Preparing For a Burglary

DefenseYes, I said preparing. Why would I write such a post, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. See, I’ve thought about the alternative and have decided that everyone reading this is better off being prepared vs. being ill-prepared. Won’t you agree?

The Most Important Step In Preparing For a Break-In

The first step in preparing for a burglary is realizing that your home is not exempt from being broken into. Being a home security advocate, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a TON of people on the subject and I have to tell you that a lot of people truly believe that it is highly unlikely that a burglary could take place at their home. Of course, these people usually believe that a gun or an angry dog or even a high-tech home security system make them exempt. Truth be told, however, while each of these carry a certain amount of weight as deterrents, their mere presence may not guarantee a home’s security.

When Old School Security Doesn’t Cut It

Guns only threaten a burglar if someone who knows how to handle a weapon is at home. They do nothing for your home’s security while you are away. Depending upon the breed, a dog is also a pretty good burglary deterrent, but, again, not a guarantee when it comes to home security. Unfortunately, the news is littered with stories of animals being harmed and even killed during the commission of a burglary, so I wouldn’t advise anyone to rely solely upon a family pet– or even a trained guard dog to secure a home.

Your Alarm System Needs YOU!

While the presence of a security alarm system is an excellent burglary deterrent, it would surprise many of you to learn how many people forget to turn their alarms on while they’re away. There are also a number of people who deliberately avoid arming a security system due to concerns about false alarms or who just don’t think it necessary to arm an alarm during the daytime or when they’re just stepping out for a quick neighborhood errand. The truth, however, is that in every city across America a great deal of burglaries occur during the daytime hours and most burglars are in and out of a home in just a few minute’s time. If you have an alarm system, your best preparation tip is to make sure it is armed at all times so as to prevent a burglar from easily moving past it.

How Many Layers Protect Your Home?

Think of home security in terms of layers. Deterrents like window decals indicating the presence of security cameras and yard signs advertising that a home is alarm protected certainly help. Other layers should include things like security lighting, security cameras (even fake ones) and driveway alarms. Of course, a good alarm system is also a crucial layer.

Take a Walk

Walk around your home and consider all of the ways that a burglar may try to enter. Are your hedges shielding a window where an opportunistic thief may try to gain access? Are all of the gates on your property locked and guarded by surveillance equipment?

Front Door Security

How secure is your front door? Just today I read about a couple who were caught kicking in front doors during the daytime while unsuspecting homeowners in one neighborhood were at work. Would your door jamb give way if forced? How about your locks? Can they easily be picked or bumped?

Remember that a great number of burglaries start out by thieves first trying a front door. And while you may think that kicking a door in or picking a lock would be easily spotted by your neighbors, look outside right now and count how many of them are eyeing your front door. Consider, also, that most people will hear a noise and may pause to listen for more commotion before dismissing the original sound. So, the sound of broken glass or the thud of a door being forced open may initially get someone’s attention, but few will investigate if they don’t hear anything else. By this time, of course, a burglar is in your home robbing you blind.

A Safe Way to Prepare For Burglary

While we sell a vast array of deterrents and security devices aimed at keeping burglars far away, some criminals closer than you might imagine. I’m speaking, of course, about the thieves who are disguised as a trusted neighbor, casual acquaintance or even a service person who’s been given access to your home for a limited stint. Some of these people have sticky fingers and are known to lift items like jewelry, cash and video games from right under your nose often without you even realizing it. Regardless as to how a criminal gains entry to your home, we advise that you get in the habit of storing valuables in a safe place like our Diversion Safe Book or Diversion Wall Clock. A heavy floor safe or a wall safe is also recommended for storing valuables.

Are You Prepared For a Burglary?

As a kid, I remember being told to hope for the best, but expect the worst. So this isn’t me trying to put a damper on your day, but I do want you to to beware that the ‘worst’ is always lurking and just waiting for you to let your guard down. Prepare to NOT be a burglar’s next victim by taking the time to fortify your home and your belongings today.

Ralph Winn

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