5 Ways That Home Security Devices Can Save You Money

ALEXORHome security systems can do more than simply protect your home and your family. Depending upon which devices you install, they can also save you money. From alarm monitoring to devices that allow you to automate routine tasks, the following are just a few of the ways that home security devices can save you money in the long run.

Homeowners Insurance

When considering which alarm system to purchase and install, you may want to check your homeowners insurance policy first. Often, certain systems make it possible for homeowners to enjoy a discount on their premiums. Sometimes this discount depends on whether or not an alarm system is monitored by a professional agency (which can save you even more, but we’ll get to that in a moment). If your policy is not clear or if you have questions, call your insurance representative to find out how a home security system can help you start saving money right away.

 Alarm Monitoring

Many people view alarm monitoring as an optional expense. Smart homeowners, however, know that this option shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only does live monitoring offer homeowners optimal security in that an alarm system is under the constant watchful eyes of a professional monitoring team, but alarm monitoring also saves homeowners the expense of city fines due to false alarms. This is because when an alarm goes off, before the police are called, a monitoring company will attempt to contact the homeowner first. If an alarm has malfunctioned or has been accidentally triggered, this call gives an owner time to disarm the system before an officer’s time is wasted and a fine issued. (TIP: Always look for a security system that can be controlled remotely in case you ever need to interact with it while away from home.)

Do-It-Yourself Alarm Installations

Installing a DIY home security system can save a homeowner bundles of cash. First, no additional costs are added to a systems purchase. This means that a homeowner is not overcharged for the cost of equipment, nor is she charged labor costs for the actual installation. In addition to price hikes on equipment and labor, home security vendors also have a habit of charging exorbitant prices for things like monitoring. In fact, if you compare the price of alarm monitoring through a company like Alarm Relay to those quoted by any major security company, you’ll find that the $8.95 per month charged by Alarm Relay pales in comparison to the $30 or more dollars per month charged by other companies for the exact same service!

Property Damage

Often, people considering a home security system are doing so in order to protect family members and valuables. While these are fabulous reasons for such a consideration, they are not the only benefits offered by a good home security system. Think about it, when a thief breaks into a home how does he go about it? See, burglars are known for breaking windows and kicking in doors and that’s just to get inside. Once inside a home, they don’t gently rifle through items, but they act like proverbial bulls in a china shop while destroying furnishings, breaking personal items and leaving all sorts of damage behind them while on a mission to get in and out of a residence as quickly as possible. All of this damage, of course, has to be repaired or replaced by a homeowner…in addition to the replacement costs of actual valuables stolen.

Criminals who spot evidence of an alarm system, however, are less likely to attempt a break-in at a residence. Even simple deterrents like our Warning Video Surveillance Sign or a Home Security Store Yard Sign and window decals can go a long way in avoiding property damage and saving a homeowner the cost of repairs.

Lower Utility Bills

Installing one of our water and flood sensors, freeze and temperature controls or other environmental controls help protect a home from disaster. These same devices can also help a homeowner experience lower monthly utility bills, as well. This is because many of these devices allow controls to be automated or even remotely activated and deactivated. Other home automation devices like lighting controls offer similar savings. Of course, motion-activated security lighting also means that homeowners do not have to leave perimeter lights on all night, but can still rely on lighting to help deter anyone with criminal intentions from approaching a home at night.

So while most people only consider home security systems for protecting one’s family and valuables, and while these are the best reasons for doing so, protection is not the only reason every homeowner should install a system. Saving money with do-it-yourself home security and automation devices is very possible and an idea that everyone should consider.

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