a good way of identifying your items should they ever be located by a pawn dealer or through a police bust.

7. Fake It Till You Make It

Surveillance cameras help deter crime. No one wants to be caught on tape committing a crime and, therefore, intruders are more likely to pass on burglarizing a home where one exists. We usually recommend multi-channel systems which require the strategic placement of multiple cameras in and around your home. Many homeowners even use a combination of real cameras alongside fake ones and thieves are none the wiser. College students or those on a fixed income can even benefit from having a single fake security camera as few criminals want to take the chance of being filmed in action.

8. You Can Have the Best Surveillance Technology On a DIY Budget

Homeowners building security on a DIY budget have been very pleased with the level of quality offered in today’s surveillance technology. Take, for example, the Sony Super HAD surveillance cameras offered in our main store. Able to offer a sharp, clear, finely detailed recording in every frame– whether in the midnight hours or in times of direct sunlight– there simply is no need to sacrifice the highest levels of surveillance security that you desire and deserve.

9. Pool Safety Should Never Be Ignored

Protecting your home against intruders is one thing, but protecting your children against any and all possible dangers in the home is everything. This is why we’ve taken the time to educate our readers on the importance of pool safety and make suggestions to help you secure this area of your home at all times. From alarms like the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm to other alarm types like the Safety Turtle Wireless Gate alarm, our readers now know that devices like these are available on the DIY market. Hopefully, we’ve also made it clear that homeowners who do not have children also have a responsibility to install devices like these just to keep visiting children and wandering pets safe, too.

10. Security Is All About Layering

Many of our posts tie into the general theme that layering home security is of the utmost importance. Prior to finding our blog, it’s likely that you hadn’t a clue about what layering was or how to go about using it to construct your home security system. If you’re new to this blog, layering simply refers to a combination of things including deterrents, lighting, locks and alarms. Essentially, you never want to rely solely on just one of these items, but you’re far better off creating multiple ‘layers’ of security that an intruder must ignore, bypass or disassemble in order to gain access to your home. The more layers your home has, the more work he has to do to break-in. We all know that most burglars are too lazy to do this work (not to mention it increases their chances of being caught) and so they’re more likely to pass on breaking into a home with multiple layers.

In Case You Missed It

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