Halloween and Home Security

HalloweenHome security is something that should be on your mind all year long, but extra attention should be paid to it as we approach Halloween this year. Why? Well, as we sometimes ask you to do, think like a criminal would for just a few minutes. What better time is there to break into a home than on October 31st?

Think about it, people of all ages will be wearing disguises on that day. Strangers will freely roam every neighborhood in America throughout the evening. Many homeowners will have their houses decorated, sometimes with props that will obstruct doors and windows from street view. Half the neighborhood will also leave home to trick-or-treat or to attend Halloween-themed events and strangers approaching a home will not be an unusual occurrence. And no one will even think twice about perimeter lights being turned off at night since doing so is a universal ‘no candy here’ signal for trick-or-treaters.

Never Let Your Guard Down

Enjoying your Halloween festivities should never involve abandoning your home security senses. As we have already shared with you many times on this blog, good home security requires conscious thought and sound preparations. It is not something that you can afford to leave to chance, nor is assembling a DIY home security system a task that you should leave until the last minute. So, when planning for Halloween this year, stay vigilant by employing the following home security tips:

Keep Your Alarm System Armed

Weather permitting, consider sitting outside of your front door in order to hand treats outs. Doing so will eliminate the need for you to leave your system unarmed and you will not have to open your front door to strangers…or the possibility of a home invasion. So, bundle up, place a chair on your porch and safely enjoy the evening.

Leave Your Lights On

While a dark porch sends the message that you are not handing candy out, it also provides a cloak of protection to a disguised burglar. Remember that most experienced criminals can kick a door in or bump a lock in just a matter of seconds. Most also spend less than 10 minutes inside of a home, which means that they can be in and out faster than the time it takes for the police to arrive. With this in mind, you’re better off placing a large sign outside stating that you’re not passing out candy than you are leaving your lights off.

Put Security Deterrents to Work

Believe it or not, the average burglar does not like to work too hard at her job. This is why deterrents are known to be so effective when properly used. While you’re away from home on Halloween, consider using something like the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Device featured in our main store, which will give criminals the impression that you are inside of your home enjoying a little evening entertainment even though you are away. Couple this with another deterrent like the Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog Alarm (which barks like a live watchdog whenever someone approaches your home) and even criminals with the least amount of common sense will think twice about entering your house.

Keep Strangers Out

Haunted houses are Halloween staples in most neighborhoods. Unfortunately, they also create prime opportunities for criminals to enter a home and perhaps even lie in wait to harm its residents. At the very least, they create opportunities for burglars to enter and use sticky fingers to exit with anything that’s not nailed down. Minimize your chances of becoming an unfortunate victim by selecting a community center or some other offsite location for your haunted house this year.

Keep Your Eye On Security

Before the date arrives, double-check your surveillance cameras and DVRs to be certain that they are in good working order and that cameras are properly set according to your intended field of vision. And if you have not already expanded your alarm system to include security cameras, this is as good a time as any to do so. Multiple cameras are recommended and remember that fake cameras can even be used to thwart burglars.

Think Like a Homeowner

Ok, that’s enough for thinking like a criminal. Now, think like a smart homeowner again and put your best foot forward in safely preparing for this year’s Halloween festivities. Share this post with your social media streams, your friends, family and neighbors in order that everyone may enjoy a lively day without suffering damage and loss from a security breach.

What Say You?

Have you ever been burglarized on Halloween? Do you know anyone who has? What tips or advice have we missed in this post? Your experiences help us all learn valuable security lessons. So, please take a few minutes to share your thoughts about maximizing home security on Halloween in the space provided below.

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