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iStock_000004856960XSmallFrom Halloween to New Year’s Day, your home security awareness should be heightened. While year round security is of great importance, thieves get extra desperate, creative and greedy at this time of year. With this in mind, it is important to direct your thoughts toward useful ideas on how you can better fortify yourself, your family and your home in order to avoid being a crime victim this holiday season.

Holiday shopping officially kicks off the day after Thanksgiving, but none of you reading this should wait till then to charge into action with regards to home security. Criminals will lie in wait as you decorate and shop and, when you least expect it, they will plan to steal everything from holiday decorations to toys and gifts. The best way to cancel those devious plans is to follow these tips:

Keep Windows Closed and Locked

Locking your doors and windows is just common sense and we know that most of you are sticklers about doing so. During the holidays, however, some homeowners do things like leave windows slightly cracked to accommodate a holiday decoration or some may leave window blinds open after dark in order to display an elegantly decorated tree. We get that this is the time of year when you have themed items to show off and that these items help elicit a warm holiday spirit, but be aware that these are also some of the precise security lapses that thieves hope to exploit.

Monitor Your Alarm System

Like most people, you’ll likely spend more hours away from home during the next couple of months than you normally would. Whether shopping, visiting loved ones or attending holiday gatherings, your house will probably be unattended for hours or days at a time. Your alarm system, however, can do a better job of protecting your home from break-in if it is professionally monitored by a company like Alarm Relay. For less than $9 per month, you can rest assured that a team will immediately spring into action on your behalf if your alarm is ever triggered.

Place Your Home Under Surveillance

During the holiday season, a lot of strangers will visit your neighborhood. Most will be on official business such as delivering packages and others may even visit just catch a glimpse of the elaborate decorations on your street. There will also be an increase in visitors and traffic as friends and family members are entertained at your home and at other homes throughout your neighborhood. With so many people in and out, it’s easy for a criminal to blend in with the landscape and hardly raise an eyebrow when approaching your home. Surveillance cameras, however, will notice and record all of the activity in and around your home. Security cameras, even fake ones, can also help deter a thief from entering your home.

Remotely Check On Your Home

While we’re on the subjects of monitoring and surveilling your property, consider using your smartphone to periodically peek inside of your home while you are away. Remote surveillance is literally at your fingertips with devices like the LOREX Vantage Stream Wireless Network Camera. Completely wireless and a pretty easy DIY installation, means that you can remotely watch everything that goes on in your home at any time from wherever you may be at that moment.

Keep Mum About Your Travel Plans

For many, this season also means a time of holiday travel in order to spend quality time with friends and family members. Thieves are not only looking for opportunities to strike while you’re away, but they’ve also got their ears to the ground and are listening for the exact dates for when you’ll be gone. Be aware of your surroundings and who’s nearby when discussing your travel plans in public.

Make a special effort to also keep mum on social media sites and on online forums about when you are planning to hit the road (or the skies). In fact, it’s a good idea to have a conversation with everyone in the family to not share travel plans, photos or use check-in applications this holiday season at all. Consider posting photos and travel highlights only after you have returned home after being away.

Enjoy the Season!

For most, this is a vibrant season filled with good cheer, good food and good people. By all means, enjoy yourself and your family over the holidays…just do so while consciously working to avoid a break-in. We believe that the tips shared here will help you do just that.

Share Your Thoughts

This is a season for sharing and since we know we’ve missed a few valuable tips, here’s the part where we pass the baton to you in order to help educate our readers. What are your best home security tips for the holiday season? How do you plan to keep burglars at bay during this special time of year? We look forward to reading your tips in the space provided below.

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